b 24 July 1869, d 25 March 1957.

"Uncle Demp" was a delightfully pleasant man with a sense of humor and a hearty laugh. He married in March 1899 Luta Harrell, who died in 1903. They had one son Joseph Leno. He married second wife,Sarah Levicie Thorpe. They had a daughter, Laura on 18 Feb. 1908 who died 4 days later on 22 Feb 1908. They had three more children: Robert Lee Trevathan born 18 Sept. 1909, Phoebe Ricks Trevathan born 16 Apr. 1912(still living in Rocky Mount, NC), and William Joshua Trevathan, born 25 June 1914. Sarah Levicie Thorpe was born on 3 June, 1874 in Hickory, NC and died 6 June 1954 in Rocky Mount, NC. She was buried 8 June 1954 in Pineview Cemetary. Robert Dempsey was the son of William Carter Trevathan, b 22 Jan. 1830, and died 18 Jun 1908. His wife was Sarah Jane Price. William Carter Trevathan was the son of Dempsey Trevathan and Elizabeth Sory. Dempsey was born 13 April 1804 and died in 1875. Dempsey was the son of Robert Trevathan (2), born ca 1760, and wife Grace. Robert died in 1824. Robert's parents were Robert and Prudence. Both were born ca 1730. Robert Trevathan was the son of William Trevathan (2) and Mary Lassiter, and William's father was William Trevathan born in England.

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photo of Robert Dempsey Trevathan, 1869-1957

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