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links listed are either favorites or added because they have something of extra interest--
this list is not intended to be exhaustive. Some links will appear in more than one category,
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  • Shamanism - watch out for the dead links here, but it's a very good starting point for this subject.
  • We Walk the Path of Metista - a site I admire, with great integrity, insight and economy-- a shaman simply
    explaining his path
  • Bearwalker's Shamanic Teachings and Techniques - this is the man behind Metista-- see especially his
    Useful Articles.
  • Nierica: The Sacred Doorway - drawn from an 11-year journey with the Huichols of Mexico, Nierica
    honors indigenous wisdom-- and gives a thorough explanation of what a shaman really is.
  • The Sound of Rushing Water - Michael Harmer; on the Jivaros of the Amazon.
  • The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Shamanism - General Overview - includes a comsiderable list of books on the subject.
  • A Shamanic Path - comprehensive listing of sites dealing with shamanism.
  • Singing the Shaman's Song - see especially the page on Shamanic Healing.
  • Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits - "learn the wisdom of over 140 of the spiritual teachers."
  • Zuni Fetishes - a beautiful and informative site.
  • Mystical European Shamans
  • Insights of Other Shaman - from Twin Shaman.
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