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Chronology of Solar System Discovery

Learn about the chronology of various discoveries made about our solar system from the 17th century through the 20th century. Students can also learn about some famous astronomers like Galileo and Cassini.


Starting with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, the author goes on to discuss inventors Sir George Cayley and Otto Lilienthal and their work with gliders.

The Astronaut Connection

Among other things, students can learn about the history of the exploration of space at this site.

The Challenger Disaster 10 Years Later

News releases from the time when the space shuttle Challenger exploded, photos of and interviews from Christa McAuliffe, and where America's space program is now.

"Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident."

Viewers can read about the accident and probable causes.

President Reagan's speech on the Challenger disaster

Read the speech that Ronald Reagan gave from the White House on Jan. 28, 1986 after the Challenger disaster.

Space History

Discover facts about space exploration history including Apollo 11 and Apollo 7.

NASA History Office Homepage

Find out about recent and upcoming events as well as reference documentation on major aeoronautics and astronautics programs. It is possible to perform searches for specific programs and subjects also.

Space Calendar

Past and current events in space history for every day of the year are listed at this site. Included are over 700 links to related home pages.

A Brief History of Rocketry

Traces the history of rocketry from the invention of gunpowder in China through the present time. A very thorough, easy-to-understand history.

Eric's History of Rocketry

A thorough site giving the history of rocket science in China, Japan, Europe, the United States and more. Links are provided to give information on scientists, such as Goddard and vonBraun, who have played an important role in rocket science.

This Month in the History of Astronomy

Use links provided to click on any of the months listed. Learn about birthdays, discoveries, and other important events in the history of space that occured during that particular month.

A Timeline of Piloted Spaceflight

Starting with April 12, 1961 and ending with Dec. 2, 1993, this simple page lists the program, crew, and notable events that occurred on dates in space history.

The First Liquid Fuel Rocket

Discusses the background of Goddard's idea for a liquid fuel rocket. Learn about technical problems Goddard had, the mechanics involved in building the rocket, the launch, and the flight.

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