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links listed are either favorites or added because they have something of extra interest--
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  • How Free is the Free Market? by Noam Chomsky - multi-national & US capitalism described as "socialism for the rich".
  • The Banneker Center for Economic Justice - essays, articles, surveys, the "economic justice empowerment shop",
    free online tax course, and the "Corporate Welfare Shame Page".
  • Beyond Greed and Scarcity - an interview with Bernard Lietaer - this is a must read text on money, markets,
    resources, and priorities.
  • The Scandal of Prison Industries - from J. Spoon's Gazette.
  • Creative Speculations for Employment & Unemployment - from New Civilizations Network's Global Ideas Bank.
  • New Money Systems & Financial Innovations - also from the Global Ideas Bank.
  • Autumn 1997 Issue of Adbuster - great articles.
  • World Rainforest Report: Trading Away Democracy
  • Why Revolutionary Unionism? - from the I.W.W.; some old-time language but some sense about workers, wages,
    "fairness", profits, ownership and capitalism.
  • The Bionomic Institute - "a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to replacing the traditional, mechanistic
    view of the economy with economy-as-ecosystem thinking".
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