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Whether you're starting out on your own for the first time or going for your fifth degree, here are some resources to help you out. But before you start, here are some things to think about when you go to college:
  • Always make sure you meet the requirements, whether that means taking the right test (and studying for it well in advance) or taking French III or sending in 3 recommendations instead of just 2.
  • Be on time! Early can never hurt, and in some cases of rolling admissions, a later, but on time, application could mean a wait list instead of a letter of admission.
  • Write letters, search the library, send out postcards and find out about scholarships. And fill out the applications. A lot of money is never claimed because people just don't take the time to find out. Try FastWeb below for your own customized list of scholarships.
  • When writing essays, be concise but original. Try a new approach, but don't be childish. Funny can be good. Get several different people to proofread for you, look at old essays (preferably by people who got in), and make sure you look your essay over. Put it down for a while, then come back. Read it out loud.
  • Don't send more than they ask. Don't send your grades from preschool, or 7 recommendations, or write 3 pages when they ask for two. Read the directions and follow them. 3 strong recs are often better than 4 mediocre ones.
  • Call and follow up at least once. Make sure they have your complete application and are actually looking at it. If they don't provide a return postcard of receipt, make one of your own with an index card (of the right size) and send it along, stamped and addressed. Make sure they got all your scores and recommendations.
  • Don't send the wrong thing to the wrong place. It can have drastic consequences. Make separate folders or piles for each application and group things together, and send them as they need to be sent.
  • If it says TYPE, try to find a typewriter or a typing service. There may be one at the library. If you can't find one anywhere, print as neatly as possible. Neatness counts, and could make the difference between a no and a YES.

  • If you don't get in, or are put on the waiting list, call them. Ask to speak to the director of admissions. Ask what's lacking in your application and what you can do to improve it. Be persistent. Call up professors (don't wait for them to call back) - once they get to know you, they might change the decision.
  • When you're all done and you've gotten in and everyone's happy, send thank you notes out to recommenders and other people who helped you out.

What are your options for colleges and careers?

Starting out in college? Here are some college-survival tips based on years of experience.

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Study Tips - in Microsoft Word 97 for PC. Click to download.

Colleges and Universities:

* American Universities On the Net

* Peterson's Guide to Colleges and Universities

* Chronicle of Higher Education-Academe This Week

* College Information

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

* Free Scholarship Search on the Web

* Free Scholarships and Aid

* Financial Aid Information

* College Aid Calculator

* College Funds

* College Scholarships and Information

Test and College Preparation:

* Princeton Review

* Kaplan

* Powerstudents College aid and getting in tips

* Inside Guide to college

After College:

* Getting Past Go (survival guide for college grads)

* Life After College

Medical School, etc.:

* Martindale's Health Science Guide '98

Miscellaneous Resources:

* National Registration Center for Study Abroad

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