30. Frank OBRITSCHKEWITSCH was born on 8 Oct 1858 in Rastadt, Berezan, Odessa, Russia. (1) He died on 29 Apr 1929 in Schefield, Stark, N.D.. He was buried on 1 May 1929 in St Pius Cemetary, Schefield, Stark, N.D.. Died of Angina Pectoris, which he suffered from for 10 years. He was
a farmer,
born in Russia. Information from Death Certificate, Local Registered
No. 189,
State file No. 4071. He was married to Anna Marie SCHAEFER on 19 Nov 1879 in Berezan, Odessa, Russia.

31. Anna Marie SCHAEFER was born on 2 Feb 1860 in Muenchen, Berezan, Odessa, Russia. She died on 14 Nov 1930 in New England, Stark, N.D.. (2) She was buried in Dickinson, N.D.. Name also spelled: Schaffer in Pioneers and their Sons.
Schaefer is spelling used on death certificate: state file No. 4381
Registered No. 221.

Anna Marie arrived in U.S. at the age of 32 years in 1891. She lived
in New
England, N.D.
She went senile and spent her last years in the state hospital for
insane, suffering from psychosis, arterio sclerosis and finally dying
broncho-pneumonia. Children were:

child15 i. Elizabeth C. OBRITSCHKEWITSCH.

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