"Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain,
and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world
and the glory of them;
and he said to Him,
"All these I will give you,
if you will fall down and worship me."
Then Jesus said to him,
"Begone, Satan! for it is written,
'You shall worship the Lord your God
and Him only shall you serve.'""
(Matthew 2:8-11)

Contents of doc. - "Babylon"




  THE NEW WORLD ORDER is an organization which was set up 200 years ago by powerful bankers, who later infiltrated Masonic societies. Their ultimate aim was to have total dominion and power over the world. Also, at present, their objective is to spread their satanic ideologies so as to be followed by all. Due to this 'sociological' change, that is, due to the promoting of satanic philosophies, the futuristic view of the New World Order has no place for many millions who freely choose to be Christians, Jews or Muslims. The New World Order together with the New Age Movement have similar objectives in mind, that is, to consecrate the whole world to 'The Grand Architect of the Universe' in other words Lucifer - their light bearer.


What You Were Never Taught in School

"I sincerely believe... that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.
- Thomas Jefferson

       Since the beginning of recorded time men have tried to dominate other men. There has never been a period of history when some individual, group or race was not planning, conspiring or actively working, to take advantage of another individual, group or race. Yet, many Americans actually ridicule the idea that an international cadre of very powerful placed people would "conspire" to dominate our nation's banking, media and government. The Elite have done a masterful job of creating the paradigm that to speak of conspiracy is politically incorrect and something to be dismissed as not relevant. In the 'old days', one individual or society would control others through sheer force. In recent centuries, economic domination has replaced the sword as the primary source of power (The Law of the Golden Rule: "whoever has the gold, makes the rules.") To understand the complexities and nature of just how deeply our society is now controlled and dominated necessitates looking at the history of secret societies over the past centuries. We could pick up the common thread of secret organizations plotting to gain power almost any time over the last three thousand years. A period of history that is extremely interesting and crucial to our present time is just prior to the Crusades.



        The Crusades were the military expeditions started In 1096 AD by Pope Urban II to defeat the Moslems and take control of the 'Holy Lands'. Just a few decades previous to the first European soldiers arriving in the Middle East and capturing Jerusalem, another equally important event was taking place that is not often taught about in Western history. A young Persian man by the name of Hasan, was organizing a sect that would, in the next two hundred years, strike fear into the hearts of men from Afghanistan to Egypt, and whose organization would influence other secret societies and eventually our nation today. Hasan was called the Sheik of the Mountains and the organization he formed was called the Assasins (from which we derived the word for paid killers). The Assassins were much more than just paid killers because their knowledge, passion and protocol have affected the whole world. The philosophy and beliefs of the Assassin organization was influenced by several preceding Middle Eastern religions, sects (Old secret societies: the Babylonians, the Pharaohs, the Greeks and Romans, the Semitic Tribes (including the Cabala and Torah, the Gnostics, Zoraster, the Mithra religion, the Coptics and, of course, Islam.
Hasan attended The Abode of Learning, a famous Shiite school in Cairo, that taught a secretive process that included nine different degrees of knowledge (the process of secret initiations and degrees is a common theme that has been and is used by several secret societies). After leaving the Abode of Learning, Hasan was able to amass a great deal of money, and because of his immense charisma, several former schoolmates became his dedicated followers. These devotees he initiated into his new secret sect he named The Assassins, which, in Arabic, means the " guardians of the secrets." Hasan's followers were true fanatics, and a story of their devotion occurred in the year 1092 when Hasan was talking with the representative of the Emperor, Malik Shah. Hasan said, "Do you see my devotee on top of that cltff?" He then made a signal and the white-robed Assassin jumped from the steep cliff to his death. He turned to the representative of the Shah and said, "I have seventy thousand men who will follow my word. Can your master say the same?" Hasan's point was well made and his power grew. For the next two hundred years they were a major force throughout the Middle East, East Africa, Ceylon and Malaysia.


        Approximately twenty years after the first Crusaders began their first battles, nine Knights in the highest spirit of chivalry came together with a pledge to protect all pilgrims visiting the Holy Lands. This handful of nobles originally called themselves the Militia Templi, or Knights of the Temple, which later came to be known as, The Knights Templar. The Templars took four oaths: one of chastity, the second to follow the life and teachings of St. Augustine, the third to fight the Moslems, and the fourth, never to retreat in battle, even if faced with opposing forces that numbered three to their one. These original knights lived a life of half monk and half warrior, and won fame for their valor on the battlefield with their zeal and fearlessness. Soon their fame spread and they received the backing of the Pope and patronage from different princes in Europe. In the first decades after their formation, their numbers grew and they provided valuable havens of rest and security for the visiting pilgrims. As time went on they built several castles in the areas we now know as Syria, Lebanon and Israel, and they became major players in the often complex politics of these lands. Within time they started adopting many of the secretive initiation rites that they had learned from their association with the Assassins. At the same time, the Templars started organizing in Europe and became involved in banking, construction and other businesses. As the decades passed, several changes occurred with the organization. In the Middle East, the third and fourth set of Crusades had gone badly, and the Crusaders had lost Jerusalem and many of their other conquests. Then came the famous 'Children's Crusade' which ended in absolute failure. The Templars not only had the Moslems as their ever present foes, but also a Christian order by the name of The Knights Hospitalliers. The Hospitalliers also had amassed great wealth during The Crusades and the two competed in a political tug-of-war. The Templars were accused of forgetting their original mission and fighting only for their own fame, riches and power. Another accusation was that they were forgetting their Christian heritage and assimilating Saracen (nomadic desert people living between Syria and Arabia) ways of life. The validly of this second charge is hard to verify, but it was true that a high percentage of the Templars, in their second century of existence in the Middle East, had been born and bred in Moslem lands, and had the Arabic language and customs as a major part of their lives. By 1300 AD, the Templars had long since shifted their headquarters from Jerusalem to Paris and their major focus was on their business concerns in Europe. The organization that had begun in humility had become a powerful political and banking force and owned large construction businesses throughout Europe. This did not happen, though, without resentment and jealousy. In 1307, the King of France, Philip the Fair, began plotting to overthrow the Templars. Philip was bankrupt from his excessive spending and knew the Templars' vaults were full of gold. The king sent messages to all of his sheriffs throughout France that on Friday the 13th (that is where we get the saying about it being an unlucky day) they were to initiate raids upon The Knights' buildings and churches, and that the Templars were to be imprisoned, tortured and questioned. In those days, the rack was used which brought forth a great number of "confessions" to sexual deviancy, alliance with the Mosllems and crimes against the church. How much truth there was to these confessions, no one really knows. Many of the Tempiars, including their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, were burned at the stake as heretics. With Molay's death, the official Templar organisation in Europe deteriorated quickly, but the story was far from over. In 1307 AD, The Earl of Bruce of Scotland started another revolution for independence against the English (the first was led by William Wallace - the story of Wallace was made into the movie, Braveheart). At first, things went badly for Bruce, but he was able to rally and gain support from many of the Irish nobles, and gallantly fought back using guerrilla tactics for six years. During this period of time, several of the Templars, who had fled their countrics, came to Scotland for a safe haven, and joined Bruce to help him ni the fight for freedom. The Templars had been the finest fighting force in Europe and began teaching Bruce's rag tag army discipline and the art of war. In 1314, the Battle of Bannockburn became the deciding battle. The English king had twice the number of foot soldiers and four times the number of mounted calvary, and things looked very bad for the Scots. At the crucial point of the battle, when it looked like the English were going to overwhelm Bruce, a small handful of mounted knights came over the hill, carrying the Knights Templar banner (the banner was named Beauseant and is still famous today). Upon seeing this banner, the English king, Edward II made a hasty retreat. When the English foot soldiers saw the King running away they also stopped fighting and ran from the field. From that day forward, the Scottish had 289 years of uninterrputed independence.


"The real rulers in Washington are invisible
and exercise power from behind the scenes.
-Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

        After the Battle of Bannockburn, the Templars went underground as not to incur the wrath of the King of France, or of the Pope who had also turned against them. Many married into the clans and new lives, many as master masons and builders. From 1100-1500 AD, different crafts joined together in guilds and built meeting lodges for their members. The stoneworkers, like other crafts, developed such an organization. This period was marked as great time of cathedral building, and because of the skill involved in their work, the masons were allowed the freedom to travel from one area to another, and this is how they got the name Freemasons. The direct influence of the Templars in Scotland can still be seen at the Church of Rossyln, which was built by Templar masons and incorporates dozens of Templar symbols.
The struggles between the Catholics and the Protestants, together with The Thirty Years War and the English Civil War, shook the foundations of Europe. Starting in the late 1500s and early 1600s, there was a decline in the building of the cathedrals, and at this time, some of the formerly operative Freemason guilds opened their organization up to nonstoneworkers. These lodges became more social and political in nature and the new members were called Speculative Masons. The 1600s also saw the start of the Industrial age and the forming of a new middle class. This relatively new economic class had more education and they were hungry for freedom: political, social and spiritual. The exact historic origination of the Freemasons has been, and is, a matter of great debate. Three very interesting personalities are connected with the start of Freemasonry as we know it today. Sir Robert Moray was the first recorded initiate to a Masonic lodge in England in 1641. Moray was a secret envoy for the Scots Guards, a respected scientist, and associated with the Rosicrusians (a quasi secret society still in existence today that teaches metaphysical principles). Another important figure was Elias Ashmole, who was a solider, an astrologer, a Rosicrusian and one of the cofounders 9f the Royal Society (one of the most important scientific organizations in history). Perhaps the most important figure to Freemasonry and slightly predating Ashmole and Moray was Sir Francis Bacon, who brought great changes to the point of view of both European and American citizens. There is much mystery about the life of Bacon. Contemporary history says that he was born to Lord Nicholas Bacon, who was the close confident of Queen Elizabeth I, and that he held several positions within Elizabeth's court, which included being a courier to foreign countries. Other historians believe that he was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth and raised by the Bacons. The alternative historians make some very strong arguments that Bacon was actually the guiding light behind the plays of William Shakespeare, and that later in life he was instrumental in the development of both Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians. Both groups of historians agree that his book, The New Atlantis, greatly influenced philosophical and scientific thought throughout Europe, and especially in the American colonies. For a period of time in the late 1600s, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the members of the Royal College, all shared ideas and concepts that included: philosophy, mathematics, geometry, the natural sciences, metaphysics, and concepts about political reform. Masonry grew and spread throughout Europe and to the new colonies in America. However, as with most human endeavors, everything within the organization was not totally unified and Freemasonry split into: The Grand Lodge, which was predominately Protestant in membership and centered in England, and Jacobite Masonry, which had predominately Catholic members in Ireland and France. Many of the Knights Templars' themes resurfaced again at this time and became a part of the highest levels of initiation of Jacobite Masonry, which was called the order of The Strict Observance. In the last two hundred years, Freemasonry has spread to all corners of the world. Most of us have friends or relatives who have been, or are, Masons and know most of these people to be good neighbors and friends who serve their communities. It is a sad fact, though, that in the 1800s, the leadership of Freemasonry was subverted and today the very highest echelons of Masonry secretly serve as vehicles of the Elite.


"Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants."
-Benjamin Franklin

        The American colonies, by the 1760s, had grown considerably in population and relative size of commerce. Thousands of Europeans were coming to the colonies each year, and many of them were looking for social and political freedom. Masonry spread throughout the colonies quickly, as the idealism that it represented was quite compatible with many of the free-spirited colonists. What was not compatible with the colonists was the increased taxation being demanded by King George. Furthermore, King George had a very difficult personality and suffered from mental disorders. Though he was the king of England, he was Prussian by culture and his attention, when focused, was on the European mainland. He consistently neglected to respond to the American colonists’ requests, or when he did so, it was with arrogance and little regard. With the start of the 1770s, the strain between England and the colonies was getting worse. At this time, some individuals had the courage and clarity to organize, and their work has dramatically changed the course of history for the better. Our founding fathers - Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Paine (who wrote tlie original Common Sense), Franklin, Hancock, Revere and others-had the revolutionary concept not just to separate from England, but to create a Constitutional Republic, in which the rights of the Individual citizen were more important than the creation of a powerful government to promote The Interest of a powerful few. In those days the only governments were monarchies or dictatorships in which citizens had very few rights, privileges or opportunities. It is my belief that our Founding Fathers had a deep awareness of the spiritual context of life and that they wanted to create a society where spiritual faith would be honored and fostered and not condemned or suppressed. Most of us of us have taken courses on The American Revolution and know of the gallantry and bravery shown by the americans. However, quite a bit about the war which is not taught is very interesting. Of the signers of The Declaration of Independence, almost 80% were Freemasons. Of the English Nayal and Army officers, almost 50% were Freemasons, and Though they were loyal to the Crown and excellent commanders, most of them had great sympathy for the progressive ideals of the americans. Also, many of the English officers had family members who were part of the revolution. There is no question that many of the English officers, especially Admiral Howe and his brother, General Howe, did not pursue the war with the intensity that they had shown in other campaigns. It is an interesting fact that at the end of the war the English still had significantly more soldiers and better equipment than Washington had with the Colonial Army.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."
-Mayer Rothchild

        The Rothchild dynasty has played a fundamental role in the creation of the New World Order movement. Following is just a brief outline of the first years of the Rothchild history. Europe in the 1700s was much different than what we know it today. It was made up of small territories and kingdoms, and most of the people had very few privileges. At the bottom of the social order were the Jewish residents, many of whom were forced to live in segregated ghettos. In this setting, Mayer Amschel Bauer was born in Frankfurt in 1743. At a very early age, Mayer demonstrated that he had excellent intelligence, and his father taught him the family business of being a money lender and goldsmith. At a young age, he went to work in a bank in Hannover, where he quickly advanced. When he returned home from Hannover, he changed the family name to Rothchild and took over the family business. Soon, he became friends with Prince William of Hanau (a relationship that would change the course of history), by selling the prince rare coins at considerable discounts. Shortly thereafter, the prince ran into political problems and had to leave Germany for Denmark. Prince William asked Rothchild to watch over and safekeep his fortune (which he had made by hiring out mercenary troops) while he was out of the country. Without telling the prince, Rothchild took the money to England to finance a military campaign of Lord Wellington, where he greatly multiplied the money. With this money, he set up his sons in banking businesses in Berlin, Vienna, Naples, Paris and London.-Two of his sons were especially able: Jacob, the son who started The Bank of Paris, and Nathan, who took over the Bank of England (Nathan was able to gain control of The Bank of England by making huge gains on the London bond exchange by employing spies to report to him, in advance, the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo). The Rothchild sons followed in their father's footsteps as shrewd and hardworking businessmen. With banks in every major city of commerce and by working together, they were able to create the system that we now call "fraction reserve banking" (more on this shortly) and were greatly able expand their profits. On his death, Mayer left a will thatstated: a All key positions were to be held only by family members, b. Family members were to marry only their first or second cousins, thus keeping the fortune within the family, and c. Never to allow a public accounting or inventory of their estate. Several genertions of Rothchilds have followed this dictate while expanding the family fortune and becoming involved in international politics. The Rothchilds are the wealthiest family on earth and they are leaders among the Global Elite. It is my belief that Mayer, his sons and many of their descendants, have taken actions that suppress others because of fear. This fear was born out of generations of life in the Jewish Ghettos, where Jewish people were not treated with respect or justice. This is put forward not to excuse their actions, only to give possible explanation.


        The most wonderful thing of all is that the distinguished Lutheran and Calvinist theologians who belong to our order really believe that they see in it (illuminati) the true and genuine sense of Christian religion. Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe?" -Adam Wieshaupt The order of the Illuminati was begun on May 1, (May Day) 1776. Its founder, Adam Weischaupt, was a professor at the jesuit ingolstadt,  in Bavaria. The name Illuminati implies that those who are initiates are enlightened and there is much information that Weishaupt related its name to Lucifer, the Angel of Light (Isaiah 14:12). The clearly stated goal of The Illuminati is, "Novus Ordo Seclorum". These exact words can be seen on the back of The American $ 1 bill-placed there on orders from FDR-which means a New World Order. An idealistic new order of politics in 1776 was a very popular and well-received concept by most intelligent people, as most of the European governments were controlled by kings, nobles, generals, or the clergy, and did not offer or provide their people much justice. Weishaupt made a great argument for his idealistic socialism, but, in fact, his plans called for nothing more than a transfer of power from 'them' to 'him'. Weishaupt was an unhappy and angry man and the actions of The Illuminati reflected his true will. European authorities first became aware of The Illuminati's plan to foster the French Revolution when an Illuminati worker was struck dead by lightning while riding his horse to deliver documents in Regensberg. Police authorities went through this man's satchel and found detailed plans for the revolution. German authorities then went to the Illuminati headquarters and found more evidence of the plans to overthrow the French King in a fashion that would generate as much chaos as possible. The authorities sent detailed information to several other governments, but this information was mostly ignored. After this setback, the Illuminati went underground and all members took alias names. Weishaupt took the name Sparticus (after the Roman slave rebel). It is believed that at his period of time, three very signfficant events took place. First, this is the time that Mayer Rothchild joined forces with Weishaupt. It was a merger that supplied the Illuminati with plenty of cash and supplied the Rothchilds with political muscle. Secondly, this was a period of time that Weishaupt and The Grand Orient Masons came into a close alliance, which happened on July 16, 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad (the other lodges of Freemasonry were still free and independent at this time. Their takeover by the Illuminati would not come for several more decades). Third, the Illuminati further evolved its initiation processes with the inner circle giving oaths to destroy: private property, inheritance, patriotism, religion, and the family, and to devote their energies to a One World Government. At the same time, lower echelon members were told that The Illuminati's goal was to bring "happiness to the human race." Four years later, The French revolution started with direct control from the Illuminati and did not end until over two million people (a very high percentage of the killed were the educated middle class) needlessly lost their lives, as gangs guillotined citizens at will and blood literally ran in the streets. For years, Paris was a nightmare and there was total chaos throughout the country. The revolution was a major setback to the quality of life for almost every French citizen, while the outcome saw Napoleon Bonaparte (supported by the Illuminati) taking dictatorial control of the country, and leading France into new and more deadly wars that were financed by the Elite. The influence of the Illuminati soon spread to the United States, with the Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati started in New York in 1785, and soon thereafter, fourteen more lodges were started. The Columbian Lodge membership included: DeWitt Clinton, the governor of New York, Clinton Roosevelt (the Great Uncle of FDR), and Horace Greely (Roosevelt was later to write a book titled Natural Law that extolled communism [before Marx]- the book was not well received). All of this activity did not go unnoticed. George Washington referred to the Illuminati as "diabolical," and spoke of "the dangers of foreign influence" in his farewell address. John Adams also made a major issue of the dangers of the Illuminati in his presidential campaign in 1796.
In 1830, Adam Weishaupt died and passed the gauntlet of leadership onto Giuseppe Mazzini, a famous Italian revolutionary. During Mazzini's tenure, the Illuminati continued to grow, especially in Europe. One of the interesting pieces of history that occurred durilig Mazzini's leadership was that Mordecai Marx Levy (also known as Karl Marx), an out-of-work German immigrant, who was living in London, joined an organization called the League of the Just, which was controlled by the Illuminati. He was hired to write the Communist Manifesto (it was a total flop for over twenty years and it was not until the 1870's that the book was brought back to life as the bible of Communism by the Illuminati). The Illuminati knew that their grand plan of world domination would have to be accomplished by creating divisions within society, an 'us' versus 'them' mentality. By creating and supporting communism on one hand and by also funding fascist organizations, the Illuminati could create ideological splits (this split between the socialists/communists and the fascists tore Europe apart for years, and eventually led to WWII). The leadership of the Elite also knew the power of HegelianTheory: Thesis, Antithesis then Synthesis. The Elite knew if they could create a severe problem (of course without the blame being put on them), society would react and then there would be some form of political solution or social change-usually giving the Elite more control. After The American Civil War, a former Confederate General took charge of the Illuminati in the United States. This man's name was Albert Pike. Pike is a very interesting American personality even though all of his brilliance was directed toward creating fear, division and hate. Pike went to Harvard, spoke and wrote sixteen languages, and openly admitted that he worshipped Lucifer and practiced sorcery. During the Civil War, he organized Indian tribes to fight for the Confederacy and he committed so many atrocities as commander of the Indians, that he was finally ordered to disband by Jefferson Davis. In 1871, he published the book, Morals and Dogma, which describes the long-term plans of how the Elite were going to gain control of the world. In Morals and Dogma, and in other writings, Pike describes the plans to overthrow the Czar of Russia, the bankrupting of The British Empire through two world wars and the destruction of the United States - not by wars, but by debt and social decay. Freedom-loving Americans should be aware of Pike and how his plans are being carried out today. Pike also was very instrumental in subverting the previously independent Masonic leadership in the United States into collusion with the Illuminati in the 1880's (it is my belief that 99% of the Masonic members are good citizens and do not know or understand what the highest echelon is doing). There are many people today who do not know of The Illuminati/The Power Elite. To these people, I ask Them to read the reference material, because the Illuminati has affected the direction of Western history for the last two hundred years. It must be made clear that the Illuminati created, developed and controlled international communism. The inner core of The Elite did not support communism for any idealistic reasons other than to create highly centralized dictatorial machines. Today, The Illuminati (the inner core of The Power Elite) control our banks, our media and our political parties Through Their front groups: The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Masonic Lodges, The Bilderbergers, The Club of Rome and The Federal Reserve.


"We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the FED. They are not government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers"
-Louis McFadden, U.S. Congressman, 1932

        The Federal Reserve Board probably has more negative affect on your life than any other organization in the world! The absolutely fraudulent nature of The Federal Reserve Board is the biggest political secret in the history of our nation! Until Americans take corrective action, our families, our businesses and our nation will be moved daily toward the mathematical certainty of bankruptcy. These statements are very bold but, unfortunately, They are true. First, one must be aware that the Federal Reserve Board is not Federal, nor are there any reserves! The Fed is a quasi-private corporation with no assets to secure the notes it issues! Secondly, the the Fed has never been audited! The Third thing we, as a society, must become aware of, is the fundamental illegal and unconstitutional nature of the Fed. The Constitution is very clear about money issues (Article 1, Sections 8 and 10), which clearly states, The Congress shall clearly be in charge of the money supply (Section 8) and that we are to have a hard currency backed by gold or silver (Section 10)-neither of which is the case with the Federal Reserve system. Our founding fathers knew that only with a decentralized, publicly controlled banking system, together with a hard currency (one that was backed by hard assets), would we be able to avoid the currency manipulations that commonly occurred in Europe. The European banks, at the time (as they still do today), would transfer wealth to those who controlled the banks. Our founding fathers were well aware of this and that is why they put this article first in The Constitution. Fourth, our banking system is based upon what is called 'fractional reserve banking'. With fractional resrerve banking, the Fed orders Federal Reserve Notes (notes that we call money) to be printed by The U.S. Treasury. It then lends these notes to one of the twelve Federal Reserve Regional Banks, at what is called the Discount Rate (about 3%). The Federal Reserve Regional banks then lend these notes, at a multiple of seven, out to commercial banks which pay back this amount at the prime rate (currently about 7%). If you look deeper at this arrangement, The Elite, who control the FED have created an incredible system to take our assets. The Elite are smart enough to make it appear so complicated that only those with advanced degrees in economics can understand the process. However, what essentially is happening is very simple. Here is how the grand scam works: a. The Fed Central Bank has the Federal Reserve Notes printed by the U.S. Treasury for pennies on the dollar, with not a cent of reserves or investment!; b. Then it lends this 'money' to the Federal Regional Banks who multiply this deceptively created credit seven times over. For every billion dollars it borrows from the Fed Central Bank, Regional banks lend seven billion dollars! (that is why it is called 'fractional' reserve banking); c. The losers are the people and businesses who borrow this created credit line and are forced to pay it back with Interest that is collateralized by real assets (Their homes, cars, land, factories, etc.); d. Another deception of this system is that the controllers of the money supply (The Fed) have virtual command of the economy. For the economy just to keep going, The Fed needs to create more new credit each year than is due in interest payments. Every year the Fed increases credit notes at a level equal to, or higher than, the previous year - the interest compounds and the relative interest to principal debt escalates. Hence, more and more of the personal assets of the country are pledged to cover these credit loans (Remember: These original credits have no intrinsic value of their own. A Federal Reserve $ 1 note buys goods only because people believe it has value. If people realized that there was no true value behind These Federal Reserve Notes, they would be worthless). As the credit continues to increase, it creates inflation. With inflation, the economy becomes more dependent on the Fed and people's fixed savings are worth less. Eventually, those who control the money supply (The Fed) then restrict the credit supply so that there is not enough money to pay interest payments (as they did in 1929), and the banks call the loans and take the collateral. When this happens, there occurs a huge transfer of valuable assets to the note holders (The Elite) who created the original credit out of nothing! It is more than interesting that Lenin said, "the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their cittzens." It is also interesting that Lenin was funded and sponsored by Jacob Schiff and Col. Edward Mandell House, the two people most responsible for the Federal Reserve Board legislation. The Fed is an incredible deception, and once a nation locks into the system of 'fractional reserve banking,' It becomes a mathematical certainty that its people, businesses and political structure move toward, and eventually are financially destroyed. The story of "who controls the money" is very much the story of our nation. Following are some interesting historical incidents that relate to the political struggles over who controlled the American banking system, and thus, who had ultimate political control:

1. One of the main issues that united the American Colonist against the King was that he would not allow the colonies their own scrip (money) or bank;

2. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson valiantly fought against Alexander Hamilton and his plans to create the First Chartered Bank of the United States (a private centralized bank). Unfortunately they lost the political battle (Hamilton was much better funded by the special interest);

3. One of the precipitating factors in the War of 1812 with England, was that the charter of the Bank of the United States had expired and many patriots did not want to renew the charter. Because English banking Interest had so much involvement in American banking, They lobbied for the war. The end result was that the British burned down Washington D.C., and we got the second Bank of the United States (again, it was a privately owned centralized bank);

4. When Andrew Jackson was elected President as a populist patriot in 1828, he declared, "You (the bankers) are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." Jackson fought the banking interests the whole time that he was in and would not renew their charter. To his credit, he issued Constitutional money and is the only President in our history to pay off the national debt. Unfortunately, his predecessor, President Van Buren, supported the third Bank of the United States;

5. President Abraham Lincoln faced several major obstacles upon taking office. One of the most significant problems he faced was how he was going to finance the war effort. The English bankers told him they would lend him money, but only at very high interest rates, and Lincoln knew that at these interest rates, the Union would soon be unable to pay. Lincoln also had a very deep belief in his Christian roots and the teachings of the Bible, that he read almost daily. The Bible states very clearly (Deuteronomy) that charging Interest on money (usury) is not appropriate. So "Old Abe," who was a smart politician, a true patriot and a man who had great faith in his religion, took a very courageous step. He issued $450,000,000 of 'Lincoln Greenbacks'- legal tender issued directly from the U.S. Treasury-that was backed by gold and paid directly to the Union vendors and soldiers, without creating interest debt. It was a brilliant move which was both constitutional and provided a strong economic stimulus. The European bankers were outraged, out of fear that interest-free economics would spread to Europe. After Lincoln's assassination, Lincoln's granddaughter wrote a book called, This One Mad Act, which claimed that, though John Wilkes Booth was a Confederate sympathizer, his passion was not so deep, as he spent the war years in New York City as an actor. She then went on to claim that Booth was hired by international bankers to kill the President. It is of interest, that soon after the assassination, President Andrew Johnson ordered the recall of the Greenbacks;

6. Presidents James Garfield and William McKinley were both concerned and issued statements in opposition to the banking systems of the day and both Presidents were assassinated (whether the assassinations were connected to the Elite is unknown)

7. On December 23, 1913, three U.S. senators met in the Senate, at night, while the rest of the senators were home for Christmas break. Through a very arcane parliamentary law, they were able to vote on, and pass, legislation that created The Federal Reserve Board; legislation that has long been the cornerstone of the Elite's plan to dominate our economy. This action did not come without opposition, as many senators and congressmen who returned to Washington, D.C., were opposed. Senator Elihu had this to say at The time, "Long before we wake up from our dreams of prosperity through an inflated currency, our gold, which alone could have kept us from catastrophe, will have vanished and no rate of interest will tempt it to return." Senator Elihu's words are prophetic in two ways: a).Our nation has had over a 1300% inflation since this legislation and inflation has been accepted as a way of life; b). Our government has sold most of our gold reserves and There has not been an audit of the U.S. gold reserves In Fort Knox since 1952. Because President Woodrow Wilson gave support to this action (he was one of the insiders) and because most of the elected officials did not understand the enormous implications of this law, it was not overturned.

8. In 1963 President John Kennedy Issued $4.6 billion of U.S. Treasury notes. This money was very similar to Lincoln's 'Greenbacks' in that they were paid directly to the people and businesses for work done and created no debt. It is also interesting that shortly after the Kennedy murder, the U.S. Treasury soon stopped printing the Treasury notes that create no debt and continued to print Federal Reserve notes that do create debt.

9. Every single chairman of The Federal Reserve Board has been a member of The Council on Foreign Relations!

"The power to tax involves the power to destroy"
-Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshall, 1819

        The second leg of The Elite's plan to take control of the American economy was the creation of the IRS. The IRS was 'created' the same year as the Federal Reserve Board, and the two entities go together like a horse and carriage! Just like the Fed legislation, the creation of the IRS was illegal and unconstitutional. The 16th Amendment, which is the supposed constitutional pathway to justification, was never legally passed by two-thirds of the state legislatures, as required by law (only three states actually voted in the affirmative on this constitutional amendment). President Taft (who was at the end of his term) had his Secretary of State simply declare that this was the new law of the land and Americans have been paying ever since.
Our Founding Fathers debated the issue of taxation and agreed that tariffs and sales taxes would be the appropriate form of revenue collection, while they were strongly opposed to any form of 'head tax' (the old term for income tax). For the most part, Americans knew the law and did not want an income tax. It was not until 1890, when Congress passed income tax legislation, that this issue became back up. It was a very unpopular law and within six months was unanimously ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court When the 1913 income tax law was first introduced, the tax affected less than 10% of the people. It was a 3% flat tax and the total legislation was sixteen pages. Today the income tax takes the time, attention and money of every American. The rates are variable, extremely difficult to calculate and there are over 250,000 pages of code and regulations. To put it mildly, our Federal Income Tax, which is administered by the IRS, is a nightmare. The present tax system: a. is inefficient and expensive to administer; b. significantly puts American businesses at a disadvantage with foreign businesses; c. Is used unfairly by politicians to create major loopholes and give tax advantages; d. is extremely difficult to understand, while the IRS is punitive in administration; and e. is unconstitutional and becoming more evasive to our personal liberties each year. Most Americans have been conditioned to think that a "progressive income tax" is the only fair method of taxation. What most Americans are not aware of, is that a "progressive income tax" is tlie second plank of the Communist manifesto. Whether this occurred by chance, or by direct action, is unknown. What is known is there is nothing fair or progressive about our taxing system: everyone, especially the poor, get a bad deal (except for the Elite, that control the debt). Many books have been written on the inequities and bizarre nature of our income tax and many people, by now, know that 'for the good of the country the income tax needs to be pulled out by its roots" as Congressman Bill Archer recently said.


"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know,
that a Financial element the large centers has owned the government of the U. S.
since the days of Andrew Jackson."
-Franklin Roosevelt, from a letter to Colonel Edward Mandell House, 1933

        By the 1930s, the scene had been set for a tremendous change in the economic, social and political direction of our country. The stock market had been manipulated by the Fed to create huge fluctuations in value. Those handful of insiders, with prior information, made staggering profits from the market, and then were able to buy up the farms and businesses of this country for pennies on the dollar, while 99.9% of America had to suffer the consequences. American and English banks, owned by the Elite, financed both Hitler and Stalin right up to the start of the war, even though they knew what both men where planning. At the same time, FDR had put an embargo on the Japanese (because they had the Independence to create their own banking system) that forced their hand (this is not an endorsement of the Japanese Imperial Forces) to eventually attack Pearl Harbor (as stated before, FDR had prior knowledge of the coming attack and did not warn the commanding officer). The same banks then financed the huge war economy of the United States (remember, banks make money by selling debt-the more they lend, the more they make). The whole story of WWII has been sadly misrepresented to the American people. Most Americans think that we were fighting for freedom and hundreds of thousands of brave Americans of all races, nationalities and religions gave their lives for this cause. However, what actually happened was, that behind the scenes, the Elite orchestrated a series of terrible events that led to the death of over forty million people. All of this, just so as to create chaos and another opportunity for the Elite's global plan for a New World Order. At the Yalta Conference, FDR finalized the well-conceived plans that would give Stalin (who was referred to in the Elite-controlled American newspapers at the time as, "Uncle Joe") virtual control over the two hundred and forty million people who lived in Eastern Europe. After the war, The United Nations was set into place on land donated by the Rockefellers (leaders of the Elite). The creation of the UN has been a vital part of the Elite's master plan for years to replace the failed League of Nations as the vehicle for globalism. It was no chance accident that Alger Hiss (who was a high-ranking and influential official in the American State Department, and later convicted as being a Russian agent) was the one who created the UN framework for administratIon, which is still in existence today at the UN. The reason it was no chance accident was because the Elite, working with their hand picked man, FDR, had packed the State Department, and other vital government posts, with CFR personnel. In school, we were taught that the UN is an organization that works for international peace and human justice. We were also shown that the mission of the UN was to protect and feed children. Clearly, a vast majority of the people who work for, and with, the UN are doing so out of a truly noble idealism to make the world a better place, and we, as a nation, and the community of nations in this world, do need to support an international organization that mediates for peace, justice and human rights. The truth is, however, that the UN is firmly controlled by the Elite to further their plans for globalism. The UN's actions speak louder than words and people need to critically look at what really happened, and is happening, in Korea, Katanga, Somalia, The Gulf War and Bosnia. What we have seen over and over again is Hegelian Theory: Thesis, Antitesis and Synthesis or Problem, Reaction and Solution; all to the advantage of the Elite. With the end of the war and the creation of the UN, the world now had two 'blocks' of power: the Soviets and the Americans. The creation of the 'Cold War' was another manipulated series of events that would see both nations: a. increase military procurement and develop nuclear first strike capacity, putting fear into the hearts of almost all humans; b. create huge spy organizations (CIA and KGB); and c. increase their relative national debt significantly. For forty years, the two superpowers appeared to square off, and several times it looked as though military action (including the use of nuclear weapons) would be taken. Then 'Glassnost' came, and within what seemed to be a blink of an eye, the Berlin Wall came down, the "Evil Empire" (Ronald Reagan) disintegrated and before long we were giving Russia lots of money (foreign aid). We should all say deep prayers of thanks that the intense pressure between the nuclear superpowers has been relieved. At the same time, hopefully, Americans will see that the series of events that have taken place are not moving us toward peace and security; they are moving us quickly toward an authoritarian One World Order. Just ask any person who lived in Eastern Europe during the forty-five years of Soviet occupation what it was like to endure the enslavement of a highly centralized communist government! The old phrase, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absoltitely" is still true today.

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God"
-Thomas Jefferson

        America is experiencing radical changes that are affecting the quality of life of each and every person in this country. We have seen in our economy: a. The Fed turn our banking system into a shambles; b. radical increases in total government, corporate and personal debt; c. relative total government taxation that has increased significantly; d. our national trade balance which at one time made us the wealthiest nation on earth, become the highest negative trade balance of any nation; and e. stock market prices increase at rates far in excess of true value. Socially, we know there is more crime; we know that our civil liberties have been eaten away, and our major media outlets are feeding us a steady diet of misrepresented 'news.' Politically, the Elite front groups control and direct both political parties in a Byzantine swirl of bureaucracy, while our Department of Justice turns a blind eye to justice when it suits those in control. No one knows the future! However it does not take a prophet to understand that if the momentum of events that are orchestrated by the Elite are allowed to continue, then they will be well on their way to fulfilling their master plan. It is my belief that the next years, will see these possible events. The stock market will continue to fluctuate wildly, and more middle-income citizens will invest their savings. Then, some domestic or international occurrence will trigger a downward spiral of the market. This will be accelerted by foreign investors selling off both their stock and T-Bill portfolios to take care of needed capital demands at home. In short, the stock market will see significant economic corrections (a major downturn), and millions of Americans, who have invested in IRAs, mutual funds and stocks, will see their equity dissolve. Furthermore, we must factor in the highly leveraged and extreme personal personal debt in the United States. If the market goes down, we can expect more bankruptcies to occur. Needless to say, if this happens, a lot of people are going to experience a lot of fearful emotions connected with their economic loss. This is exactly what the Elite want-a fearful population that is looking for help. Add on to this scenario one or more large scale domestic 'terrorists' events (blamed on citizens who are opposed to the government'), together with significant racial violence in our big cities, and the political Elite will be able to declare Marshal Law or enact the new 'Antiterrorist' legislation. That would mean anyone who is not 'politically correct' would be in danger. I pray that this will not happen. Just as Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati planned the French Revolution, there is an accelerating trend toward orchestrated chaos in America. The Elite know that they have to break the economic, social and political structure of America if they are going to achieve their goal of a One World Government. This certainly is not pleasant to think about, and it is much easier to ignore this information. However, if we want a nation where our generation and our children enjoy freedom and equality of justice, Then we have to awaken and take corrective action.

As Benjamin Franklin said,
"Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you."


Here are the 25 most

frequently asked

Questions about the MASONS


By using a question and answer format, we shall cover 25 of the most common questions which I have been asked over the years, pertaining to the Masons. The majority of all answers are taken from Masonic books. Judge then, for yourself, if the Masonic lodges not only practice the Luciferian, occult religion, but that they're actually being used as "fronts" for Illuminati activity.


1) Is Freemasonry a Christian organization?

If Freemasonry were simply a Christian institution, the Jew and the Moslems, the Brahman and Buddhist, could not conscientiously partake of its illumination." Albert G. Mackey (33rd degree Mason), "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry", p 182


2) Is Freemasonry Christian?

"Freemasonry is not Christian, nor a substitute for it." C.F. McQuaig, "My Masonic Friend", p 1


3) The King James Verion of the Bible is on the altars at Masonic lodges. Isn't this proof that Masonry is based upon the Bible?

"Masonry has nothing to do with the Bible, it is not founded upon the bible, for if it were it would not be Masonry, it would be something else." "The Digest of Masonic Law," pp 207-209


4) But what about God?

"Humanity 'in toto', then, is the only Peronal God;" J.D. Buck, "Mystic Masonry", p 136 32nd degree Mason.


5) So the, since Masonry is not based on the Bible, nor its Christian principles, then the Masonic Lodges are not teaching religion, correct?

"Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instruction in religion." General Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogmas", p 213 33rd degree Mason, Head of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Southern Jurisdiction).


6) Since Masonic Lodges are religious temples, what are they searching for since they do not worship Christ?

"Freemasonry is a search after light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah." Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogmas", p 741


7) But isn't the Kabalah a religion?

"All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the Illuminati...all the masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols." Albert Pike, Morals and Dogmas", p 741


8) So then, since the Kabalah is an ancient practice found within the occult world, are the symbols, words and other Masonic expressions found within the occult?

"In modern witch rites, we find terms and expressions that are also use in Masonry, the Golden Dawn and other such occult societies." Arnold and Patricia Crowther, "The Secrets of Ancient Witchcraft", p 22


9) So if Masonry is pushing the occult religions, surely many members must come from occult backgrounds?

They do! Some examples of different occultists, who were also Masons, are:

10) Are there any women who were Masons?

Yes! Contrary to popular belief females can, and have become members of the Masons. In Albert Mackey's book, "Encyclopedia of Masonry", p 307, there is a law of Masonry that is known as "The Law of Salique". It states that females cannot become Masons, but there were, nevertheless, female members in the past. Some examples are:

11) Like many of the male members, are there any examples in which female occultists were also Masons?

Yes! Some modern-day examples of this are:

12) Assuming then, that many Masonic members are interested in, or, into the occult, what are the true religious doctrines of the Masons?

"That which we must say to the crowd is: We worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition. To you Soverign Grand Instructors General (a 33rd degree Masons), we say this,,,you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees,,,The Masonic religion should be, by all of the initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine". (Dated 4/14/1889 Letter sent from Albert Pike to Guiseppe Mazzini; kept in the London British Museum).


13) Now wait a minute! Are you saying that the "light" which Masonry is looking after, is found with Lucifer?

"LUCIFER (capitalized in the book), the Light-Bearer!,,,Is it he who bears the Light,,,Doubt it not!" Albert Pike, Morals and Dogmas", - 321


14) Hold it! Isn't Lucifer, or Satan, the black god? The evil one?

"The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is Yahweh (GOD) reversed; for Satan is not a black god,,,For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil." Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogmas," p 102


15) Is Satan, then, perceived to be God, the source of light?

"To conceive of God,,,the Kabalah,,,imagined Him to be 'a most occult light'". Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogmas", 740


16) Since the Masonic religion is a "front" for the Illuminati's religion, is the Masonic "light" the light of the Illuminati?"

"The result is light or illumination. Such are the Illuminati." J.D. Buck, "Mystic Masonry", intro. p xl., 32nd degree Mason.



17) Isn't the Masonic candidate told the full truth of Freemasonry's religion and god when they enter the Blue Lodge, where they receive their first three degrees?

"The Blue Degrees (the Blue Lodge degrees) are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogmas", p 819.


18) Who, then, is allowed to know the truth, and what is really going on in Masonry?

"We must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree (30th and above) whom we shall select. With regards to our brothers in Masonry, these men must be pledged to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful, because its direction will be unknown." (Dated 1/22/1870, Letter sent from Albert Pike to the head of the Order of the Illuminati, Guiseppe Mazzini; London British Museum).


19) You're saying then, that the "outise" of Masonry is only for "show", and there's something else behind it?

"It is this which has served as the basis for our oganization of Secret Masonry which is not known to and aims which are not so much as suspected by, these chattel, attracted by us into the "Show" army of Masonic Lodges in order to throw dust in the eyes of their fellows.,,,masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects (the Illuminati),,," Doc Marquis, "The Illuminati's Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", p 24.


20) Then if Masonry is only "Show" on the outside, what are they trying to "screen" on the inside?

",,,we (speaking of the Illuminati) shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges we shall find our principle intelligence office and mean of influence. All these lodges,,, will be composed of these learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the above-mentioned administration of masonry and from whom will issue the watchword and programme,,,The most secret political plots will be known to us and will fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception." Doc Marquis, "The Illuminat's Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", p 72


21) Hasn't anyone ever tried to warn people about the Masonic/Illuminati connection and their activities before?

Yes! Many have tried, but few people were listening. All the following examples are from individuals who were high ranking political figures, scholars, writers, and religious leaders. These people were not "sensationlists", nor were they "doomsday people." They were all highly qualified and praised individuals of their fields:

22) When did the Masons become a part of the Illuminati?

"On July 16, 1782 at the infamous Congress of Wilhelmsbad, near the city of Hanua in Hesse-Cassel. It was convoked by Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of the Order of Strict Observance." Albert Mackey, "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry", p 1006


23) What happened at this meeting?

Dr. Adam Weishaupt, and his right-hand man Baron Adolf Von Knigge (both of whom were Masons at the time) attended the Congress of Wilhelmsbad; they had met with with the representatives from the 23 Supreme Councils of the Masonic world and convinced them, after 30 sessions, to follow the Illuminati's 7-Part Plan to the Creation of a New World Order.


24) How did they do this?

At the end of the 30 council meetings, representatives of the Masonic world signed a blood contract, vowing that they would follow the Illuminati's 7-Part Plan to the Creation of a New World Order.


25) Doesn't any of the Masons know about these facts?

For the most part, no. 95% of all Masons haven't a clue as to what is really going on in their own lodges. Only 30th degree Masons and above may be allowed to know these secrets. Of those Masons who are 30th and above, only 5% of them know the full truth because they have already been initiated into the Illuminati. Most of the time, an Illuminist will enter into the ranks of Masonry simply to continue the infiltration process. Eventually, this Illuminist will become one of the high ranking Masons and will therefore be able to better control the Masonic world because of his degree and power.


****On a personal note: it truly saddens me that most of the Masons (95%) have been so deceived by the Illuminati; so many have been trying to do something good for others. Consider the Shriner Hospitals, the Shriner Burn Centers, and the Shriner Circus just to name a few. I would genuinely wish that those deceived Masons would take a very careful look into their leadership and ferrot out all those who are Illuminati members and throw them out. What could have been a good and noble thing, has been twisted and perverted by the ceaseless activities and infiltration of the Illuminati. 
If you would like anymore information about the Illuminati, the occult, the New World Order, the Government, etc. etc., please refer to the books, audio tape series, and VCR tape series so that you may order from this web site. Or, if you wish you may write me. All the necessary information has been posted."





 Share International Magazine - June issue

 by the Master - through Benjamin Creme

 Maitreya knows that when He steps forward into the world
arena a mixed reception will be forthcoming from
humanity. There are many who look forward to that moment
 with joyful expectation, who will see it as the
 beginning of the New Time which awaits the sons of men.

There are others, however, understanding little of the
meaning and process of His advent, who will look askance
and doubt His credentials, fearfully aware of scriptural
warnings which they all too readily misinterpret.

Others, too, will simply watch from the sidelines,
 awaiting a lead from those they hold in some esteem.

 Thus will humanity range themselves on one side or the
 other: those who welcome the Teacher with open arms,
 eager to follow His precepts and advice; and those who
  see Him as the embodiment of evil and all that they distrust.

  Thus will the Sword of Cleavage do its work, revealing
those who stand for freedom and justice, for practical
goodwill and love; revealing also those whose suspicion
and fear, prejudice and hate prevent their recognition
of the truth of Maitreya's message of compassion and
love. Thus will it be, and thus will men be tested as
guardians of their future.

 When the initial shock of Maitreya's presentation calms,
people will see that within much which to them is
 mysterious and new, much remains logical and practical,
 self-evident and true. Ancient truths re-uttered will
echo in their minds as long-remembered certainties,
 upholding their faith in life. The aspiration lying at
 the heart of human evolution will assert its beneficent
 power and awaken men to the opportunity to serve as
  never before; to find a new hope and purpose; and to
create the outer forms of the new civilization. 
Thus will it be.


  Look forward to this time which is near at hand;
Maitreya stands on the threshold of His emergence, ready
to do battle with separation and greed. Rally to His
 call for justice and freedom, reconciliation and peace,
 and place your all at the service of the race. This is a
time like none before. This is a time which will never
 be repeated. Look deeply into your hearts and make your
choice: a future bathed in light and love -- or a denial
 of your destiny.

 Maitreya knows the time is ripe for change. He knows
 humanity is ready for the test. He stands ready to
 emerge and begin His mission.

 [Note: The Master --, is a senior member of the
Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in
esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin
  Creme is in constant telepathic contact with this Master
Who dictates His articles to him.]






     THE SYMBOL above, is one of the symbols representing the New World Order. This symbol could be compared to the Egyptian 'eye of Ra', the sun god. I once asked a 'new ager' what this symbol meant, she told me 'The All-Seeing-Eye of Ra-Horus' then she said 'god in other words'. According to new agers this symbol has it's origins in the times of Atlantis and represents the 'illuminati' sect, (Illuminati meaning 'the enlightened ones'). It is also a fact that this sign is common place with Masonic lodges. Today one of the places where this symbol can be seen is on the American dollar.


lucifer as the father,
the antichrist as the son,
and the impure spirit.

        The symbol, although very similar to the one used in Christianity, does not represent the Catholic God (the triangle representing the Holy Trinity). The Catholic symbol, which is almost identical, is also associated with the Archangel Michael, who fought out from heaven  the powers of Lucifer, with the cry:


Why are they so similar?

        Only one explanation can come to mind. People drunk with a certain devotion towards lucifer decided to make their sects more similar to a religion and adopted many symbols, many of which were stolen from Christianity, (for example the triquetra symbol and the all-seeing Eye.) Thus, they could have their own symbols to represent the god they adore. Lucifer's nature, even as an opposite opposing power, can never be matched to the power of God. After all, he is a created being, unlike God who is the Creator. Lucifer is potent but not omnipotent.

The triangular symbol,
found in Roman Catholic Churches
representing The Holy Trinity.



There are many governments, businessess,
political people, bureaucrats, movements, corporations, associations,
organizations and religious sects/cults that form part
of the New World Order and the New Age Movement.
It is rather impossible to list the vast number of names.

 Two Neotech documents:

doc 1:



  • 1. Plant the root system: Identify and define the problem, the enemy, the solution.......... completed 1976 
  • 2. Build the foundation: Establish a two-million-word body of literature published in twelve languishes with audio, video, art, and music supplements.......done 1966-1991 
  • 3. Develop the confrontational phase: Setting self-exposure traps such as the Golden Helmet for Neocheaters, (the leaders and educated class of todays' world) professional value destroyers, and the parasitical elites along with their armed enforcers........began in 1980. Continuing. 
  • 4. Carry out and complete the free-press protection phase: Decentralization of publishing activities and literature distribution. Dispersion into independent phantom-bantom companies world-wide. Translate foundation work into twelve languages. Distribute into 156 countries. Those actions protect Neo-Tech publishing activities from being wiped out from further attacks by armed agents in America or in any other country...... Completed in 1987. Insures a peaceful revolution. 
  • 5. Enter the direct confrontational phase: Activate the self-exposure traps for the neocheaters, professional value destroyers, and parasitical elites in government, the courts, business and the professions. Establish a computerised ostracism matrix that will drive all parasitical elites and their cohorts from their destructive livelihoods. As of 1994, over 2450 parasitical elites, neocheaters, and professional value destroyers have been permanently locked into the Neo-Tech Ostracism Matrix......Began in 1990. Continuing. 
  • 6. Begin the world-wide revolution-overthrow phase: Move from quiet foundation-building and self-exposure confrontational modes to public-action terminator modes. To begin in 1998. 
  • 7. Cyberspace into the future."



"The Value-Producers



We stand united – the worker, ditch digger, farmer, tradesman, office worker, business person, billionaire entrepreneur – the productive class. Dishonest parasitical elites shall no longer live off our work. They shall no longer exist by deceiving us.

The Two Points of Revolution

Point 1 - The Enemy

The enemy is the parasitical-elite class comprised of harmful politicians, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, bureaucrats, clerics, and other leeches, neocheaters, professional value destroyers, and agents of force. Those people fraudulently live off you. ...They have stolen their livings from you for far too long.

Point 2 - The Promise

We will eliminate the parasitical elites. That ridding of the leech class will yield the unlimited expansion of jobs, prosperity, pride, and security for all honest value producers. Their children and their future generations.


We, the value-producing workers, entrepreneurs, business people, soldiers, police, youth, students, parish priests, exploited government employees, and suffering unemployed demand the breaking of all deceptions fostered upon us deceptions that let the parasitical elites drain and harm our lives!


We shall break the chain that chokes our lives. We shall terminate the parasitical-elite class forever.... 
Our march to peace and prosperity begins now!

Have you been wronged, hurt, used, drained, exploited or diminished by government "authorities", bureaucrats, religion, "law" enforcers lawyers certain unions, certain businesses, certain "friends of relatives? The Prosperity Revolution will turn that harm into peace and prosperity."  



In the documents above, point 6 refers to the elimination of the educated class,
many people in this class do not conform with Neotech's ideals.
Educated Christians pertain mostly to this class.
Neotech is just one of the many organizations
having these aims in mind.




Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati 

Order of the 
Antichristian Illuminati 

The Order of the 
Antichristian Illuminati is here! 

 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

We, the Order of the Antichristian Illuminati, shall now make manifest unto you the Knowledge of our Holy Order, which is the Order of the Illuminated Ones, who are liberated from the restrictions of Christianity, and who seek to emancipate all of humanity from the Evil of the World, from the Emotional Plague, and from the Great Lie of Sin which has corrupted the world of men and women. 
We, the Order of the Antichristian Illuminati, have one object of attainment: LIBERTY. It is our Work to liberate all from the Old Age of Christianity, and to establish the Law of Liberty in the world of men and women. The Age of the ANTICHRIST is the Age of Liberty, wherein every man and every woman will discover their self to be a Star, or the God of their own Universe, free to travel in their own unique orbit, or to fulfil their own True Will, and this in harmony with the Great Movement of Things. We, the Order of the Antichristian Illuminati, accept and seek to establish the Law of the Beast 666 as the Law of Liberty on earth which will liberate all of humanity from the Evil of the World, and which will permit for the Free Evolution of the Human Race. Freedom is the Spirit and Essence of the ANTICHRIST. But such is not the freedom of the common man; rather is it the Freedom of the Wise, which is the Freedom of the Spirit of Life itself. It is the Freedom of the Stars by which we can determine our own Path in Life. We, the Order of the Antichristian Illuminati, conspire, both in the internal and external, to bring to an end the false religion of Christianity, to bring about the New World Order for the New Millennium of the ANTICHRIST, and to usher in the New Age of Liberty. We seek to make free all men and women upon the earth, to give them the Wisdom and Power to be what they are in truth, that is, self-sufficient Gods of infinite space, free to flame forth in the Cosmos of Infinity as bright and glorious Stars, unique and supreme. 

 Love is the law, love under will. 

The O..A..I.. is not a Social Institution; on the contrary, it is a Self-Initiatory Organization composed of free men and women who are actively dedicated to the Great Work of Self-Illumination. The O..A..I.. does not conduct any Public or Group Rituals. There are no Official Temples or Churches of Worship. The Temple of the ANTICHRIST is in the Heart of every member of the Order, and all true Antichristian Mysteries are to be gradually unveiled only from within the Heart of the Initiate. No one member can instruct or initiate another into the Sacred Mysteries of the Antichristian Current of the O..A..I.. It is entirely a process of Self-Initiation. The way of the ANTICHRIST is the way of the Self. Each member of the Order is to initiate and govern him/herself in the light of his/her own individual Nature and Will, to be free of all social and fraternal attachments and obstructions, and to be forced to entirely depend upon his/her own unique inner nature to accomplish the Great Work of Human and Spiritual Evolution. 

The O..A..I.. derives its Official Link and Spiritual Authority from the Magickal Sanctuary of the Outer Order of the T..G..D.. (Thelemic Golden Dawn), called theInner Order of the R..C.. (Rosy Cross), which itself is but the representation on a lower  plane of the Eternal Order of the A..A.. (Silver Star).

Copyright (c) 1998 e.v. 
All rights reserved.



"And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God.
They had not worshipped the beast or his image
and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands.
They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years."
(Revelation 20:4)

"Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection.
The second death has no power over them,
but they will be priests of God and of Christ
and will reign with Him for a thousand years."
(Revelation 20:6)


Share in My Sorrow
Debrecen (Hungary), September 15, 1996
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
Marian Movement of Priests
The Blessed Virgin to Fr. Gobbi

Chapter 579 is found in the book "To The Priests Our Lady's Beloved Sons"


The Valley of Armegeddon

1984 by Robert Lewis (11/2/83)

Behold young man, the world's in dread!

And chaos reigns: few souls are fed.
No oil flows. It is no more!
Yet armies dance from shore to shore.
The rebel roars, with raised clenched fists.
And Liberty? Her great ship lists.
New Europe growls, once more united.
Never more shall she be slighted!

America? Ha! She had no guts!

She slumbered long in her deep rut!
Eastern bankers, who once controlled,
Turned a penny and sold their souls.
New World Order. That was their cry!
Now, on their knees, they wonder why.
Just illusion. Just a dream!
Now they bow to a foreign king!

The mark was ready: six -six - six.

The tool was sharp and quick to prick.
Computerized robot citizens,
All rushed to feed their numbers in.
They all complied, to buy and sell,
Like Pavlov's dogs who heard the bells!
They grovelled low for their portions.
Yes, sir! No, sir! With contortions.

Up the hillsides, over the top!

To the valley then!
To the valley, to the valley,
All you mighty men!
To the valley of decision:
Hedge the enemy in!
To your valley of Armegeddon!
Behold the Man of Sin!

Praise this kingdom! Worship its king!

Behold, his power is supreme.
Such a great plan so perfected!
And, his temple was erected.
When peace prevailed a span of time,
Didn't he tell us "All is mine"?
Now the Bear and East are risen!
Against such power he is driven!

Fools! Bigots! All you spineless souls!

Is that all there is? Gold, and more gold?
Does it buy youth when you are gray?
Can it buy life? There is no way!
Does prayer to the Beast bring reply?
No. It doesn't! You wonder why?
Propaganda, lies and deceit.
Heartache and death is all you'll reap!

And now the armies flow down the hills!

Join in the slaughter! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill the beggars and the bastards!
Make their blood flow higher, faster!
Kill him, man, he's just your brother!
Pile those bodies on each other!
Loose an arrow from your quiver,
Watch his eyes glaze! See him shiver?

Up the hillsides, over the top!

To the valley then!
To the valley, to the valley,
All you New Age men!
To the valley of decision:
Hedge the enemy in!
To your valley of Armegeddon!
Fight for that Man of Sin!

Feel the fire? Taste the pain?

That bullet there: it has your name!
Look! The mountains! All are shaking!
Men's hearts fail them! Cowards and quaking!
Your dieing gaze looks up to heaven.
Now you see, those bones are risen!
The real King comes, with sword in hand!
But not for you! For you are damned!

Up the hillsides, over the top!

To the valley then!
To the valley, to the valley,
All you mighty men!
To the valley of decision:
Hedge the enemy in!
Slash your path to Outer Darkness!
Die with the Man of Sin!

 "Then the kings of the earth, the princes,
the generals, the rich, the mighty,
and every slave and every free man
hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.
They called to the mountains and the rocks,
"Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne
and from the wrath of the Lamb!
For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?""
(Revelation 7:15-17)



            Subtitle:  President Clinton is simply following the Illuminati Plan as he
            maneuvers American troops into the former Yugoslavia!  This
information demonstrates that Clinton has to order troops into Serbia if he is to fulfill
this part of the Plan.  Conspiracy skeptics are also going to have to admit we have a
Conspiracy afoot.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World
Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing
in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.

                           YOU ARE NOW ON

                           THE CUTTING EDGE

 NEWS BRIEF:  "Lawmakers urge Clinton to hold firm", by Jim Hand, Sun Chronicle Staff,
The Sun Chronicle, Saturday, April 3, 1999, p. 1-2.

"Pressure is mounting from some military analysts for President Clinton to commit ground troops
into the conflict in Kosovo, but the Massachusetts delegation is urging Clinton to stay the
current course.  They said Clinton should give the air bombing more time to work before
considering sending in foot soldiers. U.S. Rep. James McGovern, D-Worcester, said when
Congress was first briefed, it was told the effort would take about seven weeks to work.  'I
think we should let the operation run its course', he said."

"U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., also believes it is too early to be talking about ground
troops, according to a spokesman.  Kennedy's aid, Will Keyser, said Kennedy supports
Clinton's use of air attacks against Serb forces and notes Clinton has said there will be no
ground war."

"Before and after the bombing campaign started, Clinton said he would not send in ground
troops.  He repeated that message Friday.  Military analysts have stepped up their criticism of
Clinton and NATO as the situation has worsened, saying ruling out ground troops opened the
door for Serbian atrocities and ignored a tenant of warfare that air power alone cannot win a
war.  The Pentagon contends it would take 200,000 troops and a month's preparation to launch
a ground attack."

From almost the beginning of this NATO attack on the sovereign nation of Serbia, I have
sensed a growing propaganda campaign conditioning the American people that ground troops
might be needed sometime down the road.  I have been somewhat surprised by the immediate
conclusion on the part of the mass media that ground troops would be needed because this
conclusion began well before anyone knew the degree of effectiveness of the air attacks.  It
seemed to me that everyone in the media was automatically concluding that air power alone
could not accomplish the mission.

Indeed, I believe such an assumption was made by the media.  Well before any analysis of the
air power was possible, media pundits were trumpeting that ground troops would be needed,
and we might as well send them in now.  We know for certain that ground troops are not only
needed, but that they have been part of this war plan from the beginning.  All these "assurances"
from President Clinton and his Cabinet, and his military officers has been nothing but a show
from the beginning.

Let me be quite clear:  For 47 years, American officials knew that American ground troops
were going to be stationed in Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Albania, Romania, and Greece!  In other
words, President Eisenhower knew that, one day, after the New World Order had been
established, American troops would be on the ground in this region.  That is the plan, and this
war is the ruse designed to get them there, on the ground .

Let us now consider the facts.


In 1952, in London, the Illuminati sponsored a meeting to re-draw the world into military
regions after the One-World Government had been established.  In the early 1920's, Russian
Communist leaders learned a very valuable lesson:  they learned that ethnic troops could not be
depended upon to be brutal to their own people .  Therefore, Russian Communists devised a
plan whereby Muslim Russian troops would be stationed in non-Muslim areas, and vice versa.
Therefore, troops would have no difficulty oppressing, jailing, and murdering people not their
own.  As you will shortly see, this plan applies these lessons worldwide.  We have much to fear,
as you will see in just a few moments.

In 1952, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government decided which
areas of the world would be occupied and patrolled by which troops. These worldwide forces
would be commanded by a World Director, who would have an organization of 8 zone
directors and 51 regional directors.  No regional director would ever be responsible for his own
country, and no military troops would ever be stationed within his own country. [This
information taken from the National Economic Council of New York City, 1962]

American troops were assigned six regions of the world, as we have listed below.

Region 12 -- Australia

Region 32 -- Uruguay, Argentina

Region 75 -- India, Nepal, Turkmen, Uzbeg, Tadzhik, Kirghiz, SSR

Region 58 -- Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia

Region 55 -- Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria -- the Balkans Region
[NOTE: Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia were originally part of
Yugoslavia; See CIA map of this Central Balkans Region, at
http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802587.jpg   You can also view the
general map of Europe at http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802586.jpg ]

Thus, American troops would be responsible for a huge chunk of Europe, from Czechoslovakia
to Greece, and as far east as the border of the Ukraine and Turkey!

In 1952, American troops were planned to be stationed on the ground in Region 55,
precisely the region in which we are presently attacking!  Therefore, we know for
certain that American ground troops will be marching into Serbia.  This war is the ruse
to get America troops on the ground in Region 55.

Now you know for certain that President Clinton is acting in perfect accord with the Illuminati
Plan to insert American troops into the Balkans, just as this 1952 plan dictates.

*  Now you know the degree to which you are being lied to in every press conference and in
every speech.  Now you know that the White House and the Congress are following this plan

*  Now you know that every major event in this contrived "crisis" is planned.

* Now you know that nothing of importance is happening by chance, or by accident.

*  Now you know that the major characters in this "crisis" are all following this 1952 plan:

        1. President Clinton and all his Cabinet

        2. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the entire officer corps of the Pentagon.  Remember, no
military leader will ever get promoted unless he is fully in on the New World Order Plan, and is
supportive of it.  Now you know why Dwight D. Eisenhower was promoted over the heads of
many more senior men to lead all Allied forces in World War II.  Now you know why General
Powell was similarly promoted over many senior men to the post he held during the Gulf War.

        3.  Congress -- all leadership of both parties are part of the New World Order Plan
generally and this regional plan specifically.  This supportive leadership is not about to oppose
President Clinton in any sustantial way, even though they may criticize him from time to time in
order to add plausibility to the entire situation.

         4.  Foreign leaders within Europe, from Britain to France to Germany and beyond.

         5.  Russian President Boris Yeltsin is on board with this plan and will not act to disrupt it.
He may threaten to intervene, and may send naval units into the region, but he will not act to
stop us.

          6.  Serbian President Slobodon Milosovic is part of this plan, and knows his part in it.
Nothing he does will be done on his own merit and initiative.  Before President Clinton makes a
move, Milosovic will be aware of it, and before Milosovic makes a countermove, Clinton will
be aware of it.  Every detail is carefully scripted, with every man an actor. This "war" is simply
the ruse, the deception, to get America into one of the regions we were assigned back in 1952.

In this article, quoted above, the Pentagon says that, if American ground forces were to be
employed, they would need 200,000 troops and a month's preparation.  In the Gulf War, if my
memory serves me correctly, we assembled about 250,000 troops and took about 4 months to
prepare.  Why would the Pentagon need only one-fourth the amount of time to assemble nearly
as many troops as in the Gulf War? The Cutting Edge has obtained from the Department of
Defense their report of the numbers of U.S. troops stationed abroad and in this country, dated
September 30, 1998.  This report is entitled, "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths By
Regional Area And By Country (309A)".

This report indicated that we already have some significant numbers of troops in the European
region, as indicated below.  Please click to the CIA map of Europe at
http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802586.jpg so you can readily see the
geography of this area.

1.  Germany -- 69,663 men -- As you can see from this European map, Germany is just a very
short distance from Serbia.  Modern forces could move quickly to Serbia from bases in

2.  Bosnia-Herzegovina -- 6912 men -- This country borders Serbia, and was part of the
original Yugoslavia, as was Serbia.

3.  Italy -- 11,519 men -- The Italian boot comes very close to Serbia, with just the Adriatic
Sea.  Navy and Air Force personnel make up over two-thirds of this total.  Many of the
bombing raids into Serbia are originating in Italy.

Thus, in these three countries, the Pentagon has 88,094 men in place, along with enough
munitions and equipment to repel Russian invaders.  At the very end of this report, the Pentagon
is reporting that they have a total of 102,860 men stationed in NATO countries.  Since these
figures are 6 months old, it is possible that the Pentagon has even more men stationed in

Thus, we can see it makes sense that the Pentagon would need only one month to assemble a
force of 200,000 men.  Now the only question is, what kind of crisis would it take for our
leaders to feel they have enough justification to go back on their earlier promise not to send in
ground forces?  I believe such a crisis might involve several factors, either alone or in

1.  Serbia attacks across her borders in any direction.  Since American forces are to be
stationed in every country in this region, Serbia could attack Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania,
Hungary, Boznia-Herzegovina, or Croatia.  The Wall Street Journal of Friday, April 2, 1999,
notes that the layout of the land between Budapest, Hungary and Belgrade, Serbia, is flat with
rolling hills, just perfect for tank country.  Perhaps Milosevic would be required by this
deceptive plan to attack here.

2.  Serbia continues to kill innocent civilians by the tens of thousands.  Since the New World
Order Plan calls for "increasing the death rate" in the period immediately leading up to the
appearance of Antichrist, we can assume that this deceptive plan designed to get American
troops into this region would call for many innocent people getting killed.  Nightly images of the
carnage beaming into American homes might be enough to rapidly change American public
opinion to support ground intervention.

3.  Graphic portrayals of how ineffective our air campaign has been might also be an important
factor in drumming up enough support to send in ground troops.

4.  Conservative Democrats and Republicans suddenly joining forces with the President in
calling for ground troops might sway public opinion. Last night [4/3/99), the panel of the Capital
Gang unanimously called for the President to get the support of Congress in this operation.  If
any of these factors, above, occurred, Congress would almost certainly get heavily involved; if
key Republican leaders suddenly began to call for ground troops, President Clinton would most
certainly get the support of the American people.  Remember that Republicans are just as
committed to the New World Order Plan as are Democrats.  Do not be deceived by labels.


Let us now examine the troops that are to be stationed in North America according to this 1952

1.  Northeast -- Colombian and Venezuelan troops

2.  Southern America all the way to California -- Russian troops. The line begins at Virginia and
goes straight West to the border of California.

3.  Midwest -- Belgian troops

4.  Northwest, including California -- Irish troops

5.  Canada -- Mongolian [Chinese] and Russian troops

6.  Mexico -- Mongolian [Chinese] troops.  I find it highly interesting that the Mexico portion
over which the Chinese are to exercise control includes San Diego, California!  Our government
has just given the Chinese Communists control over an "abandoned" U.S. Naval base, in Long
Beach, have they not?  Now you know even more conclusively that Clinton and Congress are
part of this 1952 Plan, and are acting entirely at the control of the Illuminati to end American
sovereignty and unite the world under the banner of the coming Antichrist.

Foreign troops would be in total control of the entire North American continent.  No sizeable
American troops would be allowed in this country.  Then, what needs to happen to the
1,146,959 American troops now stationed in this country?  They will either have to be
disbanded or deployed overseas.  It seems to me that, if Serbian President Slobodon Milosevic
could generate enough panic by his actions, aided by our Mass Media, we could justify sending
over a sizeable contingent of troops from this country.

In the past decade, I have heard many unsubstantiated claims that foreign troops have been
sighted training in this country.  However, I never knew of this 1952 plan at that time, so I never
placed much confidence in these claims.  We shall be more vigilant in researching this aspect.


osovo War in 1996


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 1998 Bilderberger Meeting - War Planned on Cyprus if
                       Kosovo Crisis Stalled

Copyright 1998 by New World Order Intelligence Update. This article may
be posted to Internet conferences and Web sites. - During and following the
1996 Bilderberg Conference, we asserted that Bilderberger Bill Clinton would
be re-elected as U.S. president; that he would promptly break his promise to
bring American troops home from Bosnia, but that he would re-position them in
Hungary and the surrounding countries instead and pass command of the
Bosnian operation to a German general and 3,000 German combat troops from
Heidelberg [this later occurred, in October, 1996]; and that the Bilderbergers
had thereafter arranged to inflame the Serbs by pursuing the war criminals in
their midst for trial before a new International Court [the Serbs, a proud but
experienced people, side-stepped this provocation by persuading the lower- and
middle-level suspects to voluntarily surrender].

If that failed to incite a Balkan war, then we pointed out that they were
prepared to utilize Kosovo to bring one about:

     "When war comes, as expected, Kosovo, at the southern tip of the
     Serbian Republic, may be the flashpoint that ignites a wider war
     involving Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, and Turkey - in
     addition to the hapless U.S. and NATO troops caught in the middle.
     Kosovo, "the Jerusalem of the Balkans", is a self-proclaimed
     nominally independent "republic", presided over by "President"
     Ibrahim Rugova. It is, in fact, a province of Serbia, though its
     population is largely of Albanian descent. The United States, though
     on record as recommending more "autonomy" for Kosovo, treats
     the province to all intents and purposes as a de facto independent
     state, a fact which infuriates the Serbians. Twice - once in 1992 and
     again in 1993 - Presidents of the United States have threatened
     Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic with military retribution "in
     the event of a conflict in Kosovo caused by Serbian action." To add
     insult to injury, the U.S. now plans to establish an "official presence"
     in "the capital of Kosovo." Aggrieved by this, and rightly sensing the
     intent of the United States to encircle and contain them, the Serbians
     are likely to appeal to an increasingly-nationalistic Russia, their
     traditional protectors, for help and military assistance. As reported
     by Germany's DIE ZEIT, "Serbia is every place where there are
     Serbian trenches or Serbian graves", according to Serbian opposition
     leader Val Draskovic. That means that Serbia will fight to retain
     Kovoso, in spite of the fact that its population is 90% Albanian. The
     Albanian Kosovans, determined to be independent, will fight back.
     That will likely draw into the conflict the 3.4 million inhabitants of
     Albania proper, together with the Albanians of Montenegro and
     Macedonia. Albania also has openly-expressed designs on
     Macedonia's western provinces, largely populated by Albanians: at
     least one armed insurrection directed by Albania has been foiled by
     the Macedonian authorities, and the Albanians continue to openly
     support and encourage Macedonian Albanian separatist groups.
     Bulgaria, which considers Macedonians to be "western Bulgarians",
     may then go to war for the fourth time this century to seize the
     opportunity to finally settle its territorial claim there. Greece, already
     incensed by Macedonia's use of the Greek "Vergina Sun" symbol on
     its flag and suspicious of the Macedonian Republic's supposed
     intention to form a "Greater Macedonia" by inciting insurrection and
     separation in the Greek province of Macedonia, may well then take
     advantage of events to settle the issue once and for all. Turkey,
     acting in defense of its Muslim brethren in Bosnia, and infuriated by
     the actions of its traditional rival Greece against the Macedonian
     Republic, could then scarcely be refrained from joining the fray.

     The "Albanian issue", centered in Kosovo and overshadowed
     by the larger Serb-Bosnian tensions, is a powder keg waiting to
     explode. And when it does, the whole region will explode with
     - from our 1996 BILDERBERGER REPORT [almost three years
     later, these things are now happening!]

The Serbs, scenting the trap thus laid for them, have confined themselves to
short, repressive police actions against the Kosovan Albanian population, none
of which have been sufficient in duration, extent or intensity to provide the
pretext necessary for the Bilderberger elite to rally Western European and
American public support for a full-fledged military engagement of the Serbs. So
their methodical preparation, financing and arming of the newly-revealed
Kosovan Liberation Army has so far provided the Bilderbergers with no
dividends at all...and the clock is running on their schedule. They need this war,
and they need it soon.

Read the Complete Bilderberger/Kosovo
Story - Click Here.


                      SPECIAL ADVISORY

                  1998 BILDERBERG MEETING ENDS
                             ASIAN UNION

  The 1998 meeting of the secretive and immensely-powerful Bilderberg Group closes
    tomorrow at the luxurious Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland. The 120 or so
    Bilderbergers, who normally converge at their pre-selected venue with as much
 secrecy as possible, had hoped that their selection for the May 14th - 17th conference
 this year, 15 miles south of Ayr and a quarter of a mile away from the A77 trunk road
   to Glasgow, would - together with armed and black-clad police at the the property
   entrance and around the perimeter - guarantee their previously-inviolate privacy.

They have still not recovered from the acute discomfort which they experienced when the TORONTO
STAR and local Toronto media, acting on detailed Press Releases from the NEW WORLD ORDER
INTELLIGENCE UPDATE [http://www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley], ran several major articles revealing their
existence and querying, for the first time in their then 43-year history, the nature and purpose of their
secretive conclave at a $66-million luxury resort property at King City, just north of Toronto

Conrad Black, the most closely-watched media magnate in Canadian history, was the convener of that 1996
meeting, during which - exhibiting a new and disarming policy of openness - the Bilderbergers released a list
of attendees and a highly-generalized and non-specific agenda. They tried the same proactive approach at
their 1997 meeting in Georgia; but now, apparently, find the comfort of dark anonymity and of non-existent
Press Releases to be more congenial to their purposes again.

Well, unfortunately, much of their security effort has been wasted. For here once again, following the
tradition of free publicity for the Bilderbergers which we first established at their 1996 meeting, are the
substantive issues which they discussed at their secretive 1998 Conference. Since the Bilderbergers make a
point of never confirming or denying the substance of their discussions, we invite our readers to take note
of the following items and to compare them with the contents of their newspapers over the forthcoming

We need, for reasons which will quickly become obvious, to refresh our readers’ memories at this

During and following the 1996 Bilderberg Conference, we asserted that Bilderberger Bill Clinton would be
re-elected as U.S. president; that he would promptly break his promise to bring American troops home from
Bosnia, but that he would re-position them in Hungary and the surrounding countries instead and pass
command of the Bosnian operation to a German general and 3,000 German combat troops from Heidelberg
[this later occurred, in October, 1996]; and that the Bilderbergers had thereafter arranged to inflame the
Serbs by pursuing the war criminals in their midst for trial before a new International Court [the Serbs, a
proud but experienced people, side-stepped this provocation by persuading the lower- and middle-level
suspects to voluntarily surrender].

If that failed to incite a Balkan war, then we pointed out that they were prepared to utilize Kosovo to bring
one about:

     "When war comes, as expected, Kosovo, at the southern tip of the Serbian Republic, may be
     the flashpoint that ignites a wider war involving Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, and
     Turkey - in addition to the hapless U.S. and NATO troops caught in the middle. Kosovo,
     "the Jerusalem of the Balkans", is a self-proclaimed nominally independent "republic",
     presided over by "President" Ibrahim Rugova. It is, in fact, a province of Serbia, though its
     population is largely of Albanian descent. The United States, though on record as
     recommending more "autonomy" for Kosovo, treats the province to all intents and purposes
     as a de facto independent state, a fact which infuriates the Serbians. Twice - once in 1992 and
     again in 1993 - Presidents of the United States have threatened Serbian President Slobodan
     Milosevic with military retribution "in the event of a conflict in Kosovo caused by Serbian
     action." To add insult to injury, the U.S. now plans to establish an "official presence" in "the
     capital of Kosovo." Aggrieved by this, and rightly sensing the intent of the United States to
     encircle and contain them, the Serbians are likely to appeal to an increasingly-nationalistic
     Russia, their traditional protectors, for help and military assistance. As reported by
     Germany's DIE ZEIT, "Serbia is every place where there are Serbian trenches or Serbian
     graves", according to Serbian opposition leader Val Draskovic. That means that Serbia will
     fight to retain Kovoso, in spite of the fact that its population is 90% Albanian. The Albanian
     Kosovans, determined to be independent, will fight back. That will likely draw into the
     conflict the 3.4 million inhabitants of Albania proper, together with the Albanians of
     Montenegro and Macedonia. Albania also has openly-expressed designs on Macedonia's
     western provinces, largely populated by Albanians: at least one armed insurrection directed
     by Albania has been foiled by the Macedonian authorities, and the Albanians continue to
     openly support and encourage Macedonian Albanian separatist groups. Bulgaria, which
     considers Macedonians to be "western Bulgarians", may then go to war for the fourth time
     this century to seize the opportunity to finally settle its territorial claim there. Greece, already
     incensed by Macedonia's use of the Greek "Vergina Sun" symbol on its flag and suspicious
     of the Macedonian Republic's supposed intention to form a "Greater Macedonia" by inciting
     insurrection and separation in the Greek province of Macedonia, may well then take
     advantage of events to settle the issue once and for all. Turkey, acting in defence of its
     Muslim brethren in Bosnia, and infuriated by the actions of its traditional rival Greece against
     the Macedonian Republic, could then scarcely be refrained from joining the fray.

     The "Albanian issue", centred in Kosovo and overshadowed by the larger Serb-Bosnian
     tensions, is a powderkeg waiting to explode. And when it does, the whole region will explode
     with it."
     - from our 1996 BILDERBERGER REPORT [almost three years later, these things are now

The Serbs, scenting the trap thus laid for them, have confined themselves to short, repressive police actions
against the Kosovan Albanian population, none of which have been sufficient in duration, extent or
intensity to provide the pretext necessary for the Bilderberger elite to rally Western European and American
public support for a full-fledged military engagement of the Serbs. So their methodical preparation, financing
and arming of the newly-revealed Kosovan Liberation Army has so far provided the Bilderbergers with no
dividends at all...and the clock is running on their schedule. They need this war, and they need it soon.

The third fall-back plan, we reported in 1996, was the creation of a war between Greece and Turkey on
Cyprus which they could then push back into the Balkans.

It was this third option which occupied the Bilderbergers at their 1998 meeting.

Russia has contracted, through its Rosvooruzheniye arms export agency, to deliver a sizeable number of
S300PMU-1 [SA-10D] surface-to-air missiles to the Greek-Cypriots, a move which will irrevokably destabilize
the current delicate balance of power between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus and which will demand an
immediate and overwhelming Turkish military response. Originally slated for installation during
September or October of this year, their delivery has been abruptly and unexpectedly moved up to August.
The Greek-Cypriot parliament, which has characterized the $400 million dollar anti-aircraft missile deal
as a purely "defensive" move, recently unanimously approved a 1998 defence budget to cover their costs.
The Russians have repeatedly refused to "reconsider" their sale, and are expected to rebuff the pleas of
Turkish military Chief of Staff Ismail Hakki Karadayi that they again do so during his forthcoming trip to
Moscow this month. The Greek Defense Minister, Akis Tsohazopoulos, defended in April the
Greek-Cypriots "right" to deploy these weapons. The Turks have steadfastly warned that they will
immediately take them out via a sudden and overwhelming air strike, together with the batteries of MM40
Exocet surface-to-surface anti-ship missiles with which the Greek-Cypriots have tried to fortify the
south-western Cypriot port of Paphos. None of these sides are like to back down, much to the satisfaction
of the Bilderbergers. War on Cyprus is therefore a certainty in late summer or autumn, unless the
Bilderbergers manage to ignite their Kosovan war earlier - in which case the Cyprus "crisis" will be
quietly settled by diplomatic means. [UPDATE: Turkish Chief of General Staff General Ismail Karadayi
commenced his five-day visit to Moscow on Monday, May 19th, three days after the first Internet posting of
this article. He is expected to make clear to his Russian equivalent, General Anatoly Kvashnin, and to
Marshall Igor Sergeyev, the Russian Defence Minister, that if Russia goes ahead as planned with its
mid-August delivery of S300 missiles to the Greek-Cypriots then it can forget about sharing in or
winning Turkey's international invitation to tender for the supply of 145 attack helicopters (a contract
worth $3.5 billion) and an even more lucrative (US$4.5 billion) contract to provide the Turkish army with
latest-technology main battle tanks. The Russians would be naturally happy to sell Turkey a few
squadrons of their Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters, which they've eagerly promoted to the Turks, if they
could. He is also likely to point out in a robust and soldierly fashion that Russia could further improve its
chances by closing down the Kurdish PKK terrorist training bases it currently "permits" to operate on its
territory. The Russians, as usual, are playing both sides deftly: last month they warmly welcomed Greek
Defence Minister Akis Tzhatzopulos. Since they have a much larger strategic game in motion now, and
are already a major supplier of tanks and other miltary equipment to the Greek-Cypriots, they are likely
to merely smile politely, offer General Karadayi more coffee, forgo those Turkish military contracts, and
finish crating up the S300 missiles which they've already determined to send to Cyprus. And where else,
after all, could they set two NATO allies at each other's throats, and get paid for the privilege of doing it?]

Greek Foreign Minister Theodore Pangalos has stated that deployment of the S300 missiles on Cyprus
would be "unnecessary" if the parties agreed to "a flight exclusion zone" over the island, a proposal which -
though quickly embraced by the Americans - is utterly unacceptable to the Turks. Greece, on the other
hand, flatly rejects the American attempt to bring about a "comprehensive peace settlement" between
Greece and Turkey by linking the Cyprus issue with the settlement of a long-running dispute between the
two nations concerning sovereignty over a number of Aegean islands claimed by both countries. [NOTE: A
knowledgeable Greek correspondent has just drawn our attention to the vast pool of oil which is reported
to underlie the relatively shallow Aegean, and has suggested that this may in fact be the primary reason
why the U.S. is furthering a "peace" policy in the region that actually increases the chances of war
between Turkey and Greece: such a conflict might well then give the Bilderbergers an excuse to garrison
the disputed area with UN "peacekeepers" and thus ensure their ultimate control over the expoitation of
this treasure-trove. If so, that would certainly explain why Holbrooke is busy upsetting the Greeks and
Greek-Cypriots, why the U.S. is still busily feeding weapons to both sides, and why Bilderberger Bill
Clinton is so eager to link the Cyprus issue with an Aegean settlement] The U.S., which is the major
supplier of arms to both Greece and Turkey, is just about to offer Turkey a US$43 million deal for 30
Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles even as it offers the Greeks 248 Hellfire anti-tank missiles worth US$24

Following the 1974 attempts by the then-ruling Greek junta to forcibly unify Cyprus with Greece in fulfilment
of General Grivas' original dream of "Enosis", the Turkish government moved swiftly to protect the
Turkish-Cypriot community, which numbers just under 20% of the population of Cyprus. An autonomous
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was hastily established, garrisoned by 30,000 Turkish troops and
occupying approximately one-third of the island, which continues in diplomatically-unrecognized legal limbo
to this day. The British, whose responsibility under the London agreements which settled Cyprus'
independence from Britain was to prevent any such action, sat unmoving on their sovereign bases on the
island, and will do so again. They and the Americans were reportedly active in "encouraging" the Turkish
invasion which divided the island: the British, who have long memories, had not forgotten the atrocities
committed against their forces by General Grivas nor the stream of virulently anti-British propaganda which
had poured out from Radio Athens in his support, an activity doubly offensive to the British because of
their own prompt and costly military intervention on the Greek mainland some years earlier which had saved
Greece from an attempted communist takeover. The British also suspected, with good reason, that their
sovereign bases in Cyprus would be promptly converted to NATO bases in the event of union of the island
with Greece, and that they would be politely shown the door.

The Greek-Cypriot militia and the Greek regular army brigade stationed on the island will likely be
overwhelmed by superior Turkish military forces within a matter of days in the case of war, with little hope
of reinforcement through the then-devastated port of Paphos and with virtually complete air superiority
over the island held by Turkey, whose aircraft take literally minutes to reach Cyprus from their Turkish air
bases and are able therefore to strafe, attack or loiter for long periods. Greek aircraft would be forced to fly
from Rhodes, a 500 kilometer flight in each direction, which would leave them precious little time for
dog-fighting, military interdiction, or the provision of air cover for Greek-Cypriot forces in Cyprus.

Any naval attempt by Greece to reinforce its military units on Cyprus must therefore also run a gauntlet of
continous Turkish air and naval attacks, with the prospect of dauntingly heavy losses.

Though the Turks are already closely scrutinizing Russian ships passing through the Dardanelles
straits, it is unlikely that they would risk Russian wrath by seeking to interdict or impound any missiles
thus found while they were being transported under the protection of the Russian flag. The only remaining
option, therefore, would be to strike them hard as soon as they were landed at Paphos and before they were
dispersed and set up. As soon as they are activated, the Turks not only lose their advantage in air
superiority over the island but also their present relatively-unchallenged freedom to attack Cyprus-bound
Greek naval convoys. Indeed, the S300's 150-kilometer range would also effectively give the
Greek-Cypriots air superiority over the two neighbouring mainland Turkish air force bases once they
were successfully activated.

Given the near-certainty of an overwhelming Turkish military success on Cyprus, the U.S. State Department
has already covered itself with the Greeks by publicly blaming the Turks for the crisis; true to form, it has
also covered itself with Ankara by being careful not to specify which Turks it had in mind, those on the
mainland or those on Cyprus.

            The Coming Kosovo War, Greece, Turkey, And Cyprus...

     In our June, 1996, Special Report on the Bilderbergers, the New World Order Intelligence
     Update warned that the globalist elite had planned a Balkans war which would become the
     "Vietnam of the '90's"; and that, if they could not get such a war going by inflaming the Serbs
     through the use of NATO "snatch squads" to seize suspected war criminals for trial at the
     Hague, their plan was to use Kosovo as the flashpoint to ignite a regional conflict which
     would ultimately embroil the Yugoslav federation, Bosnia, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Albania,
     Macedonia, the Western European military powers, the United States, and by extension - as
     allies of Turkey and Greece - Israel and Syria. Now, from virtually nowhere, the well-financed
     Kosovan Liberation Army has sprung into the limelight and the scene is being set for a
     Balkan war of unbelievable carnage and merciless hostility.

     We further warned that, if the war in Kosovo took too long to engineer or eluded the elite
     altogether, then their fall-back plan was to create a vicious conflict between Turkey and
     Greece over Cyprus, and to push the war back into the Balkans area from there. Now, with
     the delivery of Russian missiles to the Greek-Cypriots moved up to August of this year, we
     expect sudden, overwhelming Turkish air strikes upon that island late this summer if the
     Kosovo conflict is in fact delayed by Serbian political dexterity.

     This is not a good summer to plan to be vacationing on any of the Greek islands, especially
     those in the Agean and the disputed island of Cyprus - unless, that is, you feel the need to
     exercise your adrenaline glands by ducking hot shrapnel, trying to stay away from ports,
     roads, bridges, installations, and buildings that the Turkish air force might legitimately
     consider to be military targets, and trying desperately to find some means of getting off a
     crowded island which has suddenly become a big bulls-eye for loitering Turkish strike
     aircraft. Forget about getting help from the Greek air force if you're on Cyprus - they'll barely
     be able to carry enough fuel to reach the island, make one pass, and return safely to their
     mainland bases!

     And it's certainly not a good summer to be visiting northern Greece or the Balkans as a

     The Turks will relish the opportunity this provides them with to avenge themselves upon
     Greece for constantly blocking their European Union membership applications, for openly
     harbouring an office of the terrorist PKK in Athens, for Greece's support for a Kurdish
     state in Turkey, and for what they perceive to be the calculated insults, hatred, and bile
     toward Turkey spewed out by Greek Foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos [a
     Bilderberger] virtually every day. We don't anticipate, therefore, that Turkish pilots will be
     too discriminating as they hit their targets, and, if tourists get in the way....well, they'll say,
     unfortunately, "that's war!"

Note two key items almost buried in this concise alert.

Theodoros Pangalos, the Greek Foreign Minister, attended the 1996 Bilderberg Conference in Toronto,
Canada, and it appears to us that his policy of publicly insulting and offending the Turks really commenced
in earnest from that date. Was he told at that Conference that the exascerbation of tensions between the two
nations by such regular and uncouth utterances would be one of his primary future responsibilities?

And Greece is allied with Syria. We understand from various sources that the Greeks may well have made
emergency arrangements to launch F16 military air sorties from Syrian air bases in the event that the Turks
succeed in taking out the Cypriot S300 missile installations in a devastating first strike. The existence of this
alliance infuriates Turkey, which has its own serious differences with Syria. It exists partly as a Syrian
response to Turkey's own alliance with Israel, on whose notable and successful experience with aerial "first
strikes" Turkey will probably be drawing heavily. This refinement of the conflict no doubt further delights
the Bilderbergers since it not only pits an Orthodox Christian and a technically-secular but Muslim state
against each other, but also draws in by default the Arabs and the Israelis in opposing supporting roles.
Greece [along with Russia] would thereafter be quick to offer aid and support to its fellow-Orthodox Serbian
neighbours in the event of a Kosovan conflict, whilst Turkey [along with the Arab states] would be equally
prompt in supporting the Kovosan muslims and moslem Albania in such an eventually. And the
Bilderbergers would finally have their rapidly-spreading, long-lasting Balkans war. [UPDATE: In a deadly
twist in, and refinement of, their current Byzantine game in the Middle East, the New World Order
Intelligence Update learned on May 19th that the Russians were on the brink of signing a $300
million-plus deal to supply S300 missiles to the Syrians also. Once installed, they will negate Israeli air
superiority in the region in exactly the same way that their installation on Cyprus will do with regard to
the Turks. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victor Posuvalyuk will face concern and criticism on the part
of Israeli officials as he commences a working visit to Israel on May 18th, but it is unlikely that the
Russians will be moved by this. The Russians and Syrians set up a joint "security and defence" committee
last January in Damascus, and the Russians intend to fulfil this contract for their own purposes as soon as
the Syrians can obtain financing for the deal from the Saudis or from another oil-rich and sympathetic
Arab state. Israel, a nation which depends heavily on the tactical superiority of its small but highly-trained
air force, will then have two choices: to strike these missiles as soon as they arrive and before they are
activated, and thus risk a wider Arab-Israeli conflict; or to persuade the Turks, in defence of their own
tactical freedoms and local air space, as willing proxies, to do the job for them]

A dangerous volatility is added to this mix by the fact that Turkey's generals, who are the major power in
that country, are simmering with fury at repeated Greek "provocations" and are incensed that their attempts
to reinforce Turkey's secular and Western orientation have been undermined by the latest refusal of the
European Union to admit them into full membership [a slight they attribute almost wholly to Greece's
influence], and by the fact that Greek politicians, a notoriously corrupt class, are only to willing to excite war
scares with Turkey in order to divert domestic attention from their own economic mismanagement and
general ineptness.

To ensure the conflict's deadly and rapid spread, discussions are already underway concerning the posting
of a small and hapless force of NATO troops on the border between the Yugoslav Federation and Albania,
ostensibly to prevent Albanian gun-running into Kosovo. This will hardly impede the steady flow of
weapons coming through that rugged terrain, but it will succeed in firmly postioning the NATO troops in
the enemy camp as far as the Kosovan Liberation Army is concerned, since it will appear to have no other
practical purpose than to assist the Serbs. It is therefore inevitable that, first, sporadic firefights and, then,
full-scale conflict will occur between the KLA and these unfortunate NATO troopers. The fact that the
Serbs have now also quietly instituted an effective blockade at the internal Serbian-Kosovan border, turning
back hundreds of trucks carrying foodstuffs and the basic necessities of life and causing severe shortages
in Kosovo and Metohija - an on-going policy which they publicly deny - will not sweeten Kovosan tempers
when they see NATO troops enforcing what will clearly be a blockade of another type on their border with
Albania. [NOTE: on May 17th, the day after we sent out this article over the Internet, Prime Minister Jean
Chretien, on a visit to Ljubliana, Slovenia, offered to post Canadian troops on the Kosovo-Albanian border
"if the United Nations asked us to participate." Chretien, an attendee at the 1996 Bilderberg meeting and
whose Ottawa political "handler" is long-time senior Trilateralist Mitchell Sharp, made the offer after
flying in from the G8 meeting in Birmingham, England, for a "lightning quick" meeting with Slovenian
Prime Minister Janez Drnovsek. To provide the appropriate "cover" for this quick conspiratorial huddle,
he will then continue on to visit Canada's 1,200 troops in Bosnia and to announce that Canada will be
keeping them in place well after their current mandate expires on July 1st of this year. A deliberative
Bilderberg discussion in Ayr, Scotland; a fast call to the G8 meeting in Birmingham, England; a quick
flight by an obedient Prime Minister to Slovenia; and...voila! - NATO troops will soon be emplaced "in
harm's way" on the border of Kosovo and Albania The Bilderbergers certainly don't let grass grow under
their feet - when they want something done, it's done!]

And what will Greece gain from cooperating in what seems to be, for her, a foregone disaster? Our sources
indicate that Greece may have been promised the opportunity, in the event of a wider Balkans war, to seize
and hold the neighbouring area of Northern Epirus, or "southern Albania", a territory with a large local
population of Greek extraction which has long been coveted by Greece. Such an exchange would more than
reconcile the Greeks to an apparent Turkish "victory" over Cyprus and cause the "insiders" in their
government to do everything in their power to bring such a wider conflict about. [NOTE: There is no doubt
that the Greeks would have the military muscle to pull this off: in the latest (Spring, 1998) edition of
NATO QUARTERLY, Greece, alone among the 16 NATO countries, has increased the size of its military
(by 20,000 over a 14-year period, to its current level of 206,000) and maintained its spending on military
equipment (at approximately 20% of its budget); Turkey, by comparison, has 820,000 military personnel
and spends 36% of its budget on military hardware. Following the 1996 clash between Greece and Turkey
over Imia, a tiny island in the Agean, Greece commenced a US$13 billion arms-purchase program: the two
countries have almost come to open warfare twice since 1967, and the Greeks no doubt expect the worst
concerning Cyprus. It might be virtually impossible to get troops, armour, field guns, and reinforcements
to Cyprus in the coming conflict, but they'd be conveniently to hand and waiting if the opportunity arose to
employ them in southern Albania]

Our readers can therefore understand with what interest we learned from our own sources of a secretive
meeting during this year's Bilderberg Conference between the Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cam,
Richard Holbrooke [U.S. special presidential envoy to Cyprus], and Sir David Hannay [the British
representative to Cyprus]. Greek Foreign Minister Pangalos, as already mentioned, was present for
briefing at the 1996 Conference, and his attendance was therefore not required this year. We leave our
readers to draw their own conclusions as to the content of these concealed discussions, and do no more
than to remind them to watch their newspapers for the next act in this deadly game of Bilderberg political
theatre. [UPDATE: the Greeks are now displaying increasing distrust of American efforts to "mediate" in
the Cyprus impasse. On May 18th, the Anatolia news agency reported that Greek Defence Minister Akis
Tsohatsopoulos, who had just met in Thessalonika with Greek-Cypriot Defence Minister Iannakis Omiru,
said, "We should be suspicious if we take into account the history of Cyprus and the roles and attitudes of
the mediators in the past." Holbrooke caused deep offense to both Greeks and Greek-Cypriots recently by
refusing to acknowledge the Greek-Cypriot head of state as "President", referring to him repeatedly
instead as "Mr." He also abruptly reversed the previous American position by publicly affirming that the
authority of the Greek-Cypriot administration does not extend over the approximately one-third of the
island now occupied by the Turkish-Cypriots and garrisoned by Turkish troops. The Greeks would have
had even more reason to be suspicious had they realized that the British and Americans are deeply
concerned about the positioning of Russian S300 missiles in Cyprus (and soon, also, Syria), but for a
different reason from that of the Turks: the radar array which accompanies these missiles is so powerful
that it can detect any aerial movement throughout the entire region. It is sensitive enough to "paint" and
track aircraft up to 200 miles away, which would permit it to fully cover a great swathe of
strategically-sensitive air space stretching deep inland from Turkey right down to Egypt. Since it is very
likely that Russian specialists will be delegated to operate this sophisticated equipment, this means that
intelligence on British and American aerial activities in the Mediterranean and the Gulf would be probably
promptly be fed back to Moscow and from thence to Russia's favorite rogue states in the region, Iraq,
Syria, Iran, and Libya. Its ability to fully penetrate and monitor Israeli air space would also deny Israel
much of the element of surprise which has cloaked its own previous "first strike" successes. In addition,
both the British and Americans make intensive use of the Royal Air Force's huge Akrotiri base on
Cyprus for Middle Eastern, Gulf, and other operations; the Americans find it particularly useful as a
secure forward base from which they can operate clandestine U2 surveillance and other sensitive flights.
Since neither the Americans nor the British are in a position to eliminate the latent threat thus posed by
the tracking capabilities of these missile batteries in Cyprus, they'd be only too happy to help create the
circumstances under which the Turks could do it for them. And then again, as equally necessary, later, in

Other topics on the agenda at this year's meeting included:

     the Asian economic, social and political crisis, with particular attention being paid to Japan. The
     Bilderbergers have patiently pursued a long-term strategy of melding each of the three major areas of
     the world into trading, monetary, and then politically-united blocs. They have virtually completed
     this process in Europe; they are currently embarking upon it in the Western Hemisphere; and they
     are now preparing the East Asian nations for the same process. The economies of these countries
     were first destroyed then looted by a skilfull combination of abundant, easy Western banking credit
     and loans, abruptly cut off, coupled with devastating speculative raids upon the region's currencies
     by, among others, Bilderberg financier George Soros. This strategy appears to have been finally
     implemented just following the 1996 Bilderberg Conference, which Soros attended. The ultimate goal
     is to group these dispirited and slowly-recovering nations in a common trading and monetary union
     under the leadership of Japan, which is why the Bilderbergers are monitoring the Japanese economic
     situation with such interest. There is also the minor matter of the US$600 billion US-Japanese
     "financial arrangement" which we will not elaborate on further at this point but which must be
     giving some American Bilderbergers, including President Clinton, sleepless nights!
     The U.S. stock market speculative bubble. An abrupt collapse could have devastating
     consequences far beyond American shores, and this is a topic of particular and alarming concern to
     the already economically-unstable Japanese, who have recently repeatedly expressed their worries
     about it at such private conferences.
     The development of a new "transatlantic marketplace", a guilelessly-homespun way of describing
     The New Atlantic Initiative, which is Stage Two in the Bilderberger's plans to begin incrementally
     knitting together the three global regional blocs, which they are currently in the process of
     assembling, into one truly global trading, monetary and political union. Both the European
     Commission and, scant days ago, President Clinton, have urged that the European-U.S. US$500
     billion annual trading exchanges be "enhanced" by a deepening of "relationships" in other areas of
     common interest, including threats to peace and common security. Largely due to sustained
     opposition by France, Sir Leon Brittan's proposal on March 11th of this year of just such a "New
     Transatlantic Marketplace" was torpedoed at the E.U. Council Ministers' meeting on April 27th, and
     the contentious nature of the topic caused "Bilderberger Bill" Clinton [who owes his own job as
     president to the approval of the Bilderbergers, gathered in conclave at their 1991 Baden-Baden,
     Germany, meeting] to be gingerly non-specific in lauding this new approach during his recent
     speech to business leaders in Berlin. But, since this is a Bilderberger project, you can be assured
     that it won't remain on the back-burner or imprecise for very much longer.[As an Addendum:
     Bilderbergers Blair and Clinton, together with the EU's Jacques Santer, approved the New
     Transatlantic Economic Partnership (a slightly-revised and cosmetically-renamed version of the
     New Transatlantic Marketplace which, as reported above, the French successfully torpedoed
     recently) at the May 18th EU-US Summit, two days after this article was originally posted to the
     Internet and one day after the end of the Bilderberg conference. The Bilderbergers are certainly
     getting impatient - they need to have the structure for global governance in place for the year 2000!
     Unfortunately, they're saddled with Bill Clinton, a president who is unable to deliver the essential
     free trade "fast track" authority from Congress which they need to begin consolidating the nations
     of North, South and Central America into their projected Western Hemispheric Union, and Clinton
     is obviously eager to redeem himself by delivering to the Bilderbergers the framework for a future
     Transatlatic Union instead. Don Corleone Clinton revealed that this "Partnership" would begin by
     dismantling " trade barriers, both bilateral and multilateral trade barriers, in areas such as
     manufacturing services and agriculture, about a dozen in all, while maintaing the highest
     standards of labour and environment." Sure: we especially believe the last part! With consummate
     skill, the Bilderbergers have made use of the European Union Commission to announce this, and
     thus avoided the possibilty of any democratic discussion or resistance in the European Parliament
     or the parliaments of the EU's constituent nations. No one can accuse the Bilderbergers of not
     being sufficently devious!]
     The extension of the EMU to Eastern Europe, and the early entry of Britain into this common
     European currency system following intensive propagandizing of her population under the benign
     supervision of "Bilderberger Blair" [British Prime Minister Tony Blair was promised his current job at
     the 1993 Athens Bilderberg Conference, which he attended].
     NATO expansion, and its political and monetary advantages [through the re-equipping of formerly
     East Bloc armies with NATO-standard equipment] to the Bilderbergers.
     Though not on their own agenda, the assembled Bilderbergers would have no doubt been delighted
     to learn that, even as they prepared to meet, another subject dear to their hearts, that of global
     taxation, had been officially tabled on May 13th at the 32nd General Assembly of the Interamerican
     Centre For Tax Administration in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Vito Tanzt, a taxation specialist and director of
     the IMF. He reportedly proposed that a World Taxing Organization be brought into existence
     within 10 years with, among other things, the power to levy a "20% tax at the source" of any
     international financial transfers. Coupled with Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin's recent public
     recommendations that the IMF be given more power over individual national economies, these two
     "suggestions" are a giant step toward the goal of complete financial control and hegemony
     expressed in the globalist elite's plan for world government by the year 2000, "OUR GLOBAL
     NEIGHBOURHOOD: The Report Of The Commission On Global Governance." The plutocratic
     hearts of the Bilderbergers must have beat just a little faster at such wonderful news.

Also present at this year's Conference were the usual roster of Bilderberg cabal heavyweights plus some
fresh faces: David Rockefeller, Conrad Black, Henry Kissinger, Kenneth Clarke, Giovanni Agnelli, William
Hague, Javier Solana, George Robertson, etc.

On the Turnberry Hotel's web page, an enraptured guest has declared, "This is what the golf course in
heaven looks like." Seldom can such repugnant deliberations have taken place in as beautiful a setting. Is it
any wonder, therefore, that the Bilderbergers shun the light of honest public scrutiny?



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into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.
The rest of them were killed with the sword
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and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh."
(Revelation 19:19-21)