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What's it all about?

The Purpose

The goal of this page is to in some measure restore the sense of community that was the chief asset we enjoyed from our association with the BMC. For many of us, our primary source of fellowship was with people from the church for the greater part of our lives. Summertime camp meeting was the highlight of the year because it brought so many of our friends together. We left and entered the great empty world that we had feared for so long.

Since then, we have all tried to cope with the loss of the influence of the church in our lives with varying degrees of success. We have managed to maintain contact with one or another of our old friends in the church, but have not seen many of the old crowd for years. Where we live, we grow to understand the "others" who know nothing of the church. But they can never truly come to know us.

There is nothing that feels so good as talking of our struggle to cope with those who do understand because they share it. Hence my desire to restore the community. My main focus will be to gather information about former members of the Bible Missionary Church and make it available to other former members. I also intend to publish articles about the truths that I and others have discovered during the effort to cope. I appreciate all assistance that you can give.

How can I help?

First, tell those friends from the church that you still talk to now and then about this page. If they are computer illiterate, explain to them how they can access this page using browsers available in libraries in most communities. Provide me with feedback; give me suggestions about how I can improve this page. Send me information about yourselves that I can pass on to others. Send me descriptions of your experiences that I can share with others.

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