Wembley Monarchs

Ice Hockey Team

Professional ice hockey developed in Britain during the 1930's; it also thrived in the immediate post-war era but faded away in the 1950's as television grew. During the peak of it's popularity there were teams in London at Earl's Court, Harringay, Richmond, Streatham and Wembley. In fact Wembley had two teams, the Lions and the Monarchs. Here are some photos of the Wembley Monarchs, probably the 1938 team. The maple leaf on their jerseys dates back to the Grosvenor House Canadians, a team playing on the ice rink at the Grosvenor House hotel. When the hotel converted the icerink to a ballroom the team moved and became the Wembley Canadians, and later changed their name to the Wembley Monarchs. The best (possibly only?) history of this era of British ice hockey is "Flashing Blades" by Phil Drackett - out of print but you may be able to track down a second hand copy.

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