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- Fourth Series Furby Collection -


For those of you that live in canvas tents at the South Pole (and we're sure that's just about all of you) Tiger Electronics at first refused to release the titles of their new Fourth Generation Furbys. This really annoyed Topsy Furby , so that's why this page is called Disfurbing Behaviour ( of course this title has absolutely no connections with a certain movie starring Katie Holmes *grin*). Anyway, after much harrassment, Tiger Electronics have finally decided to stop being silly and releases the Fourth Generation Furby's titles. Which is just as well because we're sick of referring to the blue and yellow one (that we now know is Dragon Furby) as Lemon and Blueberry Meringue Pie Furby . . . . Anyway, here is Lady Bug, Cheetah, Bumble Bee, Dragon, Tye Dye and Coffee Furby. Check 'em out, and then vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page.OrangeFlower.gif (2138 bytes)


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Lady Bug Furby

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Here we have lovely little Lady Bug Furby. As Lady Bugs live in gardens, Lady Bug Furby will want to live in that lovely vase full of fake plastic daisies that your mum has put on the dining room table. This will really bug you. (Geddit? Bug? Lady Bu- oh forget it)


Cheetah Furby

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And here is Cheetah Furby. Cheetah Furby likes to eat raw antelopes fresh off the Serengeti plains and runs faster than radioactive sea slug on steroids. Nah, j/k. Cheetah Furby functions the same as all other Furbys.


Bee Furby

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And next we have Bee Furby. Bee Furby comes in a hive rather than a box, which you'll get a real buzz out of. (Geddit? Buzz? Bee's make a bu- oh nevermind). Actually, if Bee Furby really did come in a hive and you tried to take him out, we think you'd get a trip to the Emergency Room rather than a buzz. . .


Dragon Furby

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This one is Dragon Furby. Looks more like Lemon and Blueberry Meringue Pie Furby to us . . . Anyway, Dragon Furby is really kewl and shoots fire through his mouth if you over feed him or ignore him when he's trying to tell you about his interest in exotic species of mosses in hidden artesian caves in the remote Western Himalyan region. J/K. Dragon Furby's fur is actually more of a teal colour, but it looks blue here. Trust us, it's more of a teal colour . . .


Tye Dye Furby

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And here we have Tye Dye Furby. We can't possible think of why it's called that . . . Tye Dye Furby actually has mutli-coloured fur like a triple swirl Paddlepop, which doesn't show up very well in this image.


Coffee Furby

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Last but not least, here we have Coffee Furby. Coffee Furby sits up all night, talking due to way too much Nescafe, so we suggest that you throw Coffee Beans at him( as you do). Coffee Furby is actually more of a rusty colour, but again, you can't really tell by this image.OrangeFlower.gif (2138 bytes)

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