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Education Links and Lesson Plans - General

Educational Sites by Subject
The New York Times Daily Lesson Plan
The Internet Schoolhouse
The Lesson Stop - Lesson Planning Ideas
Teachers Helping Teachers
Educate the Children - Lesson Plans and Resources
Education World - Where Educators Go To Learn
Pathways to School Improvement
Educational Technology
Online Education Supersites Archive
The Lesson Plans Page
Teacher Tips - Lesson Plans
Teacher Talk Forum - Lesson Plans
Teacher Talk Forum - First Day of School
Curriculum Links Page
Puzzle Making Tools to Make Your Own Crosswork Puzzles or Math Squares
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
AskERIC Educational Resources
One Hundred Days, Seven Intelligences -Lesson Planning Ideas
Educational Resources -Lesson Planning Ideas
Teachnet.com Brainstorm of the Day
Smithsonian Education
Library of Congress Education Learning Page
Encarta Lesson Collection
Education World Where Educators Go To Learn
United Nations Cyber Schoolbus
Project Ideas

Education Links and Lesson Plans - Science

Galileo - Broad Selection of Science Lesson Plans
Internetworking - Collaborative Middle Level Space Science Investigations
Explatory Science - Lesson Ideas
Physics Education Resources
The Physics Van - Physics Outreach Program for Teachers
GSC Atlantic's Earth Science Site of the Week
Kids Global Scientists Weather Curriculum
The Weather Classroom
The Weather Unit
Weather Here and There Unit
Weather Unit: Science Applications
Viewing Ocean Color From Space
Project Atmosphere
National Science Education Standards
Science Lab Safety Standards
Science in the Home - Science Links
Hands-On Science Centers World Wide
The Sea World Teacher's Guides
Science Labs and Curricula
Science Fiction and Space Technology - Tools for Learning
National Science and Technology Week Online
Event Based Science - Ways to Teach Science Using Current Events

Education Links and Lesson Plans - Math or Math and Science

The Geometry Center - Center for Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures
The Roller Coaster Lesson
The Internet Pizza Server
Yahoo Math and Science Educational Links
Lawrence Hall of Science Hotlinks
Explorer Math/Science Lesson Resources
Frank Potter's Science/Math Resources for Educators
The Math Forum
Pi Mathematics Home Page
Math-Science Education Resources
Cornell Math/Science Gateway
Mathematics Links
Wonderful Ideas Web Site - Games, Acitivites and Problems in Mathematics
Algebra Times - Monthly Newsletter of Mathematical Problems, Lesson Plans, and Ideas

Graphing Calculators

The Texas Instruments Calculator Home Page
The Hewlett Packard Calculator Home Page
The TI-83 Calculator Page - Links to TI-83 Information
The TI-83 GeoScience Activities Page and Links to TI-83 Information
The HP-48 Series - General Information and Links
The HP-48 Miscellaneous Applications
Some Thoughts on the HP-48 Calculator

Multicultural Education

Spanish Around the WEB
ESL Materials - Activities Available in Spanish
ESL and Bilingual Lesson Plans and Resources
Spanish Federation of Societies of Mathematics Teachers - Spanish Mathematics Education

Educational Administration and Departments of Education

San Diego County Office of Education
Riverside County Office of Education
Links to California County Offices of Education
California Department of Education
California STAR Test Results

Professional Organizations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
The International Baccalaureate Organization

Computer Technology and Education

The UCLA IMMEX Homepage - Computer Simulation Software
Web 66 Education Related Web Search Tools (Lists All Schools on Web)
Engines for Education Homepage - Computers in Education
The Simulation in Education Homepage
Designing School Web Sites
So You Want to Design A School Web Page
Journal of Technology Horizons In Education
Critical Issues Forum - Multidisciplinary Model Using Computers
TEAMS Distance Learning For K-12 Educators

Educational Research and Educational Issues

Teacher Talk Forum - Educational Issues and Ideas
Improving Middle School Math: Lessons From 3rd International Math/Science Study
Mathematics Equal Opportunity: Study on Rigorous Math and College Enrollment
Ranking Middle School Math Textbooks - Results of AAAS's Project 2061
What to Expect Your First Year Of Teaching

Standards, Curriculum Frameworks, and Initiatives

California Mathematics Academic Content Standards
National Math/Science Standards
Advanced Placement Home Page
Improving Middle School Math Education: America Counts

Test Preparation

Best Prep Test Preparation Services

Miscellaneous Stuff

EDNET - Help Finding Jobs in California Schools
California Teachers Net
Register-It Page - Netscape Registration with Search Engines
Tax Preparation Help and Tax Forms
GeoCities/Yahoo File Manager

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