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  • Lakota - personal growth, metaphysics, spirituality, new age; "to offer tools and support for your personal growth,
    regardless of the path you have chosen." Another beautiful site.
  • The Spiritual Process of Awakening - homepage of Phil Sarvedio; essays, personal journal, teachers &
    practices, enlightenment.
  • Thoughts Beneath The Trees: Essays in resonance, synchronicity, creativity, healing, and fundamental spirituality.
  • Waking World - "a virtual community promoting positive global transformation."
  • What is Enlightenment? (online edition) - "exploring the fundamental issues at the heart of the spiritual quest."
  • Osho ...the science of the inner - something for everyone, and lots of it.
  • Laws of Consciousness by Ralph Losey; Chapter Four of his book Laws of Wisdom; a very good essay, from
    basics to examples, including Freud, Jung, Maclean, Masters & Jean Houston.
  • The Monthly Aspectarian - e-zine devoted to personal growth.
  • The Inner Voice - a broad-spectrum e-zine.
  • Lifetreks: Dream Interpretations and Resources - a serious, professional, and highly informative site.
  • Serendip - "a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous & incomplete...
    an expanding forum & resources to explore and support intellectual & social change in education, in social
    organization... and in how we make sense of life.
  • The Difficult and Compelling Art of Forgiving - Robert Caldwell.
  • 12 Suggestions For Taking Care of Yourself - by Thomas Wright of Self-Help & Psychology Magazine
  • Self Improvement Online's Complete List of "Self Help and Self Improvement" Related Websites -
    from Abuse & Recovery to Womens' Issues.
  • Attitudes - see especially Attitudes and Reflections on the Human Condition, a substantial series
    of articles by David Bromfield.
  • The Four Yogas of Enlightenment - "The path to self- love and radical sanity is found within meditative
    awareness... a method for the exploration of consciousness through simultaneous mindfulness and analysis of
    consciousness. The goal... is transcendence of the ego, spiritual awakening, and the stabilization and mastery of
    transcendental awareness."
  • Lake Tahoe Wah'kon - "for the serious student seeking to know self", based in part on teachings of the
    Osage tribe, it deals with the "great mystery" of the power of thought.
  • elsajoy - "This garden of spiritual inspiration is devoted to metaphysics, mysticism and spiritual healing." Also
    inner peace, growth, meditations & wisdom.
  • SagePlace - A place dedicated to supporting individuals committed to working on spirituality, awareness,
    growth, and emotional/physical well-being.
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