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鹰 Ž,
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鹱 ƙ
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఑ ב⹰
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: תבѴ ґґ

Click here to see the English original of "The Arrow and the Song" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tamil Translation Originally Published in Tamil Net

Interpretation of "The Arrow and the Song"
This poem deals with the complexities of friendships and how small gestures , in the long run, can build up to deeper meanings. In the beginning of the poem, the reader shoots an arrow in the air but cannot find it. As in all friendships, they are built upon little gestures of kindness and humor. The strength of the arrow shot in the air signifies how every friendship has the solid foundation which carries through beyond trying times and remains unnoticed until later, when the bond created between friends is still strong and unbroken as was the arrow found unbroken in the oak. The song symbolizes the memories shared, and always remembered between two friends. Music is a strong power which evokes emotions in people and enhances the memory. With what little gestures the reader has done, he affected the life of his friends. Little by little friendships are constructed with time and care, every little bit matters. Singing to the reader may seem like a trivial action, but the power of his song was found later in the heart of his friend.

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