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Bondurand, Philippe N. ; Boronczyk, Timothy M.; Kendall, David "Weirdguy"; Kramer, Steve "Scooter"

The Personal Coat of Arms of Philippe Bondurand []
The Personal Flag of Philippe Bondurand [] The flag is a banner of the arms. The flag must be folded squarely : it is a 1:2 oblong , first join hoist and fly so it gives a square, then fold it in the middle to have a 1:2 oblong, then again a square and so on until it is storeable. It must be stored square and flat. Disposal must be ecological so there is only two way allowed : teared to make usable rags, or recycled producing paper. The rags themselves will be recycled when they'll become useless.

drawn by Snicker Furfoot, Esq.
The Personal Coat of Arms of Timothy Boronczyk []; in effect as of this 20th day of January, in the year 1998. I. BLAZONING. The personal Coat of Arms of Timothy Boronczyk shall be blazoned as follows: Per bewnd sinister azure and argent, a bend or fimbriated azure between a fleur-de-lis argent and a mullet vert, and on a chief sable a lozenge or charged with an infinity sign sable.
The Personal Flag of Timothy Boronczyk []; in effect as of this 8th day of February, in the year 1998. I. FLAG DESIGN. The Personal Flag of Timothy Boronczyk is to be designed to be thus: a) containing the colors of blue, white, and green; b) a tri-color of blue/ white/ blue, each bar 1/3 of the total length of the flag; c) flag ratio set at 3 by 5, height by length. The white bar shall be imaginarily divided into thirds from top to bottom, with a blue Fleur-de-lys centered at the top 1/3, a blue infinity sign centered at the middle, and a green 5 pointed star centered occupying the bottom 1/3. a) The fleur is to be no taller than 17% of the total flag height; b) The height of the infinity symbol is to be no more than 13% of the total height of the flag; c) The total diameter of the circle, in which the 5 pointed star may be inscribed it, is not to exceed 13% of the total flag height. II. FLAG SYMBOLISM The symbolism of the Personal Flag shall be thus: a) The blue color shall symbolize perseverance; b) The white color shall symbolize purity and chastity; c) The gree color shall symbolize hope; d) The 3 sections are astetics, and no symbolism shall be equated with them; e) The fleur-de-lys shall symbolize Catholisism, and ties to Mary; f) The infinity symbol shall symbolize a love for mathamatics, complex problems, hunger for knowledge, and the limit of resources of the human mind; g) The green star shall symbolize lingustic abilities in the international language, Esperanto. III. FOLDING AND CARE OF THE PERSONAL FLAG: The Personal Flag shall be folded as thus in 6 steps: 1) A -------------------- | | | | Fold point B up behind to point A. | | | | | | | | | | | | B -------------------- 2) D C -------------------- | | | | Fold point C in front over to point D. | | | | -------------------- 3) E F ------------- | | | Fold point E behind over to point F. | | | ------------- 4) H ------ | | Fold point G in front up to point H. | | G ------ 5) J I ------ Fold point I in front over to point J. | | ------ 6) --- | | Finished flag will form square with top --- grommet in upper left corner. Care of the flag shall be thus: a) No part of the flag shall touch the ground; b) The flag shall be raised to full staff unless otherwise decaired in writing by Timothy Boronczyk; c) The flag shall be folded by no less than 2, no more than 3 people; d) The flag shall be lowered within 15 minutes from the start of dusk; e) The flag may be raised within .5 hours from the start of dawn; f) At no time shall the flag be burned (see V. Disposal of Flag); IV. DISPLAY OF THE PERSONAL FLAG: The protocol for displaying of the personal flag is thus: a) The flag is not to be flown from a pole already occuppied; b) When displayed indoors, the flag may be purfled with gold or red fringe; c) Only a flag displayed indoors on a pole may possess fringe; d) For display on a wall or from the ceiling, the flag is to be rotated 90 clockwise-- The flag will be displayed so that the front of the flag is always facing towards the inteneded viewers. V. DISPOSAL OF THE FLAG: The Personal Flag of Timothy Boronczyk will be disposed of by burial in the following manner: 1. The Hoist Blue 1/3 shall be detatched; 2. The remaining 2/3's of the flag shall be folded according to documentation above; 3. The folded portion is to be wrapped in the hoist 1/3; 4. The remains are to be placed into a box and sealed; 5. The box is to be burried no less than 8.5 inches from ground level.

Personal Flag of David Kendall [weirdguy@MBnet.MB.CA]

Code for the Personal flag of David Kendall [weirdguy@MBnet.MB.CA] I. PURPOSE AND DESIGN The personal flag of David Kendall is meant to represent the person known as David Herbert Kendall in a vexillological form. The flag is a white rectangluar flag of 3 units hoist by 5 units fly. It is charged with a wide red Scandinavian cross; in the upper hoist corner, are two interlocking hollow circles, left red and right blue in the lower hoist corner, a red star. II. TREATMENT OF FLAG The flag shall be treated in all means with respect. If disrepect is meant toward the person it represents (ie David Kendall), it is preferred that the disrespect is shown in ways not involving his personal flag. 1. Salute: The flag is shown respect by one of two ways; either a) facing it standing straight with feet together, looking at the flag, and hands are clasped behind the back for a period of a few seconds; or b) acknowledging the flag by turning the head towards it and lightly nodding once to it. III. DISPLAY The personal flag shall be flown on land, when appropriate. (It shall not be flown at sea, since David cannot swim.) When displayed horizontally or vertically, the rings shall be kept in the upper left position. The flag is displayed in a subordinate position to: The flag of Canada, the flag of the province of Manitoba, the flag of the city of Winnipeg, the flag of the Commonwealth of Port Colice, the flag of the Province of Gaudium, and the flag of the Flags of the World website. The flag shall never be flown at half-staff, except in the case of the death of David Kendall, in which it shall be flown at half-staff for a period of seven days. Otherwise, if the circumstances necessitate it to be flown at half-staff, it shall instead not be flown at all as a sign of respect. IV. OCCASSIONS FOR DISPLAY The flag shall be flown on the following occassions: March 13: Birthday of David Kendall V. DISPOSAL When unfit for flying, the flag shall be folded so that the rings are on the top, and stored away. In the event of the death of David Kendall, the flag shall also be folded and buried.

Code of Proper Usage of the Personal Flag of Steve Kramer I. Description and Design ------------------------- The Personal Flag of Steve Kramer (PF, hereafter) represents the individual known as Steven Lee Kramer, born 10 January 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, Earth (Sol 3), and the fun, eclectic, and hopefully non-normal things for which he stands. The PF is a rectangular blue flag of 3 units in length along the hoist and 5 units in width from hoist to fly, charged with a gold cross bottony throughout and a white star of sixteen points, with the points of the four classic compass directions elongated, in the first quarter so defined. The exact colours and other design specifications are left to the designer until such a time as they are set by Steve Kramer. II. Appropriate Treatment ------------------------- The PF should never be trailed, dirtied, spread upon the ground, or displayed in a damaged state, and should be kept out of adverse weather conditions when possible, except when a really dramatic effect is desired. Burning is appropriate only as a means of disposal (see Section VII., Disposal) or for a really, extremely dramatic effect, and shall be taken as a sign of strong disapproval otherwise. Spitting upon, otherwise excreting upon, or treading upon the PF is considered desecration and shall be taken as a request to be beaten senseless. The spillage of bheer or similar beverages upon the PF is not to be taken as a sign of affront to the PF or Mr. Kramer. It is, however, alcohol abuse, and should be avoided. The PF is only dipped as a sign of Steve Kramer's personal respect, and therefore must be approved of by Mr. Kramer each time. There are no pre-proscribed instances for doing so. Using the PF to keep yourself warm or dry in adverse weather conditions, such as those which might be encountered after a United States soccer match, is permissible only by members of Steve Kramer's immediate family. III. Appropriate Display ----------------------- The PF is appropriate for display on land or at sea, and is considered extremely appropriate on a beach. When flown or displayed singly, the PF's star will be kept at the upper left. The PF is displayed in a subordinate position to the following flags: the flag of the United States, the flag of the state of Maryland, the flag of Howard County, Maryland; the flag of the Commonwealth of Port Colice, the flag of the Province of Worthington; and the flag of the Flags of the World internet mailing list and Web site. Otherwise, as part of a group of flags, the PF shall be displayed on its own right, except at a function in which Steve Kramer will be participating, in which case it is displayed either directly in front of or behind Mr. Kramer, or as close as possible to his right, or in a place of Mr. Kramer's choosing. The PF may be displayed at half-staff as a sign of Mr. Kramer's mourning, or the recognition of the passing of a great being. These periods of display will last for 24 hours, and may be extended by Steve Kramer if he so chooses. The PF may be half-staffed for shorter periods not to exceed 24 hours when the Baltimore Orioles lose, or when similar bummers occur. The PF may be displayed upside-down in two situations only: as a sign of extreme duress, or to indicate that Mr. Kramer's current location is inadequately supplied with appropriate potables. IV. Occasions of Display ------------------------- The PF shall be displayed on the following personal holidays: 10 January: Steve Kramer's Birthday 13 April: Steve and Lise's Anniversary The PF *may* also be displayed on the following personal holidays: 3 March: Lise Mendel's Birthday 9 May: Abigail Kramer's Birthday 15 October: Dorothy Kramer's Birthday (Special exception: When displayed on 9 May, the PF must *not* be displayed in a superior position to the Personal Flag of Abigail Kramer.) The PF *may* also be displayed upon the following occasions: o Any Twelfth Night Celebration or Weaselcon o Any Baltimore Orioles victory o Any Colician holiday o Any occasion when Steve Kramer feels like it V. Salute ---------- The PF is properly saluted with an appropriate beverage. The saluter faces the PF, lifts the container holding the beverage forward at eye-level (or, if this cannot be attained, as high as the saluter's reflexes will allow), speaks a few appropriate words (see Section VI., Pledge) if so desired, and concludes by quaffing the beverage. It is extremely important to note that water is *never* considered an appropriate beverage for a proper salute. If no beverage is available, an alternative salute may be performed. The saluter faces the PF, stands erect, thumps hir chest with hir right fist, then, with the right elbow bent, points hir right index finger straight up into the air and waves hir right hand in a small circle two or three times. When properly performed, this salute should be a comedic parody of the salute used by the crew of the Mirror Universe's _Enterprise_ on the episode of the 1960's television show _Star Trek_ entitled "Mirror, Mirror". Members of the military may substitute the salute appropriate to their service, provided it is performed in a way that is much more jaunty and flippant than would ordinarily be tolerated by their superiors. Members of the Church of the SubGenius may substitute the "Turkey Salute" peculiar to their Church. VI. Pledge ---------- There shall be no fixed pledge to the PF. The pledger may say any appropriate and respectful words sie is moved to say. Good toasts, particularly in conjunction with a proper salute (see Section V., Salute), are best, especially the YAA (Young Alcoholics of America) Toast as invented by one James Dement: "Here's to us, and them like us. Damn few -- and they're dead. Lucky bastards..." VII. Disposal ------------- Any PF which has been damaged beyond repair, desecrated (see Section II., Appropriate Treatment), or touched by Bill Gates, is considered to be dishonoured and must be disposed of by one of three proscribed methods: burning, taping it into a cardboard box and tossing, or burying in soft peat at a depth of no less than 20 cm. A short ceremony, where the PF shall be given one final salute, and one final two-word pledge -- "See ya!" -- will precede every disposal. VIII. Code Enforcement ---------------------- The penalty for violation of any of the above provisions is one sixteen ounce potable, the variety of which is selected by Steve Kramer, payable immediately and directly to Mr. Kramer. Failure to pay the proscribed penalty, or especially egregious violations of the Code, may be further punished by short duration and intensity bursts of ridicule and abuse upon the transgressor, until such time as the penalty is paid. Done and approved by my hand, this 3rd day of March, 1997 A.D. (Gregorian), [Signed] Steve Kramer

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