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The xin (heart) is the prince of organs and ruler of the body. The xin of Buddha is one of the treasured eight precious relics of great virtue. The long (dragon) is the guardian of treasure. The pearl which the long dragon guards is a five-fold treasure. A treasured object grows five times in wealth. Knowledge is like the treasured pearl as those who possess knowledge and use it wisely and justly can enrich nations. Chinese dragons are benevolent creatures. Once upon the dawn of Chinese civilization, these legendary creatures took pity on mankind by bringing water to the crops during a great drought against the edict of the heavenly emperor. The dragons wake in spring to bring rain to the fields. Gold is the color of the royal dragons. In the midst of spring, on the eighth day of the fourth moon, more than 2600 years ago, the baby Buddha was born.
The Dragon Heart Bonsai celebrates linking of the most ancient, revered Chinese folkloric creatures, the water dragon with the birth of the baby Buddha.

New Born Buddha Washed by the Nine Dragons

Since the xin heart is the prince of the body, the heart of the bodhi tree (in this case a variegated Ficus benjamina is used) is symbolic of the baby prince Siddartha who later becomes the Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha. Prince Siddartha is washed and blessed with rain from nine heavenly dragons.
In the Dragon Heart Bonsai, the main stump of a broad based ficus has been carved almost human heart shaped. The heart of the ficus is this bonsai's focal point. Nine tall, slightly curved main branches fan out around the heart of the tree as do the nine dragons fan out above the baby Buddha in a golden aura. Variegated Ficus benjamina leaves help capture the golden aura that the Buddha emanates. In this composition, a lotus pot is suggested since Buddha sits on a lotus blossom in the lotus position.

Compare Dragon Heart Bonsai with the Baby Buddha and the Nine Dragons:

Golden Aura Buddha


Dragon Heart Construction

Bonsai Table Scraps

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