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On August 15 2001 I checked how my site was doing on reocities.com and I found out this information:

Top search word used to find this page 48.98% typed "names of demons"
Top search engine used to access this page                       99.99% use www.google.com

So hello to all you google devotees. Let me share with you some of my favorite demon names: Belial, Ashtaroth, Gaap, Asmodeus, Taphthartarath

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out my Ebony's Greater Feast Page. Here's some sites I enjoyed an eternity ago when I wrote this page in 1999:

Autonomatrix - Guild of Chaos Magick
Chaos Matrix
Westgate Necromantic
Silly Pagan Name Generator
The Onion
Assassin - Kill Celebrities

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