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My first award

One of thepages that Imaintain at work was given "Mirsky Worst Nickname on the Web" award

It's nice to see that the people at NASA have developed nicknames as sophisticated and complex as the organization itself.

check out the actual award page at URL


My second award

I was given the"Crappiest Person on the Web Award". Nowthat I've actually found it, it explains why I got a mail message taking about "babes".

This months Specimens:

Thoedore P. Fabian!

What a fantastic name!!!

AND he works for NASA!

Can you imagine receiving a phonecall from this guy?

-Hello. The name is Fabian. Thoedore P. Fabian. Of NASA.

Well impressive.

But then can you imagine actually meeting this guy?

Because, I'm sorry to say Ted, but you're a SLOB!

In fact Ted is so proud of this fact that he's posted an amazingly huge picture of himself slobbed out at his workstation surrounded by piles and piles of crap. Check it out at http://zeta.lerc.nasa.gov/ted.htm

You can also mail him at tfabian@lerc.nasa.gov and say "If you're trying to pull the babes Ted, you're going the WRONG way about it boy!"

check out the actualaward pages at URL


Thanks to Mirsky and Andy Judge.

If you chose to give me an award, or to honor me for one of my pages, please let me know so I can include it on my pages.

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