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I now have my genealogy online. If there are any broken links, let me know. If you want a GEDCOM, let me know and I'll see what we can do.

My Bio

Where I'm from...

I'm originally from Spokane, Washington and grew up in Missoula, Montana (That's right, the premier hiding place of all kooks from OTHER places).

Okay! You've wanted a REAL picture of me for so long now, here's one of me with my Dad**.

***And here's another of me as an adult***
**picture taken in 1960

My Mom's family is from North Dakota (German-Russian ancestry). ,

On my father's side, I have pioneer Mormon stock, and am a proud member of the MacDonald of Clanranald Scottish clan.
My line also comes through the Mayflower into this country, and links to early European royalty, including King Edwards I/II/III, Prince/King John (Robin Hood and Magna Carta fame), William the Conqueror, and Odo Count of Paris.

Wife and Kids...
I am married for eternity to a wonderful woman, Ramona Elline Jackson Smith, originally from Indianapolis. I have three stepchildren (yes, I AM the wicked step-parent!): Aaron (24), Michal (23, she's a girl) and John (20). Aaron married a wonderful young lady named Laura and made me an automatic grandfather of Jonathan (6) and Jessica (5), and have a baby Aaron (1).
I have been a foster parent, having had children of several ages, including a foster baby, Ben Cartwright I'm a strong supporter of people volunteering to help the innocents.

My job...
Currently I'm with the Air Force in Montgomery, Alabama where I work for the Standard Systems Group (HQ SSG). I have worked here for 13 years as a Computer Programming Technician, although I haven't programmed much in 7 years. I have recently been involved in Defense Information Infrastructure Software Engineering, Reusable software, Domain engineering, Lan Administration of a Novell Network (3.1x), Small Computer Manager, Air Force CD-ROM guru, Web developer, and involved in computer hardware and software acquisition, including the $2.7 billion Desktop V contract.

I'm a conservative-libertarian, with a strong belief in the Constitution as originally viewed by the majority of our ForeFathers. I'm against abortion in most cases, and feel that the Pro-Choice movement is today's slaveowners. I'm against judges creating law. I'm for personal responsibility and moving government to the lowest levels possible. I'm against federal regulation cluttering up our lives, causing poor people to be poorer than they need to be, due to the high cost of regulation. I believe in personal freedom, but only so far as it doesn't threaten society's existence. I also believe that prison doesn't work for most crimes. We ought to consider natural alternatives such as: castration for rapists, doubled restitution for theft, caning for abusive husbands, and a real death penalty for mass murderers. Punishment must not turn minor criminals into major criminals (which is what prison does) and must be an effective deterrent to future offenses. Rehabilitation is also important. Schools should be run on the state/local level and give parents school choice

Religious activities...
I am active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( Mormon). I served on a Bolivia Mission from 1978-1980 (you know, it's where Butch and Sundance got waxed). I'm currently 1st Counselor in the Stake Mission Presidency in the Montgomery Alabama Stake.

I graduated from Sentinel High School in Missoula, MT in 1978. I have an Associate's Degree in computers (MIS) from the Community College of the Air Force, and a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Resource Management from Troy State University in Montgomery. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching (emphasis on History) degree, also from TSUM.

Future Plans
My future plans include: Retire from the Air Force on 1 November 2002,
Go on at least one LDS mission with my wife,
Teach history or other subjects.

Hobbies and Interests
My interests are:

For a good laugh, try the Dilbert Zone!

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