Welcome to James Chandler's page on the WWW.

Here is a comprehensive list of everything you might possibly wish to know about me:

I am a postgraduate student of pure mathematics at the University of Exeter in the county of Devon in Great Britain.

I study mathematical objects called "abelian groups" and "modules". For seven years of my life I attended The Sandon School, Chelmsford, Essex.

Ka vu ja vizitis mea Ido-pagino? What was that? That means: have you visited my Ido page yet? Ido is an International Auxiliary Language, or IAL for short. It was developed between 1907 and 1914 by a group of extremely wise people, as a second tongue for everybody. It's very easy, so start learning it today!

I'm also interested in the language Novial created in 1928 by the famous Danish linguist Otto Jespersen. I provide some information about Novial on the web. Bruce R. Gilson and Don Blaheta also have Novial pages.

So what am I into? Here are all the things that everyone should read, watch or listen to:

Top Fiction Books
Top Non-Fiction Books
Top Albums
Top Films

I'm also interested in politics and philosophy. And here's something really interesting: how to turn a cannonball into a sun-sized solid sphere.

Also, please visit the James Quah Homepage.

My e-mail address is idojc@hotmail.com, and you can send me a message here.

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