DREAM: Fighting the Devil

My friend Rain and I had infiltrated our way into a Satanic Cult whose leader was said to be honestly in touch with the Devil. We had gotten to behis trusted advisors (a group of about 5 or 6 of us) and he was talking about summoning the Devil into the physical plane now that the time was ready. Rain and I were naturally quite concerned about this, and all through his elaborate rituals we did our best to undermine the process, hiding important amulets and running off when we were needed for specific parts of the ritual.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Our efforts only **delayed** when this Devil would arrive. This sent the little town we were in (my hometown) into chaos. People firstly tried anything and everything to get out but realised there was nowhere to go. So they were all huddled in the main street opposite where this Satanic Cult had been worshipping in secret (the general store). I was trying to get my family together and also organise a group meditation to summon Goddess and God energy into the world to stop this evil coming... only people were all walking around zombie like in a mist.

I found Rain and she said she couldn't find her family either, that's when my sister found me. She knew where the rest of our family was so the three of us split up to find Rain's family, who was hiding in their car down the street a bit. They chose to stay in the car, except for Rain's sister Nicki who came back with us. I was searching for someone to help me with the meditation, and didn't know who. Then I got a sudden message to find my old school friend Math. He was around and I told him what I intended to do (a combined Christian/pagan ritual) to get everyone in the town involved. Math consented to help.

Time was running out, and we could feel the dark energy getting closer and closer. Math and a couple of his friends had built a huge circle, at least 20ft across. In the center was a hole dug into the ground which was holding a collection of ice-stones which were melting into the ground. On top of this was a bowl of crystals.We were to call everyone to hold hands around the circle. Many came and there was much discussion on how only half the people spoke English, the rest spoke Spanish (influence of America here....hehehe....Spanish is not common in Australia) and we were trying to find someone who spoke Spanish when one of the ladies I used to work with at the Nursing Home stepped forward and said she knew Spanish.

So finally most people were in the circle and the ground tried to split and separate us , to deter us from doing what we planned, it was the Devil influencing it and it glowed red underneath us and we were thrown through the air in all directions. We didn't run, instead formed a circle again and it stopped.

I sent my sister to one of our cars to get a couple of my Occult books.... specifically 'Celtic Myths and Magick' by Edain McCoy, and 'Angels' by Silver RavenWolf.

I was standing in the North while Math was flipping through a book and showing me some Ogham symbols. He said we needed to use specific words in Ogham to call on the God and Goddess and to repel the Devil. I agreed (even though I don't know anything about them in waking life, I knew about them in the dream) and started to chant something in Ogham while Math stood in front of me reading aloud different letters in Ogham now and then. Out of the ground arose a circular platform of some kind with a railing. We were to form the circle on the platform and circle around on it for a certain amount of time. This we did, and in the distance I saw my Mum and Aunty coming across the field to join us. They reached us just as we were stopping the running and about to go down a labyrinth of slides. This was important because depending on where we came out at the end, it showed us which letter of the Ogham we were to represent.

I took my turn down the slide coming out the other end in a series of tunnels under the ground/circle. There was an Ogham letter carved into the panelling above only I don't recall anything about it. I was trying to find my way back to the top when I ran into remaining cult members of the Satanic Cult and among them were two of my friends Emerald and DarkEyes. (I've also dreamt of Emerald five nights running now). They muttered something about our work coming too late and how we'd never finish it and I banished them into a room so they couldn't cause any harm and returned to the surface. People were gathered now to their designated points (I think there were 8) on the circle and the ritual was to begin; the weather was now getting rough, and clouds gathered overhead in anticipation of the coming evil.

I don't remember much else of the dream, only that the evil was defeated.



There's not a lot I can say to that apart from "Hey, had a dream remarkably like that myself!" a few years ago, just before my life took a very different direction. The similarities are uncanny - infiltrating a cult, friends brainwashed by it, physical manifestation of the devil imminent....rushing around doing special things to stop it....etc....

Anyway, at the time, because it was so intense I was reluctant to explain it away as the characteristic "confronting and challenging the negative aspects of yourself" interpretation which is the standard perspective when it come to demons and devils etc. I guess you could read it as that....that you have come to a point in your life where you have decided to deal with the dark aspects of yourself and are using esoteric/spiritual knowledge to do so.

One thing I will say.....not long after mine, a "friend" one of the "brain-washed " characters in the dream turned on me really badly. I wondered if I had been picking up differences in her behaviour that I wasn't seeing consciously. If you have dreamt about your friend Emerald for five nights...then maybe something to do with him?


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