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Biology is the study of organisms, from the smallest viruses through human beings. It is a search for the mechanisms and processes of life, and a better understanding of what drives this life on Earth.

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Biology links and information:

Animal Physiology: Study of animals and understanding of major body functions. This includes developing a fundamental understanding of how bodies as a whole, as well as tissues and cells, work (cell physiology, histology). These discoveries can lead to information about human health and medical needs.

Biochemistry: Study of the relationship of chemistry and biology. This field includes protein structure and function, enzymes, metabolic pathways, DNA, RNA, molecular biology, and recombinant technology (gene cloning, etc.).
Cell and Molecular Biology Online
Molecular Modeling
PredictProtein (for protein structures)

Cell Biology: Study of cell structure, function, and metabolism. Includes study of secretion, endocytosis (internalization), cell organelles, the life cycle of cells, cell division, cell movement, cell-to-cell communication, gene expression, and cancer.
Dictionary of Cell Biology

Evolutionary Biology: The study of diversity of life and its origins. It includes examining the genetic and developmental basis of evolutionary change, processes at the population level, Darwin's theory of Natural Selection, systematics, ecology, paleontology, and the concepts of fitness and adaptation.
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

Genetics: Study of heredity and inheritance by DNA and genes. Includes investigation of genetic diseases, genetics in law (fingerprinting), study of developmnt of organisms, gene linkage and recombination, breeding, embryology, population genetics, molecular genetics, and mutation.
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (Human genetics)
MendelWeb (classical genetics)
Primer on Molecular Genetics
Cornell Genetics Department

Genomics and Sequence Alignment: Study of DNA and RNA sequences of various organisms, and alignment and analysis of those sequences to determine structure and function. Includes bioinformatics, molecular evolution.
Genome Data Base Home Page
Human Genome Project Home Page
Agricultural Genome Information
Ribosomal Database Project
BankIt (submit sequences to Genbank)
What is There top page to compare sequences for differences in metabolic pathways
TIGR (The Institute for Genomic Research)
NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
LabOnWeb genomic tools and protocols

Immunology: Study of the biological functions of immune resistance. Includes study of antibodies, immunoglobulins, the immune response, diseases caused by microbes, worms, and allergens, among other things.
Mike's Immunoglobulin Structure and Function Home Page

Microbiology Study of microorganisms, including eubacteria, archaebacteria, single-celled plants and animals, and viruses. Includes study of microorganism nature, evolution, composition, growth, genetics, role in disease, and use in bioengineering.

Neurobiology: Study of the neural systems, structure of the brain and nerves, development of the nervous systems, behavior, neurochemistry, motor systems, sensory systems, learning and memory.
Drosophila nervous system

Plant Biology: Study of plants, botany and biotechnology. Includes identification, classification, physiology, life cycles, photosynthesis, cultivation, tissue culture, transport, evolution, genetic engineering.
Arabidopsis thaliana Database

Virology: Study of viruses, human disease, use in genetic engineering, evolution.
All the Virology on the WWW

Classroom Biology:
Access Excellence-teaching and learning about biotechnology

Protocols Collection
The World of Electrophoresis
Materials and Methods

Biology Companies and Job Information:
Academic Positions Available
SciWeb, the Life Science Home Page
Pharmaceutical Research Companies
Life Technologies, Inc.
Promega Corp.
Biospace Home Page
the BioCatalog

the WWW Journal of Biology

Allexperts Biology Q&A Volunteer experts answer all your biology questions for free!
the WWW Virtual Library of Chemistry
Cornell Biology Department
The Biotech Rumor Mill
LuxNet for lab and legal services
My research summaries
20 Great Ideas of Science
Experimental Design and other aspects of life

J.B. Alcott's Advice on Teaching

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