Updated 2 April 2002
Someone, at some point - it may have been one of those Yellow Pages-like Guides To The Web - referred to "the inevitable links page" on personal homepages. And, yes, it's true, they crop up like crabgrass and oftentimes are about as much use.

So why am I contributing to this tendency? 'cause my Bookmarks are different. No, really! Much, or perhaps all, of the following may not be of much (or any) interest or use to you. But all of the following piqued my interest at one point, and I think they're worth noting. I put together these bookmarks and annotated them for my own personal use, and sites on those things which don't interest me (like math, for example, or pro hockey) aren't included here.

* If you see the asterisk in front of a bookmark, it means that I think particularly highly of it.

Anarchy and Espionage

Some web sites dealing with pranks, conspiracies, the "intelligence" community, and other such fun stuff.


Some good and very good web sites on art - images, links, and museums.


An array of web sites of bookstores and lists of bookstores.

Book Resources

A list of sites for research and reference on things literary.


Sites on comics, characters, and reference resources, for Marvel, DC, and others.

Computer Stuff

Sites with downloadable fonts, information on HTML, and other such.

Foreign Cultures

Sites with information on foreign - which is to say, non-American - cultures.

Foreign Languages

Sites with dictionaries of languages that aren't English, as well as sites with information on foreign languages.


An enormous list of sites on history - global as well as American. The collection of bookmarks I'm most happy with.

Library stuff

Links to help a poor librarian - i.e., me - get a job.


Links for e-texts, poetry, and online magazines, as well as some informational sites.


Sites with maps - some damn fine ones here.


Sites on medieval culture.


Sites on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a hilarious television show, and its fans.

Mythology & Religion

Sites on mythology and legends and religion.


Sites for getting the news - newspaper's web sites (both American and international), links pages, CNN's web page, and the like.

Random Stuff

Stuff that I wasn't sure where else to put.

Reference Texts

Reference texts that didn't fit in elsewhere.

Science Stuff

Sites on science that I found useful.

Search Engines

Search engines that I found valuable and informative - not just things like Hotbot, but also things like the Internet Movie Database.


Sports sites - newspaper and magazine.

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