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Hi there drifter, welcome...Have a seat...Kick back...Make yourself comfortable...Put your feet up, chill out and stay as long as you like. I hope you find something you enjoy while you are here, and when you leave, I hope it's with a smile on your face...

Please sign my guest book before you leave, and come back anytime...You're always welcome here...My Hideaway is a place of refuge...A place to refresh yourself...A place to laugh and discover new things...Enjoy yourself...

Please visit my different rooms.....but Hideaway is not finished...only just started!
I last updated theses pages on January 25th., 1998

Come and visit and learn about my beautiful island. My heart fills with joy whenever I have been away and return to this Paradise. It is filled with so much beauty and peacefulness that it is incredible.

You probably can find something to have fun with in here...especially if you are into golf.....Well let's face it....I should have called this the Golf Room!!

(updated Jan.25/98)
Now here's a place to maybe find some fun stuff...Have a coffee and poke around in the cabinets. You'll find jokes, poetry, pictures & lots of other stuff!
You might even find me there!

This room belongs to the love of my life, my son Johnathan. Come in and take a peek at him. But be careful....he has a way of grabbing your heart.....

(updated Jan.25/98)
Oh I don't know if you want to venture in here....Then again, be brave! WEG

This is where my friends sack out. Problem is once they hang something in the closet, it seems like they are here forever! Oh well!!! That's what friendships are about!

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