Irish whiskey

A pot still malt,the most exclusive of the Irish whiskies still in production. Limited in the numbers produced each year, each bottle has its own serial number.
Regular Jameson is what Irish Distillers (a.k.a. Pernod Richard) are pushing as the "premier" Irish Whiskey, so if you are abroad this is quite likely to be the only Irish Whiskey you can get easily.
Until recently was the only brand sold in Southern Ireland with the whisky spelt without the "e".It was named after Paddy Flaherty, Cork Distillers top salesman, it was originally named Old Irish but publicans used to re-order 'Paddy Flaherty's' whisky.

The pick of the Bushmill's malt is Distillers Reserve, 12 years old at Cask Strength, while Black Bush is the silkiest of all Ireland's blends.

The Tullamore Dew brand is now owned by Allied Domecq but is a Midleton product. A 12-year-old version has been launched for duty free sale. The old Tullamore Distillery perished in the 1950s.
Have you tasted John Locke and Co's Whiskey
Which all may depend on for sure?
There's a deal of the brands that are risky
But Kilbeggan is perfectly pure
It's virtues need no demonstration
You'll observe them at once on a test
When you drink at a friend's invitation
And he calls for a drop of the best
Then you'll know it's Kilbeggan for certain
For there's only one best that is made
And you'll feel quite convinced before parting
That it puts all the rest in the shade
A single malt, double distilled, from the Cooley Distillery, the only independant Irish-owned distillery.Located in the Cooley mountains there are two distilleries, between them capable of producing 12 million bottles a year. The pot still distillery produces single malts while the column still produces grain whiskey. The whiskey is matured in oak barrels for up to 10 years in 200 year old granite warehouses in Locke's Distillery, which is owned by Cooley.

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