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The four cardinal men, the Nagual Woman.
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Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda is "the man himself", who in the 60's met a Yaqui Indian mystic called don Juan. He has written 11 books, plus some extra things like 'Wheel of Time' and some essays. Died 1998.

Castanedas Current Team

Taisha Abelar (stalker)
One of the three female practitioners around Castaneda. Has written one book. First mentioned in Castanedas 9´th book. Her book contains some descriptions of  'magical passes', which are the basis of tensegrity.

Florinda Donner (dreamer)
She is one of the three practitioners around Castaneda. She has written three books, of which the two later ones are 'Castanedian'. The first, 'Shabono', describes her stay with some Indians in the South American rain forest somewhere. Her style is a bit rough, and very direct. She is first mentioned in Castanedas 9´th book.

Carol Tiggs (nagual woman)
Carol Tiggs is the third practitioner around Castaneda. She is mentioned already in Castanedas 6'th book, The Eagles Gift. Have not written anything to my knowledge, but interviews with her are available on internet.

The Chackmols
Three named persons who is associated with the Tensegrity workshops, and who can be seen on the Tensegrity videos. Two of them can be viewed in Castanedas 'Magical Passes' [cc10].

The Blue Scout
Well... described as a foreign energy which slipped into our world in the form of a little girl.

The Orange Scout
Well... described as a foreign energy which slipped into our world in the form of a little girl. Have since left the team.

Castanedas Previous Team

This team originally consisted of four men, and five women. After a while it became evident that they did not belong together, and they separated. This is described in Castanedas 5´th and 6'th books. Among these we have Maria 'La Gorda' Elena, who is the most prominent.

Castaneda is saying (in interviews) that every one of his previous team have failed, being too self important. It is evident (at least from Castanedas descriptions of them in the 5'th and 6'th books) that they do not have any inclination to write books, although it would have been interesting reading...

Don Juan's Team

Don Juan's team of sorcerers consisted of 17 men and women divided in four or five teams. The structure of the group is very different from Castanedas Team:

Delia (stalker)
Cecilia (dreamer)
Emilito (runner for don Juan) (cojida aburrida)
Teresa (runner for Cecilia and Delia)
Carmela (stalker)
Hermelinda (dreamer)
Vicente (scholar, master of stalking)
Juan Tuma (runner for Vicente)
Zoila (stalker) [cc6].
Zuleica (dreamer) Together with Florinda, Teacher of Castaneda. [cc6].
Silvio Manuel (man in the background, master of intent) Real leader of don Juan's group.
(cojida aburrida)
Marta (runner for Zuleica and Zoila)
Florinda (stalker) She is described in the 6'th book, and she is Castanedas teacher in Stalking.
Nelida (dreamer) Mentioned in Abelars book.
Genaro Flores (man of action, master of awareness) Mentioned already in the second book, and is one of Castanedas teachers.
(cojida aburrida)

This structure is described as an universal structure for sorcerers in 'The Eagles Gift' [cc6].

Earlier Sorcerers from don Juan's Line

Nagual Julian
The colourful teacher of don Juan, vividly described in the 6´th, 7´th and the 8'th books.

Nagual Julians team consisted of three rather boring (in comparison with Nagual Julian) cardinal men and eight very powerful woman. Since he had 15 members in his team, we may conclude that the remaining four were runners, probably including la Catalina [cc7].

La Catalina
Mentioned already in the first book as the 'worthy opponent'.

Nagual Elias
Nagual Elias was the teacher of Julian, but also of don Juan.

Belongs to nagual Elias team, and is described as the 'love of his life' [cc9].

Nagual Rosendo
Teacher of Elias.

Nagual Lujan
Teacher of Rosendo.

Nagual Santisteban
Teacher of  Lujan

Nagual Sebastian
The nagual who met the tenant in the early 1700'th, who encountered the tenant.

The Tenant
Also called 'the death defier'. Said to be a sorcerer from the old times.

The Line of Naguals 

There are 14 Naguals in don Juans line, and there are eight since Nagual Sebastian. Just so you know what to fill in the blanks with... [cc7]

Carlos Castaneda
don Juan Matus

Sebastian - Met the Tenant 1723