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Sri Madhvacharys is our loving and worshipful GURU. The Philosophy of Sri Madhawa is "DWAITA VEDANTA". Sri MAdhva is a third Avatar of Shri Vayu Bhagavan.

Prathamo Hanuman Nama Dwitheeyo Bheema Eva cha |

Poornapragna Treetiya thu Bhagavat Karya- saadah ||

He was born near Udipi on Vijayadasamiday in the year 1238 A.D. He took to Sanyasa in his 16 th year and became known as 'Ananda Teertha'. Sri Acharya disappeared, while teaching Aitereya Upanishad Bashya to his disciples, in Ananteswara Temple at Udipi in the year 1317 A.D., He is still alive in the Badrikashram on the Hi,ayas with his Guru Sri Vedavyasa Devaru. The full Biographical details of Sri Madhvacharya are told in "Sri Madhva Vijaya".

The first Avatar of Sri Vayu is Hanuman son of Anjana Devi. His wonderful feats and service to Rama Devaru are described in RAMAYANA.

The second Avatar is Sri Bhimasena, in Dwapara Yuga, Sri Vayu Deva appeared as Bhimasena and played the most important part in the destruction of the enemies of God. In the whole of Mahabharata, Bhimasena is the most important person who never slipped from the path of righteousness and served Sri Krishna.

Thus, he served God as Hanuma in Ramayana, as Bhima in Krishnavatara and as MAdhva, served Lord Vedavyasa Devaru. He is the greatest spiritual benefactor of MAnkind. This isshort, is the story of Avtara Traya.

The Philosophy of Sri Madhwa is simple, easy and very convincing vedanta, called "DVAITA VEDANTA".

To Sri Madhwa, Vishnu is supreme. Vishnu or Lord Sri Hari can be known only through Vedas.

Madhwa philosophy is summerised in the following sloka, attributed to Sri Vyasa Tirtha :-

Sriman Madhwa M

1 . Harih para tarah - Hari is the Supreme Being.

2 . Satyam Jagat - The world is Real, not Mithya or illusion.

3 . Tatvato Bhedah - Difference is Real.

4 . Jeeva Gana Hare ranu charah - All the Jivas are Hari's Servants.

5 . Neecho cha bhavam gatah - with gradation among them.

6. Muktirnaija sukhanubhutih - Mukti is the enjoyment of (the soul's)innate bliss.

7. Amala Bhaktischa tat Sadhanam - pure bhakti is the means of attaining mukti.

8. Akshadi Tritayam pramanam - there are three sources to gain. knowledge namely :-

a. Knowing things through "Eyes and other Indriya Prathyaksha",

b. knowing by inference, "Anumana" , and

c. By Shastras 'Agama". Tru Knowledge of the world can be gained by the above three means. It is "Tritayam".

9. Akhilamnaiyaika Vedyo Harih -Lord Sri Hari can be known by Amna (or, Veda) only. This sloka contains in a nutshell, the essence Dwaita Philosophy.

Sri Madhwacharya has written as many as thirty seven works which are monumental.

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