Animated Cursors for Windows 95

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Animated Cursor Collection for Windows 95

This is the last group of cursors I created for Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, or NT. Some are animated, all are interesting. There are 304 16-color animated cursors and some regular cursors. I have also added 150+ 256-color cursors. There are also some left handed cursors because lefties are people too. Get them now, they are free and can be used for no commercial purpose free of charge. Enjoy them as my gift to the world.

PKWARE, Inc. - Sexy animated cursors (do not download if offended by sexy cursors)

Sexy animated cursors: 17.8 KB
256 colors animated cursors: 313 KB - 16 colors animated cursors

16 colors animated cursors: 334 KB is the complete collection of animated cursors for Windows 95. It now Includes some new 3D cursors.

Full collection of animated cursors: 834 KB

Estimated Download times:
  • 9600 bps.......16 minutes and 10 seconds
  • 14.4kbps.......9 minutes and 24 seconds
  • 28.8kbps.......4 minutes and 45 seconds
  • 56.6Kbps.......2 minutes and 36 seconds

    Links to Windows 95 Animated Cursors

  • Windows 95's two requirements for animated cursors.
    Animated cursor schemes for Windows '95(TM)! FAQ.
    Animated Cursors help.
    Requirements for Animated Cursors from Microsoft.

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