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The quest for knowledge....

From Science Matters by Dr. Robert Hazen and Dr. James Trefil (quoted in The Hindu Science and Technology section p. 26 by D. Balasubramanian). These are true for the most part, but who knows what future discoveries will uncover?

    1. The Universe is regular and predictable
    2. One set of laws describes all motion
    3. Energy is conserved
    4. Energy always goes from more useful to less useful forms
    5. Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of the same force
    6. Everything is made of atoms
    7. Everything - particles, energy, the rate of electron spin - comes in discrete units, and you cannot measure anything without changing it
    8. Atoms are bound together by electron "glue"
    9. The way a material behaves depends on how its atoms are arranged
    10. Nuclear energy comes from the conversion of mass
    11. Everything is really made of quarks and leptons
    12. Stars live and die like everything else
    13. The universe was born at a specific time and has been expanding ever since
    14. Every observer sees the same laws of nature
    15. The surface of the Earth is constantly changing and no feature on the Earth is permanent
    16. Everything on the Earth operates in cycles
    17. All living things are made from cells, the chemical factories of life
    18. All life is based on the same genetic code
    19. All forms of life evolved by natural selection
    20. All life is connected

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