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addicitions - the real reasons

  • Christians in Recovery
  • Abuse Acknowledged - Power Claimed by Robert Caldwell; "moving beyond physical, sexual & verbal
    abuse to realize our power to be".
  • Healing Shame - Robert Caldwell
  • The Difficult and Compelling Art of Forgiving - Robert Caldwell
  • Interlude: An Internet Retreat - thoughts, meditations, suggestions, and a bibliography.
  • Recovery Online - comprehensive links to recovery sites of all kinds... 12-step, religious, and secular.
  • 12 Suggestions For Taking Care of Yourself - by Thomas Wright of Self-Help & Psychology Magazine
  • Dancing the Path of Feeling: An Emotional Healing Handbook - intelligent and very useful, from
    the Joyfire Healing Pages.
  • Friends of Bill W. - a down-home user-friendly page-- complete with an online meeting/chat room.
  • Athena's Survivors' Anthology - this is a different kind of healing place; "healing through creative expression".
  • elsajoy - "This garden of spiritual inspiration is devoted to metaphysics, mysticism and spiritual healing." Also
    inner peace, growth, meditations & wisdom.
  • Another Empty Bottle - "a site for the friends and family of alcoholics".

    From Self Improvement Online:

  • Physical and Sexual Abuse Related Websites
  • Addiction and Recovery Related Websites
  • Codependency, Substance/Alcohol Abuse and Recovery Related Websites
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