James P. Landrigan
Father of Mary Margaret Landrigan

James P. Landrigan was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada in March of 1851 (he was baptised on 19 March). His parents were John Landrigan and Catherine McDonald. I have not found records of any siblings born on Prince Edward Island. Nor have I found a record of John and Catherine's marriage.

On 12 June, 1877 James Landrigan married Mary Ann Power (b. Ag 1852, PEI), the daughter of John Power and his wife, Mary, in Charlottetown, PEI. They were wed in the presence of Jane Power and Joseph Carroll.

Five children were born to the couple prior to their emigration to the United States. Two other children were born in New York.

Mary sailed with her children from Halifax, Nova Scotia and arrived in Boston on 5 October, 1891 on the State of Indiana.

James and Mary eventually settled in the bustling town of Huntington, on Long Island's north shore. There James found work as a wood turner at a local lumber yard. At the time of his death, he was employed at the Huntington Sash & Door company. James became a US Citizen on 9 Feb 1894.

Mary died of cancer on 21 February, 1922. James followed her two years later, dying on 24 September, 1924. Both are buried at St. Patrick's RC Cemetery in Huntington, NY. Also buried in the plot is their son-in-law, Wiliam Patrick Kennedy.

The children of James P. Landrigan and Mary Ann Power were:

  1. Mary Margaret Landrigan (23 Mar 1878--5 Dec 1960)
    baptised at St. Dunstan's, Charlottetown, PEI on 25 Mar
    sponsors: John Power and Mary Jane Power
    m. William Patrick Kennedy on 2 March, 1900
  2. John Francis Landrigan (9 Jul 1879--4 Mar 1937)
    baptised at St. Dunstan's on 10 Aug
    sponsors: John Connolly and Johanna Hickey
    m. Mary Dwyer (7 Sept 1883*--Mar 1974) on 12 Nov 1897
    [* another date of birth indicates the year 1877]
  3. Patrick Joseph Landrigan (20 Feb 1882--6 Sept 1958)
    baptised at St. Dunstan's on 24 Feb
    sponsors: Patrick Power and Bridget McNaughton
    m. Anna Forsblom (b. abt. 1887 in Stockholm, Sweden) around 1908.
  4. James Louis Landrigan (22 Aug 1884--17 Oct 1957)
    baptised at St. Dunstan's 24 Aug
    sponsors: James Connolly and Flora Connolly
    m. Katherine Hackett (c. 1885--July 1955) on 2 Feb 1908
  5. Ethel Maude Landrigan (31 Jan 1886--d. before 1891)
    baptised at St. Dunstan's 31 F
    sponsors: Francis Kelly and Catherine Power
  6. Harry? Landrigan (aft. 1891?--d. bef. 1900)
  7. Francis Washington Landrigan (1 Aug 1892--22 Nov 1971)
    m. Anita Dondero (25 Oct 1894--9 Jul 1979) in May of 1918 in Babylon, NY

Landrigans in the local news.


John Francis Landrigan
When he wasn't working a legitimate job John Francis Landrigan made extra money for his family (he was often providing support to his sister, Mary, and her children while her husband was away) as a bookie. He operated out of the many establishments in the Huntington/Smithtown area. His nephew (my father) vividly recalls one day during the years of prohibition when a large truck pulled up outside of their house and his mother's consternation as the men began to quickly unload dozens of boxes of liquor bottles to hide in her basement. It seems that a "raid" was iminent and Uncle Jack had arranged for the stuff to be brought to his sister's house. But Uncle Jack was adamant that none of his nephews follow in his footsteps and never permitted them to make bets on the races, and held himself up as a poor example of how to make a living. He may have suffered a heart attack at one of his haunts (Frank Friede's was mentioned) and died on 4 March, 1937 at Mather Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY, at the age of 55. His funeral was held at St. Philip Neri's R.C. Church in Northport and buried at West Neck Cemetery.

Jack Landrigan married Mary Dwyer, the daughter of William Dwyer, but they seem to have separated or divorced. They had one daughter, Edna Pauline Landrigan (19 Mar 1898--Feb 1987), who married twice, the first time on 27 Sept 1915 to Patrick Sheridan Lyons (b. 1893), who died in the influenza epic in 1919, and secondly to John Glavin (b. 5 Apr 1892 in Albany, NY), on 1 Feb 1925 in Suffolk County, NY.

Edna had one daughter, Marion Lyons (b. c. 1917) by Sheridan Lyons, and at least two daughters with John Glavin, Catherine Glavin (born abt. 1926) and Jane Frances Glavin (b. abt. 1930).

Patrick Joseph Landrigan
Patrick Joseph Landrigan was for many years the caretaker of the estate of Dr. Edward M. Scudder, who belonged to a prominent Northport family. His marriage to Anna Sofia Forsblom (born in Sweden on 6 D 1887/1888) produced three children.

Anna Forsblom arrived in New York on 4 Mar 1904 aboard the S.S. Oceanic. Her maternal Aunt, Helma Lundell (or possibly Lumdell) was already living in the U.S. [she was living in Northport, NY when she died 10 Sept 1937]. Newspaper articles in The Long Islander (Huntington, NY) indicate that Anna's mother's name was Mathilda and that Anna had the following siblings: Emanuel Forsblom, Herald Forsblom, Hilma Forsblom ], and Ebba Forsblom Besides the above-mentioned Aunt, Anna had another Aunt, whose name has been represented as Elna/Ellen Vistrom/Wistrom [ah! those local newspapers where the spelling of names is always an adventure!], who lived at various times in Illinois and Tacome, Washington.

The children of Joseph Landrigan and Anna Forsblom were:

  1. Joseph J. Landrigan (1 Jul 1910--17 Sept 2003)
    m. Anne Marie O'Dowd (3 Mar 1907--1 Sept 1980) on 11 Sept 1932
    Children: none
  2. Dorothy Mary Landrigan (30 Jul 1913--19 May 2000)
    m. James D. Murphy on 27 Apr 1941
    Children: Katherine Murphy (b. abt. 1943), who married 1) Kevin McNulty (children Kerin McNulty & Kevin McNulty) and 2) Dennis McSweeny (b. abt. 1937), who brought four children into the marriage: Ann McSweeney McLaughlin, Tim McSweeney, Erin McSweeney Eagers & Pat McSweeney Frisia.
  3. Gladys Vivian Landrigan (30 Jul 1913--30 Jul 1985)
    m. Leon Mazoyer (b. 26 Sept 1911), the son of Paul Jules Mazoyer (b. 1885 in NY) & Elizabeth Maurot (b. 3 Feb 1892 in Paris, FR) on 10 Jan 1933
    Children: June D. Mazoyer, m. Paul J. Dite (b. 1933), son of Paul Jules Dite (b. 11 Dec 1885 in NYC) & Elizabeth Marie ____ (b. 3 Feb 1892, Paris, FR) and Leon Mazoyer

James Louis Landrigan
James Louis Landrigan is listed in the 1900 Census for NY as a servant in the home of Joseph Irwin of Huntington, NY. Lou was only 14-15 years old at the time. He later worked as an auto mechanic for a local Ford dealership. He and his wife, Katherine Hackett, who he married around 1908, had two children. One, a son possibly named John Brian Landrigan, died as an infant, before the 1910 Federal Census was taken in April of that year. The other was Reginald Joseph Landrigan (28 Jan 1916--Nov 1980).

Reginald Landrigan was employed at Republic Aviation in farmingdale, NY. He married more than once. His first wife may have been Lousie ____. The Florida Divorce Index, 1927--2001 lists a divorce of Reginald Joseph Landrigan in 1946. On 4 August 1955, he married Norma Helen Zuccala in Huntignton, NY.

It was also her second marriage.

Ethel Maude Landrigan
Ethel Maude Landrigan was the last of James and Mary Landrigan's children to be born on Prince Edward Island. There is no record of her death at St. Dunstan's, but Mary Landrigan and her children appear on the 1891 Canada Census living with her parents and there is no mention of Ethel Maude. Nor does she appear on the ship's manifest when Mary, Mary, John, Joseph & Louis immigrated in October of 1891. She possibly of whooping cough.

Harry Landrigan
Little is known about Harry Landrigan, not even if this was really his name (the information came from an elderly aunt who has since passed away). There is no record of his baptism at St. Dunstan's in Charlottetown, PEI. Nor does he appear on the 1891 Canadian Census or the 1900 New York Census, in which Mary Power Landrigan indicates that she has given birth to 7 children, with 5 still living.

Frank Washington Landrigan
As befitting his middle name, Frank Washington Landrigan, was born in the USA. He served in the Quartermaster Dept. during the First World War shortly after his marriage to Anita Dondero (25 Oct 1894--9 Jul 1979), the daughter of Frank and Rose Dondero, who had two other children, Frederick (1903--??) and Adelaide (1897--??).

Frank and Anita lived in Babylon, LI, and had two sons, Francis William* (14 S 1919--13 My 1991) Landrigan and Robert Landrigan (b. 1924).

[Note: perhaps William Francis]

Frank Landrigan died 22 Nov 1971. Frank and Anita are buried at Long Island National Cemetery (2M 2787).


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