This page is dedicated to Jeeps and all other offroaders. It contains pictures and links to other offroad sites.All the pictures are of the Rubicon and Fordyce creek trails.

Since i'm not a member of any club and all my wheeling buddies have moved away,i usually hit the trail by myself.I'm always looking for someone to hook up with so if you got the urge to go and need a capable wheeling partner -e-mail me

It's been a long time since my last update so here it is.The jeep finally took a crap on me and blew the engine. With funds as they are it might be a while till i get a new motor.Since it was also my daily driver i had to get some alternate transportation. I managed to come up with a new beast it's a 1967 Ford f-100 4x4 pickup.It has a 352 motor, dana44 front with coil springs,ford 9" rear end,NP435 granny first tranny,Dana21 transfer case,and a 4" lift with 35" mudder tires.

Memorial weekend is just around the corner and it's time for our annual camping/Rubicon run.The jeep has been down for the last six months while i got it ready for the summer,even down to replacing the rollover damaged cracked windshield and all new steering components and u-bolts.My daughter will be bringing her jeep and wheeling it for the first time.It's going to be a graet summer.

Good news on the home front,my daughter just brought home a 1953 M38A-1 and my son brought home a 1941 GPW. It looks like a club meeting with three jeeps parked in the front yard.It will be fun this summer with the family on the con.

Memorial weekend was great!We had a nice campsite on jones creek with a bunch of friends.We all went to bassi falls on saturday and a night run to a nearby mountaintop. Sunday we did some adjustments on the carb and tried to get someone from our group to do the Rubicon with us.We didn't find anyone that was willing to join us so we went solo.Boy did they miss out the wheeling was great. It felt great to be there again and the jeep even looked happy. Everything worked great and we had no problems execpt that there was about 60 rigs coming out as we were going in.It was fun though watching all the rigs as they went by.Can't wait to get back up there. ---> Check out the pictures On my TRIP REPORTS PAGE <----

Well i got tired of that knocking in the front end so i got off my ass and did the ball joints last weekend.It cost me 175.00 and 7 hours of hard labor to do.Ahh but what a difference it makes.Hope it lasts a few years the last ones lasted about 7 years so they should.

Our Rubicon trip on Aug.17,18&19 was awsome. We left friday afternoon around 2:00 pm and were at Spider Lake at sunset. At that point we decided to do the trail all the way to Lake Tahoe.I'll be adding a trip report in the next couple of days with pictures and the whole story so check back.

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