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Kama- The Hindu god of love. His wife is Rati, “voluptuousness,” and he is represented as riding on a sparrow, holding in his hand a bow of flowers and five arrows, each tipped with the bloom of a flower supposed to conquer one of the senses. His power is so much exalted that even the god Brahma is said to succumb to it.
Kami- The gods of ancient Japan. The name, in modern times, designates any saintly person and may also be applied to a prince.
Kaswa- The favorite camel of Mohammed, admitted into the Moslem paradise because it fell on its knees in adoration when the prophet delivered the last clause of the Koran to the assembled multitude at Mecca.
Kelpie- In the mythology of Scotland, a spirit of the water seen in the form of a horse, and believed to appear to those who are about to be drowned. Each lake has its kelpie.
Kobold- A house spirit in German folklore. In northern Europe the name is sometimes used in place of elf or dwarf, representing an underground spirit. It is probably the same as the Scotch brownie.
Koppenberg- The hill which miraculously opened to receive the children who followed Odin under the form of the Pied Piper. The rats, which he previously lured into the river and drowned, were the restless souls of the dead, which were thus released.
Krishna- A popular hero-god of the ancient Hindus. He is represented as one of the incarnations, or acatars, of Vishnu. One of the stories regarding him relates that, when the people of the earth appealed to Vishnu against the tyranny of the king Kansa, Vishnu took the form of Krishnu to destroy the king. Kansa, forewarned, killed all the other children of Vasudeva and Devaki, the parents of Krishna. But a cowherd concealed Krishna. He is represented as a beautiful and gifted youth, somewhat like the Greek Apollo.
Kubera- In Hindu mythology, the god of riches, represented as frightfully deformed, and as riding in a car drawn by hobgoblins.