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  • Waking World - "a virtual community promoting positive global transformation." Articles, experiences (including Jean
    Houston's Mystery School), books, and a very interesting series of chat areas.
  • The Global Spirituality Report - "concerned with the development of universal spirituality & the creation of a
    'global network of light'."
  • House of Breathings - the finest Celtic spiritual site on the Web; beautiful, sound, deep.
  • What is Enlightenment? Online Edition - "exploring the fundamental issues at the heart of the spiritual quest."
  • The Course in Miracles. The entire course can be heavy going unless it's just for you, but this preface and the
    introduction which follows it shows it as a clear universal spiritual teaching deeply rooted in Christianity.
  • Conscious Innocence: Paradise Regained - from Osho
  • Organism, Not Organization - also from Osho
  • Osho on Religion - "one of the biggest crimes against humanity."
  • Reflections on The Tao Te Ching - by Mike Carson. A very fine essay.
  • Guide to Ultimate Reality - combining quantum physics, cosmology, and vedanta.
  • Project Mind - "to free the human spirit from the crushing illusion of materialism by using the transformational genius
    latent in all humans, to eliminate real and addictive lack."
  • Transforming the Mind - a new approach for optimal health of body, mind and spirit." excellent, intelligent &
    practical site.
  • Joseph Campbell Foundation - exploring the "mythical dimension" with a master.
  • Esoteric Source Providers - "there is a path for all seekers and ESP's intent is to assist each in finding their own way."
  • The World According To The Wizard's Apprentice - a series of very interesting essays from
    The Realm of The Wizard's Apprentice - a truly fabulous site.
  • Sacred Ecology & Native American Spirituality - from Brook Medicine Eagle's Home Page
  • Light at the Edge - this page is a short, often highlighted and linked text, leading to 20+ essays illuminating
    aspects of spirit and consciousness-- from Ken Carey and the Starseed Transmissions.
  • Universal Aspects of Healing: What Are the Perennial Wisdoms?
  • New Thought Movement Home Page - links to organizations, directories, online books and articles, etc.
  • Ethics Update - want to knock yourself out investigating ethical positions on every topic from every philosophy
    under (and over) the sun? There's also a discussion forum.
  • Vitagenics Institute Foundation - non-profit organization dedicated to peace & healing for those seeking
    "another way" and interested in expressing the "Gifts of their True Selves".
  • Advanced Awareness - "the discovery and integration of this awareness is a developmental jump from homo
    to homo novus"... text and downloadable books (Transcendence, Radical Consciousness) essentially
    dealing with growth beyond ego.
  • The Spiritualist Religion Page - "spiritualism is a wonderfully non-dogmatic religion, science, and philosophy."
  • Eckankar - ancient teachings which "emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way
    back to God. Whatever your religious background, they show how to look and listen within yourself-- to expand
    your consciousness and enjoy spiritual connectedness."
  • Ramtha's School of Enlightenment: The American Gnostic School - see especially The White Book.
  • An Introduction to the Rosicrucian Order
  • White Mountain Education Association - a very popular site, "A source of the Ageless Wisdom",
    including articles, lectures, and 20th-century teachers.
  • U. G. Krishnamurti - "To read U.G. is to be introduced to a 'spiritual terrorist': he overturns all of our
    accepted beliefs-- God, mind, soul, enligthenment, religion, humanity... and gives us a totally different picture
    of who we are. The result is a grenade in the brain." Many downloadable texts and interviews here.
  • Kryon - this is an excellent site about channeled communication, and one of the few I recommend because its
    message is so positive. As a suggested introduction, go to the Fireplace, then to In the Chair With Kryon.
  • The Ascension is Life Lived from Joy - a channeling by Laurie Gilmore. I was a skeptic until I read this...
    I have so much resonance with it, and even some of the dates mentioned relate to specific similar experiences of mine.
  • The Four Yogas of Enlightenment - "The path to self- love and radical sanity is found within meditative
    awareness... a method for the exploration of consciousness through simultaneous mindfulness and analysis of
    consciousness. The goal... is transcendence of the ego, spiritual awakening, and the stabilization and mastery of
    transcendental awareness."
  • Scientific Pantheism: An empirical religion for the Third Millennium - a big, thorough site by Paul
  • Lake Tahoe Wah'kon - "for the serious student seeking to know self", based in part on teachings of the
    Osage tribe, it deals with the "great mystery" of the power of thought.
  • The Fourth Way Gurdjieff - Ouspensky School - "Take the understanding of the East, and the knowledge
    of the West-- and then seek." These teachings have profoundly influenced many great minds of this century, and this
    is an excellent site ( available in nine languages!).
  • elsajoy - "This garden of spiritual inspiration is devoted to metaphysics, mysticism and spiritual healing." Also
    inner peace, growth, meditations & wisdom.
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