Translated by Loukas Pilalas


This is the official discussion forum of the Paltalk group: >> Avvlì Grika <<. The language of the forum is graecanic (Griko), which is spoken in Salento (Southern Italy).

‘Paltalk’ is a software that allows for the contact among people all over the world. The ‘client’ software Paltalk is a free downloadable software. It can be found at the web-address: Once the program has been downloaded and the setup has started, you will have to register on-line so that you can access the Paltalk group.

By the time you register, you are allowed to connect and to be identified by others by using a ‘nick-name’. It will be possible to communicate directly with your friends who also use the Paltalk group (it is possible to see when they are using it). But mostly, you can access all the graecanic chat-rooms of Paltalk, where there will be discussion groups that use not only keyboards, but also microphones and videocameras!

That is why Paltalk is the most suitable medium through which one can practice our graecanic language which becomes extinct. You will be able to listen to people speaking graecanic and to contribute to the discussion (No need to be afraid! Anyone makes mistakes!).

The group >> Avv Grika <<, which is dedicated to the graecanic language is found at the category "By language: Europe" and opens once per week. Currently, the appointment holds every Friday at 21.30 (CET). You will be able to find the group only when it is open.

Important: For someone who does not speak graecanic, in order not to make use of other languages and to be accepted in the discussion, we have agreed upon the following:

-          People who use a microphone should speak only in graecanic (not use of italian, modern greek or any other languages allowed).

-          People who do not speak graecanic can express themselves in another language only by use of keyboard.

Well, what are you waiting for than just to download Paltalk and enter the discussion? J

Advice on registration to Paltalk:

-          Avoid being too sincere and giving every information you are asked.

-         When you are asked to give an active e-mail address, we would recommend not to give your primary e-mail address but a secondary one or even better one for communal use (it is possible that they will start sending unwanted e-mails).


We are looking for volunteers who can translate from Italian to English or Greek. Please contact, we need your help! 

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