The pentagram is an ancient symbol for health and protection.
I read somewhere it might be of celtic origin.
It can be worn as an amulett,
(as indeed, many pagans choose to do, much like christians wear their crosses),
displayed on an altar, or cast in the air or on the ground.

The five points of a pentagram represent the four elements,
with the top point representing Spirit (Creator, Godhead, the ONE, or ALL)

The remaining four points represent the individual Elements of Life as follows:

Earth - Stability and physical endurance
Fire - Courage and daring
Water - Emotions and intuition
Air - Intelligence and the arts
Most of the times, the Pentagram is portrayed with a circle around its points.
When the pentagram is placed within a circle, its energy is focused and directed.
The circle surounding the star stands for the circle of life.
and again represents the Godhead (god/goddess).
There is no beginning, no end.
The Pentagram enclosed with a circle is called a Pentacle.
It is sait to refract and reflect all light, bringing to the wearer
insight, intelligence, universal wisdom and protection.

It is important to note that the Witches Pentagram is always worn upright,
with the creator above the elements of life.
Unfortunately, many people still view it as a symbol of evil due to the fact
that just like the inverted cross, devil worshippers and practicioners of the dark arts
wear the pentacle inverted, standing on its tip.
inverting the the elements (or material world) to be superior to the Creator.
It then represents the goat's (devil's) head.
Unfortunately, unless one looks at it closely, and with an informed mind,
the difference is hard to tell.

Many powerful organizations in today's world use the Pentagram as their logo,
oftentimes employees carry it without knowing what it means :)
Here are just a few samples:
Viewed from the air, the Pentagon is a Pentagram. Coincidence?
Many sheriff's departments carry the proud star as a badge,
lead by the all famous Texas Rangers... speaking of star...
Each state is symbolized on the flag by a five pointed star. Ever wondered why?
Several worldwide health organizations are using it as their logo.
If you walk just one day with open eyes, chance are you will encounter it in everyday life.

And yet, when an individual wears it around one's neck, it becomes a symbol to be questionedbr> I say, let them ask. It's time to educate the masses :)
Be informed, and be ready to explain.
And above all, be ready to wear your pentagram or pentacle with pride
Many famous and couragous people have done so before you.

If you're up to a long, but very scientific text on the subject, visit
The meaning of the Pentagram

Sorceress SummerWind, September 1999