Carp Ming Cascade

Polaroid Instant Snapshot of Carp into a Dragon Ming Cascade

The Chinese vase pot (7.5 inches/~19 cm long) is glazed in iridescent hues of pearl, pastel greens and coral. A tongue of auburn rock licks out above the carp's lower lip as a cascade of Ming Aralia issues out of its mouth. Exposed roots and trunk rise two inches (~5 cm) out of the carp's mouth and then cascades down a multi-tendrilled waterfall train that is 11 inches long (~28 cm) with 5 foilage cloud pads.

Twisted Chinese cascades and semi-cascades represent dragons. Carp is one of the many avatar forms a dragon takes as it is a creature of the water, rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, rain, thunder and clouds. Fish that ascend the river's "Dragon Gate" or waterfall transform into dragons which haunt the deep pools of water below. This carp is in the process of ascending the Dragon Gate, over the waterfall, in dragon form.


We can dance down a waterfall
Don't worry about love at all
It's here for you...

We can walk through a rainbow
Make a wish and let it go...
(Lyrics by OLOMANA)

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