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* Pat Conroy said, "Without music, life is a journey through a desert,"
And indeed, music is an integral part of our lives here at the happy Queendom.

* Enjoy the sweet sounds of melodies in your ears as you hear music
of all types...beginning here, in our land, and spreadiing into the world,
expanding your horizons, and opening your hearts.

Royal Music Pages:

* South Indian Carnatic Music

*Tamil Film Songs

General Music Places to See:

* South Indian Carnatic Music, a
tradition of singing and performing in Southern India, and one of my favorites. Also, the SPICMACAY Cornell homepage.

* All the lyrics you want (and more)!

* The sweet sounds of Christian monks, singing the complex and beautiful notes of Gregorian Chants.

* Another set of music from long ago, when in Europe the Celts
played (and still play) their music, here for all to enjoy at the Celtic Music Archive.

* A totally "critical" page, with great graphics of course, the site of the widely-watched, world-renowned MTV.

* For more on music popular from Abba to (Led) Zeppelin, go to the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Search for (and buy!) music here:

Album Title
Song Title

Performing Artists and Groups:

* The most popular foursome of all time: John, Paul, George, and Ringo,
better known as the Beatles.

* A lovely voice, lovely music . . . Enya.

* One of rani's favorites, the homepage of R.E.M..

* Paul and Art -- they were great as a team -- live on in the Simon and Garfunkel page.

* The immortal -- Pink Floyd.

Music lives within the eyes,
Which, like bells, toll
The rhythm of the soul,
And in their harmony, rise.

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updated 12/23/99