love is like a flower that blooms in the snow

May you all live in the beauty of your own reality

i would just like to say first off that none of this material is copyrighted, no rights are reserved, poetry is to me simply a rambling of my feelings and if you happen to share the same feelings, well, feel free to copy, print, recite, or whatever to my works... however if i find my works published in a book someday without my knowing, i will hunt you down and say "thanks"...

this site is part of the poetry web ring... if you want to see other alliteral archives or what not, you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom... but while you do that, why not skim through a few of my uhm... well, you tell me what they are.

One of my favorite activities is writing poetry. I do not claim to be a good poet, but i think i have some stuff to say and i think i say it pretty well at times... a lot of times, i dont like a lot of the stuff i write, but im probably a harsher critic than i should be...

Actually though, i dont refer to my poems as poems, but as songs... i started writing them when i bought my guitar and that really is the inspiration that started it off, so even if there aint no muzak to em, theyre still songs in my book, and my book is the one that counts since this is my home page...

anyway, im sure you didnt come here to read a bunch of words about words, so ill get to the clam chowder...

dont ask me what that phrase means

what i think is really cool about my songs is that i have four notebooks full of them... no, thats not the cool part, what is cool is that each one of them sort of has a theme to it... which i didnt really intend to do, i just sort of grabbed whatever i could find when i fealt like writing... so anyways, here are the songs from
*drumroll please*
im picking one of my books at random....
ok, heres the songs from my "depressed" notebook...

I miss you

The Search

just to let you know... im kinda making these titles up as i go along... i usually dont title my songs, so if the words dont quite match the title, thats probably why....

A love unrequited no more: this is a very personal song, i ask that you do not read it unless i have given permission, but its up here and its a free country, so...


for you


and yet

those are most of the songs from that book.... i left some out because they werent really finished, or i didnt like them, or just for personal reasons... im sure you understand... now, onto the next book...

*drumroll please*
this is my rebellion book

the path i have chosen


love for a friend


my soul

fuck you

i remember

Said the fool to the wise man:

some people

blank paper


a feather



Granny says im a good boy


Fuck the wind

stay tuned! ill have more im sure...

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