Summer Dragon Fly in a Sake Cup

Written and Illustrated by Geoline

Juniperus chinensis

This little baby dragon rises up 6cm (2.36 inches) out of a picturesque sake cup and cascades down 8cm (3.15 inches) into an imaginary valley. Mountain peaks represented by sharp rocks link the cascade to full fledge thunder dragons which dwell in waterfall pools and rise with the rolling thunder clouds. The sake cup was drilled at the bottom with a tile bit to allow for drainage.
The dragon fly is a popular motif in Chinese and Japanese poetry. It rises in the summer and is a harbinger of storms. Because of its relationship to storms, the dragon fly is also known as the typhoon fly and is represented by the character for insect enclosed by the character for wind.

Typhoon Fly

Hanzi Character

The dragon fly's relationship to summer and typhoons lends itself to the blown over, wind-styled miniature cascade form of this tiny juniper. Aeschna dragon flies are bright green with long slender abdomens which thicken at the end.


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