A brief label history. Click on the individual labels to see the full picture. To be continued!

Label of Mahalia´s first recording session for DECCA, here on the CORAL label. This dates from the thirties!
APOLLO label from the first issue of Mahalia´s songs on APOLLO; 1954
The most popular 78rpm record in Denmarc on the Metronome-Label. Mahalia´s fame spread from Denmarc all over Europe. From this one alone, she sold over 1.000.000 copies.
Vogue label from the sixties (Mode Serie)
another Vogue label from the sixties
beautiful Top Rank label with clear hint to Apollo
the latest Vogue label (1975)
A collection of Apollo-masters on the label Audition.
Interesting "rainbow"-label of a juke-box EP.
APOLLO label from Gospel sampler (late fifties)
French VOGUE label from the late fifties. VOGUE issued the original APOLLO recordings in Europe.
early Columbia single (and EP) label as found before 1960
famous 6-eye label, used on early Columbia recordings. You find it for example on "You´ll never walk alone" and on "Sweet little Jesus boy"
classic European label from the fifties, as used on this very rare dutch Columbia record "The world´s greatest Gospel singer"
typical label from the sixties and seventies.
Same record as no. 3, but later issue under the "Special products" series
CBS Sony GOLD DISC label from Japan
rare Philips recording of the 1958 Newport Festival. The songs are the same as on the Columbia equivalent
late french Columbia re-issue from Duke Ellington´s "Black, Brown and Beige" suite. This recording featured the original cover artwork, on the contrary to the german re-issue from the eighties, which showed a photograph of Mahalia.
label of a rare radio transcripiton LP "Guest Star"