The following diagram illustrates how to fold the wings, assemble accessories and decorate the Bright Angel from the finished components. The Bright Angel can be used as a Christmas tree topper, an ornament, a decorative favor in a Christmas arrangement or a gift bow for a special Christmas present.
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Step 1:
Fan fold wing square diagonally into as many approximate1/4 inch (6mm) creases as you can make. The best way to accomplish the fan fold creases evenly, would be to fold the square in half diagonally and gather as many even creases as you can from the spine to the point. Open up the half fan into a square again and fold one half of the creases on one side in opposite directions from smallest crease to largest crease at mid-point. Continue gathering the remaining half of the creases.
Step 2:
Grasp middle of diagonal fan and fold in half. Spread folds out on both wings. Dab a little hot glue between the wings where the wings meet together down the bottom middle to anchor the shape of the wings. Wings finished.
Step 3:
Use hot glue to anchor all the finished pieces together to look like the back and front illustrations of steps 4 and 5.
Step 4:
Back of Bright Angel. Notice how a small length of 1/4 inch (6mm) gold lame' or silk trim ribbon (or even strip of gold foil paper) can be criss-crossed and anchored to the back of the head of the Bright Angel as an oriental flavored halo. A 10mm cupped gold sequin is secured to the back of the halo as a finishing touch which also helps to reinforce the halo to the back of the head.
Step 5:
Front of Bright Angel. A 1 inch(24mm) red silk poinsettia topped with a 10mm cupped gold sequin is used to decorate the center of the umbrella mat.

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