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The following are from Leading Edge International Research Group - it's a vast site with many things of interest-- but also some areas which arouse my suspicion-- so I've tried to be selective and chose only articles which looked quite verifiably credible.

  • Chemical Manipulation of Human Populations - neurotoxins in food, water and the environment.
  • Culturally Conditioned Nutrition Patterns and Physiological Degeneration - "leading-edge" online
    research data.
  • Why Do Pharmeceutical Drugs Injure and Kill?
  • The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket - did you know that during the very few modern doctors' strikes, death
    rates in the countries/areas affected actually dropped 35 to 50%?

  • Let It Be Known - state of the earth by Adam Trombly of Project Earth.com
  • The Chlorine Cover-up - from Project Earth.com.
  • Vanishing Forests, Disappearing Clouds - from Project Earth.com.
  • Human Population Growth and the Accelerating Rate of Species Extinction - by Gary Harding, Research
    Scientist, from Earth Portals.
  • Censorship in the Age of Multiculturalism: "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury - from
    Thoughts Worth Thinking from his terrific site Rich Geib's Universe
  • Gaia Forest Conservation Archives - comprehensive info on worldwide forest conservation, biodiversity,
    indigenous issues, and ecological activism.
  • The MoJo Wire: Mother Jones Interactive - this one digs the dirt when necessary; find out which special
    interests are "buying, uh, funding" your senators and representatives, and there's a searchable dataabase of the
    USA's top campaign contributors. Also articles of current interest which go beneath the mainstream superficialities.
  • OECD Multi-lateral Agreement - a policy paper by Oxfam (UK) discussing a proposed multi-national
    agreement which would protect coporations and investors, but falls serverly short on protecting the "recipient"
    countries and peoples.
  • Dividing the Waters: Food Security, Ecosystem Health, and the New Politics of Scarcity, by Sandra
    Postel from WorldWatch Institute.
  • China's Challenge to the United States and to the Earth by Lester Brown & Christopher Flavin from
  • Shrinking Fields: Cropland Loss in a World of Eight Billion by Gary Gardner from WorldWatch.
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