Howards End Movie Photo Gallery

The photos of this gallery come from different sources from the internet and books, to help the gallery grow, email picture to Esther by HarrisMail (note: some pictures are very big and need some time to load)

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Margaret: Honey, look what that crazy lad had done
Henry: Don't worry Margaret, this gallery is the most popular page in Harris' Study.

Our Emma as the wise Margaret!

The Schlegel sisters in their house

The Spanish movie poster

Japanese movie poster (big enough to be used as wallpaper, need time to load)
'Henry, any vacancy for Bast in your company?'
Margaret visits Tibby in Oxford
Art work by Esther in 1996
Margaret and Mrs Wilcox met in Harrods

Helen on her way to the wedding of her sister

Other characters

The Bast couple

Vanessa Redgrave as Mrs Wilcox

Mrs Wilcox and children in Howards End

Helena Bonham Carter as Helen

'Official Wedding Photo'

Anthony Hopkins as Henry Wilcox

Emma Thompson as Margaret

Another Wedding Portrait

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