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The Hopi - a gift to us all

  • The Four Winds Society: the Q'ero, last descendants of the Inka, believe it's the "time of the great gathering
    of the Peoples of the Four Directions, bringing renewed order & harmony in the universe."
  • Native Web, a cyber-place for earth's indigenous peoples: a great place to begin. See the Index of Nations/Peoples.
  • Indigenous Peoples' Law & Legal Issues: A useful part of Native Web, also listed on main page.
  • Fourth World Center: for the study of indigenous law and politics.
  • Indigenous Environmental Network: "alliance of grassroots indigenous peoples whose mission is to protect the
    sacredness of Mother Earth from contamination & exploitation by strengthening, maintaining & respecting the traditional
    teachings and the natural laws."
  • National Museum of the American Indian: one of my favorite places to visit, especially for the exhibitions.
  • Sacred Ecology & Native American Spirituality - from Brook Medicine Eagle's Home Page
  • Native American Sites on the WWW - list which covers just about all.
  • Native Peoples Magazine - some very good articles, a new discussion group section, and education pages.
  • Powersource Gallery: "a collection of Native American artistic symbols portraying powerful people, places & objects"
  • The Hopi Information Network: lists almost all net resources relating to the Hopi... lots here.
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center - I list this one because I'm into pueblo cultures.
  • Pan: The Prophecies of the Hopi People
  • Aboriginal Star Knowledge: Native American Astronomy - includes great stuff on Lakota stellar theology,
    sacred starmap(s), ceremonies, and what is special about constellations of the zodiac.
  • Arctic Circle Museum of Art, Photography and Anthropology - a beautiful and very informative site; see
    especially History and Culture and Social Equity & Environmental Justice
  • Zuni Fetishes - a beautiful and informative site.
  • The Cherokee People - this a a beautiful and lovingly-made series of pages on the history and legends of the
  • Voyage to Another Universe - this is a terrific resource; it's a detailed tour around the Four Corners area, and
    the author once worked at the Navajo Community College for two years. Much rich knowledge here, many dineh
    (Navajo) words explained, all the geology and dates of the landscapes, many illustrations and maps, including satellite
    images. It will take some time to get around it all, but it's well worth it.
  • The Hopi Way: Cloud Dancing
  • The Chahta Homepage - a very beautiful site... and not just about the Choctaws.
  • Indian Country Today - America's largest Indian newspaper, including regional columns/editions.
  • First Nations Histories - much here, from Abenaki to Winnebago, though mostly east of the Rockies.
  • Indian Defense League of America - sovereignty issues, especially treaty obligations the US and Canada
    have seen fit to ignore.
  • Dinetah's Home Page - probably the largest collection of stories from all the indigenous Nations on the Net.
  • Native Tech - a fine site "dedicated to disconnecting the term 'primitive' from perceptions of native
    american technology and art." A substantial and growing resource.
  • A Line in the Sand - a native american perspective on issues of sovereignty, cultural property,
    stereotypes, and law.
  • The People's Paths by N.L. Thomas - a comprehensive native people's resource, including news, live
    chat, message center, living history, political & legal issues, pow-wow info. Of particular interest are the sections
    contained on the Special Paths page, including Genealogy Information, Native People's Languages,
    Paths to Indian Art and many more.
  • Nierica - The Sacred Doorway - drawn from 11 years with the Huichols of Mexico (new domain name).

    For caucasians (and others) wishing to explore their roots:

  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Online course for teachers of ancient and medieval worlds of the Middle
    East, Europe, India & China; the articles deal especially well with ethics and changing values of the eras/areas.
    If you get easily side-tracked, don't go to the lists of Internet Sites for yeach of the culture pages (bet you will!).
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