Welcome to Australia

This is one of those "Spot the Koala" photos!

Can you see it?

So, I spent three months in Australia (Feb-May '95) and had a wonderful time. I started in Adelaide and worked my way around the south to Melbourne & Sydney. Then up the east coast to Cairns, with many stops along the way for diving, hiking, primitive outback camping, dingos and of course to cut my hand rather badly on a knife in the Magnetic Island Youth Hostel (I was trying to save some money by working in the kitchen in exchange for free room and board)!

From Cairns (with a spot more diving and a side trip to Cape Tribulation rain forest - bloody mozzies!! ) it was off to Darwin and Kakadoo National Park. Then down to Alice Springs and Ayres Rock. Aryes Rock is not only rather large, but also a very popular tourist attraction. There must have been about 8 bus loads of Japanese tourists there all sipping their complementary champagne whilst watching the sunset.

Being more of the typical student traveller my group had cans of VB and mini Mars Bars! I can guarantee that we had a lot more fun!

Here are some more photos that I took along the way: