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A COKE BOTTLE falling out of the sky at your feet is as good a reason as any to believe that spirit, fate or god exists outside yourself-- yet the coke bottle wouldn't even exist if you weren't there, or at least somewhere. Some would even say the bottle is you-- you are both just different arrangements of the same stuff. The human brain seems to insist on seeing itself as the supreme controller of all the other highly specialized cells which allows the whole to exist in a smoothly- functioning unit-- yet it/we develop into what we are like all other sentient organic life-forms, through a process of simple cell-division from a single fertilized egg.

THE MAGIC (and perhaps the absurdity) of all this is that the drive and the blueprint for the astonishing variety of life as we know it is contained in each cell of each organism-- even after it has adopted its highly-specialized mature function. The blueprint by itself is a miracle to behold, but it is the drive, the force which energizes, which is truly astonishing.

ONE GROUP of cells is driven to become the gossamer wing of a butterfly, enabling it to fly, while another group allows an entire species to talk to each other, and another group enables the creation and composition of music or the conceptual and practical insight to leave the earth and "fly" through the universe. Amazing enough-- but how can anyone explain the motivation?

THE ONLY possible explanation is that a great spirit is at work here.

THOSE WHO have written most of the rules wish to portray this seeming genetically-encoded driving-force as the work of a single human-like entity, outside of us (though it has to be turned around to read: we are created in his image). The great spirit, as I choose to call it, is certainly bigger than any individual or group, but the notion that we are subjects of this human-like entity shows the hand of certain types of men at work. Now we have the excuse for kings and bishops, and a whole littany of lesser lieutenants-- all rather holier and possessing of more "legitimate" authority than the rest of us, who are reduced to disciples, members, numbers, cannon-fodder, and "dumb" animals-- or the insane or infidel if it suits them.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein
IT SHOULD be obvious that as long as we magically breathe, and the electron still buzzes around an atom, the spirit is within us. We are each only a tiny part at the furthest extremity-- like leaves on a tree-- but we are each of that same tree.

THERE IS a collective consciousness and conscience at work-- or a series of them-- this is the spirit within us , buried though it may be under ego, fear, and the daily struggle of life in these bodies. While inhabiting them on our journey here, there are things we feel and "know" which we cannot prove or even measure, and this is because the suit of flesh we wear obscures the view of the spirit within.

IN HIS BOOK, The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield provides us with a thumbnail sketch of the state of western spirituality and cultural values to the end of this millenium. Much of established religion has become ultra-conservative or reactionary as science increasingly forms the basis for all our social value-judgements. Yet as technology decreases our human and physical isloation, our inner spirits know a vacuum has been created and are moved to emerge, break the bonds of conformity and suppression and freely communicate and explore like never before-- with technologies such as this. Never before have we been able to step right past (or to) the president, the priest and the policeman, and put forth our spirits to our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Religion becomes demonically destructive when it goes by the
book and tries to make the dancing order of nature conform to the
marching order of law, and force this essentially wiggly universe
to toe the straight and narrow line.
Alan Watts


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