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What you can do to save the earth:
  1. Recycle newspapers, plastic and paper grocery bags, aluminum cans, office and notebook paper, car oil, anything and everything at recycling centers, grocery stores, and gas stations. It's a bit of effort but it makes a huge difference.
  2. Plant a tree. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and give us oxygen to breathe.
  3. Take cloth bags to the grocery store, especially when you are only buying a little. Avoid using another plastic or paper bag. Use cloth rags and sponges instead of paper towels.
  4. Walk if it's close, or take a bus or subway or train. Cars pollute a lot - if you have to go by car, try the premium gasoline. A few cents more but you'll breathe easier in the long run.
  5. Reuse plastic bottles to carry your water, use aluminum foil to wrap foods again, use milk jugs to water your garden. Reuse whatever you can.
  6. Clean up. If you see trash lying somewhere, pick it up (with a kerchief or gloves if you have to) and throw it away. And throw away your own trash in the proper places.
  7. Donate money to a charity dedicated to protecting the environment.
  8. Whenever possible, buy recycled paper, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  9. A little baking soda and water can often do the same thing a chemical cleaner can. And it won't pollute the groundwater. Go for natural, less harsh cleaners and detergents.
  10. Buy nuts and oils and products (like Ben and Jerry's ice cream) that depend on the rainforest for their welfare. These items are provided without cutting down trees and robbing wildlife of their homes and in fact promote rainforest management.

What you can do to help the world:
  1. Sponsor a child through a reliable sponsoring program. It costs so little to you (just giving up a dinner out a month) and really helps a child.
  2. Give away your old clothes and things and canned foods to charity.
  3. If you can, and can afford it, adopt a child.
  4. Write to your Congresspeople and the President and other lawmakers to support human rights and environmental issues.
  5. Perform an act of kindness every month, every week, every day. Do something random and spontaneous, like send a letter to an old forgotten friend, or play Secret Santa to a sad neighbor, or just smile at someone on the street.
  6. Support groups and people that are in favor of human rights and animal welfare.
  7. Buy the greeting cards sent by veterans and Girl Scout Cookies and calendars by impoverished kids around the world.
  8. Be a big brother or sister, or volunteer in your neighborhood.
  9. Bake cookies for the nursing home, or just spend time with people there. The elderly need just as much attention as the children and the rest of us.
  10. Finally, spread messages of kindness wherever you go. A kind word or a hug or a smile can mean the world to someone.

See Nature from all over the world:

We at the Queendom are proponents of wildlife preservation, so we ask that you, too, join us in our endeavor to prevent poaching and unnecessary
slaughter of animals as thousands of species become extinct each year. See the National Wildlife Refuges homepage to get a look at wildlife in the United States

See the site of the science and nature television show Nova
from PBS

butterflyTake a look at some spectacular butterflies which you may find both here in the Queendom as well as elsewhere in the world by going to the Butterfly Web Site

View nature at its best, up-close at National Geographic

Visit MapQuest - an interactive world atlas!

Save the planet:

Visit the pages of the conservation groups, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace


Nature is everything that is around us, which sustains us and gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, and land we live on. Help us protect it for the sake of ourselves and our future. After all, the future is where we will spend the rest of our lives.

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updated 6/4/01