The Christmas story, originally found in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke, has inspired dramatists for 2000 years. This collection of links takes you to general drama sites which have some Christmas material on them. It also takes you to specific sites with topical material. Most of the scripts are free - but do remember to email the author and let them know what you are doing with their creations. It's their Christmas gift to you - the least you can do is acknowledge the gift.


          These links take you directly to a particular script

        1. The Twelve Voices of Christmas- Beautiful set of monologues - not to be missed
        2. A Christmas Melodrama ( an hour long)
        3. Putting Christ Back into ChristmasFrom Bob Snook
        4. The EnvelopeENVELOPE 4'2m?f Christmas questions are answered magically
        5. Family Feud Christmas edition
        6. Seeking Christ at Christmas Time
        7. Simeon A Hollywood producer puts glitz on Christmas
        8. MARYTEEN Mary announces her pregnancy to her mother
        9. A Phone Reservation For the Virgin Birth
        10. Joseph Awaits the Birth of His Son
        11. NATIVITY Mary and Joseph see their destiny
        12. Shepherd An Angel announces the messiah's birth
        13. MARYSMOM Mary's mother greets shepherds outside the stable
        14. MYRRH The significance of gold, incense and myrrh
        15. Non-Traditional three wise men from the east
        16. Herod's Hit man stalks baby Jesus
        17. PregnantA sceptical view of the Virgin Birth
        18. SacrificeJesus'Father buys the sacrifice for his first born
        19. Carols by Candylight Four kids discuss the meaning of Christmas - from Christian Drama Scripts by Justyn Walker
        20. Christmas Without Jesus - from Christian Drama Scripts by Justyn Walker
        21. Nativity A Nativity Scene is disgusted to find that people have forgotten Jesus in their Christmas celebration - From Christian Drama Scripts by Justyn Walker
        22. Christmas Eve A modern interpretation by Andrew Alder
        23. Star Trek: A Christmas Story
        24. Kathy KerfootScroll down to Too Busy -a reflection on the meaning of Christmas
        25. A Christmas ProgramFrom Cherry Grove Drama
        26. An Old Fashioned ChristmasFrom Dramatix
        27. Is It Really ChristmasFrom Dramatix
        28. The Garden An allegorical Christmas Play from Dramatix
        29. Away With The Manger From Dramatix
        30. The Song of MaryFrom Dramatix
        31. Christmas PerspectivesAmusing sketch from Dramatix
        32. Three Wise Dudesfrom Dramatix
        33. The Day After ChristmasA story of a homeless Christmas - from The Sketchpad Christian Drama
        34. The Stumbling Stone Town Gossips discuss the events at Bethlehem - From The Sketchpad Christian Drama
        35. Traditional Christmas play By Silvie Sykes 1998


          These links take you to drama sites which have some Christmas material on them.

        36. Cherry Grove Drama Scripts
        37. DramaShare Has a whole range of scripts - but you have to access their framed site. Its a bit difficult to get around but the effort will be worth it, since they have heaps of Christmas scripts. Just go and hit the search button on their site
        38. Dramatix Christian Drama
        39. His Company
        40. Christmas Sketches from Lifelines - available to download in adobe format
        41. MegaPackage of Youth Dramas
        42. Monologues from Acts of Light
        43. One Act Plays from Acts of Light
        44. Drama For Christ Repertoire
        45. Star Trek:A Christmas Story Drama from Matthew Pole
        46. Unity Christian Drama Company

          You can find more scripts on general topics hereat my scripts links collection.

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