Up in the sky!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's a frog!

A frog?!?!?!!?

no, its not a bird, a plane, or even a frog

it's just little ol' me, Underdog

I did happen to find a couple other Underdog homepages on the net, so ill link you to them right now... Home of Underdog and Underdog Home Page

I remember when i was really little (you know youre on your way to growing up when the words "when i was little" come out of your mouth), i used to have this great little blanket. It was all ratty and it had holes galore in it, and i always had the tendency to put more holes in it, but still, it was the best little blanket any kid ever had. Well, i used to put it over my head and around my neck and i would actually try to fly. I earned myself a great number of stitches and even more scoldings from my parents, but that never stopped me from trying to fly. And i just wanted to thank Undergog (i couldnt say Underdog) for those times, cuz i loved being a kid and i dont know if i would have been so damned persistent that i could fly if it werent for underdog. And now, that im almost 20 (god, i cant believe im almost twenty), i am still trying to fly. Oh, not in the literal sense any more, but still, i push myself to do things over and over because i want to do them. I want to be able to do something and i dont let it get me down if i dont quite get it the first time. Now, i did finally stop jumping off of fences and porches and tables in the pursuit of the sky, but i wonder if i had kept it up... i wonder if i didnt stop trying to fly, if i kept believing that one day i would finally find that missing link between me and the skies and actually take off. And it makes me kind of sad that i finally stopped trying to fly, but i suppose it was for the best at any rate, because if i actually did start flying, i would have missed out on a lot of other cool people and experiences. I guess it would have been nice to live in the clouds, but for now, im happy on the ground, and im happy trying to fly in other ways. And i guess thats all that really matters, eh??? is that youre happy. Well, thanks again Underdog, its been real.

ps... I am thinking of taking flying lessons by the way.... he he he....

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