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Welcome to my Jeep Page. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in jeeps. Well I finally bought my first one, an 82 CJ-7. Mind you when I first saw it I said, "there is no way that the wife will let me buy this rusted out hunk of metal".

It sure is a good thing she was out of the province when I found it. "Lucky me."

It was in bad shape, but I had a picture in my head of how it would look after a complete over haul. It helped that my friend had his CJ parked beside the one I wanted.

I started in July, 96 by dismantling the entire Jeep down to the frame. I was only able to get the chassis sanded down and re-painted before it started to snow not having a place out of the cold to work, I had to stop for the Winter. In May of 97 it was finally nice enough to work outside. I start by re-doing the brake system first, then move on to the suspension and then the final task putting it all back together if I could find all the parts again!

Here are a few pics of what it looked like after the tear down.

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The following pages are updates (PHASE II) to this project as well as a PARTS PAGE.

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